Interactive workshop: finest homemade Tsukemen noodles for your food business

making tsukemen noodles on a ramen machine

Workshop instructors

Akira Mii, Head of Yamato MFG International Department

Megumi Nishimoto, Yamato MFG, International Department

Akira Mii has worked for Yamato for almost 20 years, supporting customers in many countries across the world. He can share his broad knowledge and deep expertise in noodle making and other aspects of noodle business.

Megumi Nishimoto has firmly established her unquestionable and well deserved reputation as one the most accomplished and experienced female noodle masters in the world.

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ramen professional from Japan
Interactive workshop: How to make, plate and market the best Tsukemen noodles

In recent times Tsukemen has become one of the most popular types of Ramen both in Japan and other countries. Its versatility and diversity, relative simplicity of preparation, equally excellent suitability for either dine-in or to-go options, as well as its powerful synergistic gustatory impact derived from a combination of thick noodles and a savory concentrated sauce to which noodles are dipped when eating – all these factors have played their role to promote Tsukemen to the Ramen world top league. 

Enjoying such a prominent position in modern Ramen cuisine, Tsukemen has already been featured in one of the free online noodle classes Yamato has begun offering from the late spring of 2020, but on December 9th 2020, we decided to organize a special interactive workshop with a limited audience of existing or aspiring food business professionals interested in furthering their expertise in the topic.

The workshop will be conducted in a format of a ZOOM conference, and we will make our best effort to accommodate wishes and interests of participants (though, we would appreciate if you inform us about them beforehand).


A ZOOM link for the workshop will be sent to your email address after signing up. 

Number of participants: 20. We will stop accepting applications once the maximum number of participants has been reached.

Time schedule

*December 9, 4:30 P.M. Japanese time will be:

December 8, 11:30 P.M. in Los Angeles;

December 9, 1:30 A.M. in Dallas;

December 9, 2:30 A.M. in New York;

December 9, 9:30 A.M. in Helsinki;

8:30 A.M. in Berlin;

7:30 A.M. in Lisbon

*Schedule and timetable may be subject to change
*The workshop will be conducted in English

Boost your food business with homemade Tsukemen Ramen noodles

tsukemen noodles on a ramen machine
tsukemen noodle meal kit
how to make tsukemen noodles
how to make tsukemen noodles
tsukemen for restaurant menu
tsukemen noodles for food delivery

Online noodle class on Tsukemen noodles

Sign up for the workshop to learn more, directly interact with instructors, ask your questions or offer your comments

How to register for the workshop

Submit your information from [BOOK NOW]
Receive a confirmation email from Yamato MFG with a ZOOM link

Update (December 8th, 2020)

As the number of participants has reached the maximum limit of 20, we no longer accept new applications. Our deep apologies for inconvenience. Stay tuned as we will continue to organize similar workshops in the future. Kindest regards, team Yamato

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