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Post your Yamato noodle machines on your SNS and win great prizes!

Amaze your customers with cool noodles that keep their months watering on your SNS accounts and win great prizes!

Every month, we run this contest that will award those who have posted great images/videos on SNS accounts (e.g. Instagram) with great prizes. Needless to say, posting great content on your SNS account naturally attracts customers to your restaurant and businesses. So, this is a win-win deal where you will get both more customers and great prizes from us.

This month’s prizes are as follows.

800 Yamato points for 1st place, 600 Yamato points for 2nd place, and 300 Yamato points for 3rd place. Yamato points can be redeemed for purchases from Yamato MFG. (e.g. for cutters, parts, services, etc.)

Be creative and post cool contents today and win both customers’ hearts and the prize!

Please follow these 3 steps to enter the contest.

  1. Create cool contents and post on your SNS account with a hashtag, “@yamatonoodle”
  2. Send an email to contact@yamatomfg.com with a subject that says: “I posted @yamatonoodle.com”
  3. Win the great prize when we announce the winner at the end of the month.

*You can post as many contents as you want during the month

*Please show your Yamato noodle machine as much as you can in the content

*The content can be unique noodles you are making, creative ways you use your Yamato noodle machine, your happy customers enjoying your dishes, etc. Please be creative and create what you think your customers would love.

Share your posts on Yamatonoodle.com!

Share your awesome noodles with fellow noodle makers around the world! They’d love to see noodles your customers are crazy about. Please share them on this website.

If you are okay to show your posts on our website, please fill out the form below and send it to us. We’ll send you a document for you to sign electrically.