I was thinking that starting a ramen business was easy, and opened my own shop mostly by guess-work as it seemed right to me, but been struggling with getting it on the success track as things haven’t been working out well with it. If my shop does not succeed soon, it may ruin my plans for the future. Will you able to help me with advice on how I can achieve success with my restaurant?

We have seen many such sad examples of people who took ramen lightly, and thought that they could easily build profitable ramen businesses – more often than not that is not the case. A ramen, udon or soba restaurant may seem like something you can start with very relatively little investment, and many people opportunistically think they can just open it, and begin making money right away. Many people with such backgrounds have participated in our Ramen School, and to our credit we were able to help many of them.
We strongly advise you to join our ramen course until it is too late.

Ramen School
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