Yamato has been active on the global market for more than 40 years offering its customers all over the world the most safe, efficient, and reliable commercial equipment for production of traditional Japanese and other kinds of noodles — Ramen, Wok, Lo Mein, Pasta, Udon, Soba — as well as professional culinary courses in Ramen, Udon and Soba noodle cuisines.

Having worked with thousands of established and aspiring noodle business professionals from all parts of the world we have learned it hard way how people focused on success may be wary, and rightfully so, to work with partners separated from them by great geographical distances and many time zones.

As Yamato highly values its European customers and is strongly committed to developing its scope of operation on the European continent as well as the level and quality of support we can offer to our European clients, we are happy to announce the opening of our branch office in the Netherlands, choosing a location conveniently situated in the middle of Europe near a sea coast.

Amsterdam Office

While removed from our Headquarters in Kagawa prefecture in Japan by more than 9 thousand kilometers and 8 time zones, our office near Amsterdam is so much closer to our partners and customers in Europe! And this is what matters most. 

The local staff conversant in English, Dutch and Chinese (backed by their colleagues from HQ and other branches speaking 6 different languages more) are ready to help you with choosing the right production equipment for your noodle restaurant or factory, practical culinary training in Ramen, Udon, Soba noodle-making and cooking techniques, noodle recipes and menu development, business counselling and ingredient suppliers information. 

From Helsinki to Lisbon, from Reykjavik to Athens – and from all places in between and beyond – wherever in Europe you are, Yamato is your trusted partner in noodle business.



Conducted by our staff trained in our HQ in Japan, our branch in Houston focuses on making fresh noodles from scratch using the most advanced noodle production equipment from Japan with the appropriate CE certification.

Participants can learn how to make Ramen, Udon, and other types of noodles, including information on noodle ingredients such as kansui, flour, etc.  You will be able to learn from dough composition to boiling time, and storage methods.


Contact us in advance and reserve a private demonstration, training, or consultation about our machines or services. We’d be more than happy to assist you in our office, fully equipped with units of Ramen noodle-making machines, and Udon noodle-making machines ready for action. Also, we have our egg peeling machine, Golden Egg, and our soup straining machine, Richsoup, if you are interested in watching how it works in person.

Prospective customers are free to schedule an appointment to come directly to the demonstration showroom to see Yamato noodle machines in person and get a hands-on experience of making noodles on them. 

Yamato envisions equipping the office in Amsterdam with a full lineup of our CE-certified machines for commercial production of Ramen, Udon, and other types of noodles as well as related peripheral equipment such as Golden Egg and soup straining machines.

Our staff will also explain in detail all features, characteristics, and specifications of machines, advise which model or combination of models will best suit your current and future production needs, and issue a price quotation including delivery.


The mission of Yamato is to help our clients succeed in their business. We want to make sure your machines are always running smoothly and efficiently producing the best noodles for your markets. We offer support to all our customers, no matter how long they’ve had their machines or wherever in the world they are using them.

Now with our office in Amsterdam, we will be able to assist all our customers and future customers with our staff and maintenance personnel across the country. 

If you have any questions about your Yamato noodle machines, experience any technical issues, or need assistance on how to make noodles or other related products on your equipment, contact us and we will provide you with the best service.

ramen master


With decades-long experience in advising and producing the most famous and successful noodle restaurants around the world, our experts will be ready to help those who are still at the drawing board of their future noodle businesses.

Yamato’s expertise is not limited to noodle equipment and cooking skills but also includes a solid and time-tested business competence encompassing both a global perspective and attention to local characteristics. 

We are confident we can help you start your own one: from a noodle restaurant floor plan/layout to personnel management, tips on selecting the right location for your restaurant, branding, franchising; and everything else you need to start and run a successful ramen, udon, soba noodle restaurant.


Ayup Kurban

International sales manager, multi languages speaker, excellent people skills, happy to help throughout the whole process.

Armita Quinones

Senior Marketing/Sales Manager, noodle master, supports customers and future customers through information, and assistance to achieve their goals with Yamato’s products and services

Tushita Roy

Senior Marketing Manager at Yamato Europe BV, 20 years of experience in sales and marketing. At Yamato Europ BV, she is enabling customers to make their homemade ramen from scratch through her consultation and expertise.


Akira Mii

My name is Akira. Over the past decade, I have been helping a great number of Ramen and Udon shops across the world. I am thrilled to use my experience and knowledge to help you along your journey of becoming a great Ramen master. Feel free to contact me!

Megumi Nishimoto

Hi! My name is Megumi. I’ve been consulting many restaurant owners, and helping them with noodle training and recipe development. I’m happy to assist you with anything you need to advance your learning and skills. Please feel free to contact me anytime!