Feb. 12th, 2021 Special Live Demo – Richmen Gold for Europe (with CE-mark)

[Feb. 12th, 2021] Special Live Demo - Richmen Gold for Europe (with CE-mark)

We have a special announcement to make.

We are scheduled to start shipping long-awaited Richmen Gold machines to our customers in Europe from this April.

To explain what this machine does and show 3 great features this machine may bring to your business, we are doing this special live demo. 


We’re going to explain and demonstrate the following 3 benefits this machine is designed to bring out for your business.

1. high productivity
2. labor-friendly operation
3. high production versatility 





Let’s explore each of the features briefly.

[high productivity]
The Richmen Gold machine is highly productive with such features as an automatic dough feeder that frees the operator from being engaged in one task and allows him or her to do anything else. You can see for yourself how it is made possible in the demonstration.
[ergonomic design]
We made the operation of the Richmen Gold machine easy. Though production of noodles even with a noodle machine tends to be labor intensive, requiring the operator to lift a heavy dough or stay in an uncomfortable posture for a long time. The machine is designed in an ergonomic way.
[Production versatility]
The Richmen Gold machine may be one of the most versatile noodle machines in terms of the number of noodle types it’s capable of making. It is designed to produce ramen noodles but is capable of producing such noodles as udon, soba (buckwheat), pasta, certain types of Chinese noodles, and even gluten free noodles (made from rice flour) at superb quality.
We are all excited to share this news and show our Richmen Gold in this live demo. We hope a lot of you, especially those thinking of doing noodle business in Europe to join and watch the demo this time. Please sign up for your seat now.
noodle machine for ramen making

Feb. 12th, 2021

Time schedule

Time (Japanese time)Contents
4:00~4:05 (P.M.)Introduction
4:05 ~ 4:15Richmen Gold explained – features, specs, etc.

4:15 ~ 4:30

Live demo – actual production of craft noodles on the Richmen Gold machine
4:30 ~4:40Q&A session

*Feb 12th, 4:00 P.M. Japanese time will be:

Feb.11th, 11:00 P.M. in Los Angeles;

Feb. 12th, 1:00 A.M. in Dallas;

Feb. 12th, 2:00 A.M. in New York;

Feb. 12th, 9:00 A.M. in Helsinki;

8:00 A.M. in Berlin;

7:00 A.M. in Lisbon

*Schedule and timetable may be subject to change
*The class will be conducted in English

How to register for the workshop

Submit your information from [BOOK NOW]
Receive a registration email from Yamato MFG.

You will receive an email with instructions for how to log in to the workshop livestream.


Please feel free to tell us about any additional topics you would like to be featured during the workshop.


If you are interested in watching a recording of the class, please contact us to request a playback link.

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