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Singapore Yamato D Studio

Many who want to start successful noodle restaurant and business come to this studio. This is where we help you achieve your goals. You can visit us to see what’s available at the studio and understand how we can help you to reach your goals.

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Yamato Noodle School

Yamato Noodle School

There’s no better way to understand what Yamato Noodle School has to offer you than to visit us in person. We offer an informative tour at our school location for you to see how we help you gain necessary expertise for your goal before you decide to attend. Because it is our mission to help you to reach your goal, please feel free to contact us for a tour or consultation.

We often conduct special events throughout the year to show what Yamato Noodle School has to offer. Please check our website for updates on the events and contact us for any upcoming classes. We have designated dates for open house as well. Because the date may already be busy, please contact us for an appointment in advance.

Open House

When we do not conduct noodle schools at the studio, we have dates for open house where you can come in and see what we offer. We can give you a tour on our kitchen and explain what is possible to do here at the studio.
Because the date you decide to come may already be busy, please contact us to get an appointment in advance.

Noodle making classes

Yamato Noodle School

We conduct noodle making classes every month for those who want to start making fresh noodles themselves. And, for those who want to improve their existing noodles.
We can discuss and teach the basic principles of noodle making as well as how particular types of noodles are made

If there’s any particular types of noodles you want to produce, please let us know in advance. You may bring in your own ingredients (wheat flour, etc.) as well so that we can test them by actually making them into noodles. And, we critique them by actually cooking and tasting them.

Equipment Demo

Yamato Noodle School

We have several different equipment at the studio. Various types of noodle making machines, Noodle cookers. Soup strainer. Vacuum packing equipment. IH cookers. etc. Please contact us for an appointment to do a demo on any of the equipment and let us know your needs.

Equipment available for a demo

Noodle making machines for ramen, udon, soba, pasta, and certain types of Chinese noodles
Soup strainer machine – automatic rame stock strainer Noodle cooker, induction cooker, and various kitchen equipment mainly for noodle restaurants

Feel free to contact us about noodle making equipment, noodle making techniques, or request a demo at our facilities.​​​


Yamato Noodle School

Our experts who have helped many to start successful noodle restaurants are here to discuss your needs and plan.
For example, if you’re thinking of starting up a ramen restaurant, where would you start? There are certain things you should decide first rather than later in stage when building a ramen restaurant.

We can help you guide through a definite path that you should follow when building yours. So, you would not waste your time or money, starting with things that you should do later. We help you save time and money by keeping you from going on a wrong path. We can also talk about how you can reach your goals in business.

Rental kitchen

When we do not conduct schools, classes, or events, you can use the facility for your needs for a fee. There are many ways our customers rent and use the kitchen. Development of new menu items for their restaurants. Conducting culinary classes. Production of food products for some special events. Rent it for whatever you need professional kitchen equipment to do.

How to get to Yamato D studio

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Yamato Dream Studio in Singapore

By Taxi

Let the driver know it is along ‘Upper Thomson Road’, after Thomson Plaza, towards the direction of Yishun. Enter via Jalan Laban. You can ask the driver to call us at 645 643 22 if he is unsure.

By Public Bus

163, 167, 169, 855, 980.

Nearest bus stop “Opposite Sembawang Hill Estate”

By Train

The nearest MRT is either Ang Mo Kio MRT Station or Marymount MRT Station. It will take about 5-7 mins taxi ride from the stations to Dream Studio.

Feel free to contact us about noodle making equipment, noodle making techniques, or request a demo at our facilities.​​​