I want to make ramen, udon, and soba noodles. Which machine can make all 3 types?

Which machine we can recommend for you depends on your production needs. For example, if you want to make soba, which is made of buckwheat flour, what is the percentage of buckwheat flour mix for the soba noodles you want to make? If it is 100% buckwheat flour mix, then the only option may be our soba noodles machine, BandoTaro, which can also produce certain types of ramen noodles and udon noodles. But, the type(s) of ramen noodles that can be made on our soba machine are high in hydration. For example, Hakata style tonkotsu ramen noodles are low in hydration, so they cannot be made on soba machine. (noodles made on soba machine need to be over 45% in hydration ratio. Richmen or our ramen machines are good at making noodles that are low hydration (25-40%). These machines can also produce certain types of soba and udon noodles as well, but they need to be low-medium hydration. As for soba noodles made on ramen machine, buckwheat mix ratio need to be less than 50% (the other 50% needs to be wheat flour or other ingredients with some gluten). Please let us know your production needs (maximum daily production volume and type(s)/size(s) of noodles you want to make. And, we can suggest an option best suitable for your production needs. To consult with our representative, please contact us.


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