HeadQuarter OF YAMATO MANUFACTURING Co., Ltd. in Japan

Our HQ office, located in Japan (Kagawa prefecture) offers everything you may need to improve and optimize your noodle menu. Please consider visiting us to discover what we can do for you and your business.

We also have several other local offices across Japan, including one in Tokyo where we conduct ramen, udon, and soba schools every month. Please let us know in advance if you would like to visit one of our local branches.

If you would like to visit us in person for any of the following reasons, please fill out the form below.

noodle machines for noodle restaurants
Team Yamato

Feel free to contact our company – a leading noodle making equipment manufacturer in Japan

School/training facility

We offer comprehensive courses on ramen, udon, and soba noodles at our HQ office in Kagawa, Tokyo office, and Singapore branch every month. Our schools are tailored to existing and prospective business owners (restaurateur, noodle factories etc.), and teach everything from production of various types of noodles and soups from scratch, to menu development, to operation and management of restaurants.

Besides, once our student – always our graduate: alumni are able to consult with instructors even after completion of the course.

ramen school student
Yamato Noodle school training facility

Lecture room, training facility

The teaching/training facility offers all necessary equipment for production of noodles (i.e. dough mixers, noodle making machines, dough aging machines, etc.) , as well as cooking soups/broths, motodare sauces, flavor oils, toppings, garnishes and complete noodle dishes.

For example, for soup production, it uses induction cookers, which make working conditions better than if using gas-powered appliances. A variety of well-thought equipment help optimize working and learning environment for students.

japanese noodle master
group of seasoned instructors

A group of experienced instructors/teachers

Our instructors have different and unique backgrounds which allows our School to offer students with different and diverse insights and perspectives on noodles and ramen, udon, and soba restaurant business.

Our noodle schools are unique because we make everything from scratch, and teach not only ready recipes but fundamental knowledge on noodle cuisine as well, empowering students to use it for development of new original recipes and menus.

Noodle Master Labs

Noodle Master Labs are established to work on noodle gastronomy related R&D from a scientific points of view. Because all the recipes and processes are recorded and digitized at the Labs, one can reproduce the same result over and over with perfect consistency. Yamato Noodle Master Labs is committed to help our customers improve their noodle menus.

noodle making expertise
noodle experts at the Labs

Noodle making expertise

Every expert at the Labs always strive to respond and solve requests they get from customers who are faced with some problems related to noodles. Over the decades of resolving all these noodle-related problems, we have accumulated knowledges and solutions to particular problems. We now have seasoned experts who can respond to what you’re struggling with.

Noodle R&D facility using various measuring tools
Noodle R&D facility using various measuring tools

R&D facility

We have an extensive facility equipped with some of the most advanced measuring/testing equipment, including taste/flavor sensors that analyze particular food flavors, and a “Brabender” machine that measures dough viscosity and elasticity properties. The research results are also used to continuously improve and optimize Yamato noodle machines and noodle making methods for better quality, taste and longer shelf life.

various types of ramen, udon, soba, pasta, Chinese noodles, etc. are constantly developed
various types of ramen, udon, soba, pasta, Chinese noodles, etc. are constantly developed

Database of noodle and soup recipes

Over 4 decades of working with professional chefs, ramen shop owners, udon restaurants, etc. to help them in running their businesses and develop new recipes, we now have a database with over 1,000 noodle recipes and hundreds of soup recipes – and this number keep increasing. It helps us to offer better support for our customers to develop and improve their noodle offerings.

continuously testing different and new noodles, soups, etc.
continuously testing different and new noodles, soups, etc.

Continuous R&D

Nothing is ever complete or perfect. We strive to improve our technologies, develop new types of noodles, and make delicious noodles even better. We continuously work on our R&D to keep supporting our customers.

Noodle machines / Peripheral equipment

different types of noodle machines, including large production line ready for a demo
different types of noodle machines, including large production line ready for a demo

For ramen / wok / lo mein, udon, soba, pasta, Chinese noodles: from small scale all-in-one machines to large production systems

We have different types of noodle making machines and equipment that are designed to produce different types of noodles at varying production speeds and volumes, ready for a demonstration and trials and errors of testing the ingredients you’re interested in using for your noodles, training, or anything else we can help your business with. If interested in coming, please schedule your visit by contacting us.

Noodle Factory

noodle factory producing udon, ramen, and soba noodles
noodle factory producing udon, ramen, and soba noodles

In the same building, we have a noodle factory that churns out 6,000 portions of udon noodles a day. The factory also houses sections where a variety of ramen noodles are freshly made for retail as well as wholesale for noodle restaurants who want to offer customized and unique noodles. The factory caters to particular specifications of noodles they want to use (size, hydration, ingredients, length, portion size, etc.) It also produces soba noodles using new harvest of buckwheat flours that are top of the quality for retail. There’s also a section dedicated to production of quality udon broths, ramen tare, oils, and others that are made of quality ingredients. These are packaged into individual packs and distributed for retail and wholesale. Because we have experiences of operating this factory for more than 30 years, we know what it takes to manufacture high quality noodles in volume and market them. So, we may be able to help your business in this regard.

Noodle Machine Factory

noodle machine factory
noodle machine factory

On the 1st floor, there’s a machine factory that does final assembly of all the machines shipped all over the world. Our engineers and factory workers, some of whom have over a few decades of experience, design and manufacture each unit of equipment to the customers’ order and preferences (noodle specs). We test all machines by actually making noodles on them to ensure that they are capable of producing noodles to the customers’ specifications, and the noodles are of the best quality.


organic foods are served at our cafeteria, free of charge
organic foods are served at our cafeteria, free of charge

Cafeteria on 3rd floor serves foods made from organic ingredients sourced from different parts of Japan, free of charge to anyone who visits our company for good health of anyone involved with our company.

Home of Sanuki Udon

Kagawa that is used to be called, “Sanuki” is the home of now world-famous, Sanuki udon, which is thick, soft, and chewy noodles that many find memorable once they taste it. There are hundreds of small Sanuki udon restaurants with unique offerings here. You may find it an interesting learning experience to tour these restaurants yourself.

Kagawa prefecture - home of Sanuki Udon
Kagawa prefecture - home of Sanuki Udon

Feel free to contact our company – a leading noodle making equipment manufacturer in Japan

Other locations

Tokyo office

Yamato Mfg. Tokyo office

We have a place in Tokyo where we conduct our udon, soba, and ramen schools and have different machines for demo and training. Because there’s no English speaking staff on regular basis, please let us know if you want to visit us at Tokyo office.  


Yamato D studio in Singapore
Yamato D studio in Singapore provides a variety of services, including ramen school and udon school we conduct every month. Singapore being accessible from all over the world, many visit here to see demo of different noodle making machines, various equipment, test making noodles, soups, and consult with our experts, etc.

Other locations

Other locations

In addition, the offices of Yamato Manufacturing Co., Ltd. are located in Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Sendai, Takasaki, Sapporo, Seoul, Singapore, Amsterdam and New York. Please make sure you contact us in advance to get an appointment to visit these locations.

Please feel free to visit our distributors, local branches across the world (in South Korea, Singapore, Netherlands and New York)  or ask us any questions on how can we help you in your country / city.

Feel free to contact our company – a leading noodle making equipment manufacturer in Japan