2-Day PRO Ramen/Udon Tour to the home of Sanuki Udon noodles, Kagawa



There’s no other place like Kagawa when it comes to training for noodle making. And that’s where Yamato HQ is located.
At Yamato, we have trained hundreds of successful noodle making professionals and noodle restaurant operators over the past decades. This is where hundreds of authentic udon restaurants have fought for their existence and survived. In the process, they have perfected their noodle makingi and operations. You’d be able to learn much just from eating at one of these restaurants.
At Yamato HQ where most advanced noodle making machines and labor-saving equipment have been manufactured for decades, you’d be able to see how these machines work and are manufactured in person. You’ll learn the best noodle making techniques in the world that will help you drastically improve your operation for the rest of your professional career. We will train you on our production methods, Digital Cooking to sky-rocket your business productivity.
There are some unique and interesting diners we will take you to learn their concepts, which you may want to apply to your business back home.
Best of all, you can customize this 2-day tour to hone your skills in the areas you want to improve for your business.
We will pack our 47-year noodle making expertise into these 2 days all for you.

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Yamato Noodle Machine users


Yamato HQ Office: 37-4 Hamasanbancho, Utazu-cho, Ayauta-gun, Kagawa 7690203 Japan

Noodle making

As a manufacturer of noodle machines for over 4 decades, Yamato not only focused on the quality of noodle machines but also on contiuously improving the techniques, knowledge, and ingredients. Basically we have continually improved decliousnenss of noodles. Noodles are delicious because of great texture and ingredients’ flavors.
In this tour, we’ll train you on the fundamentls of noodle making, which will help you be able to make superb noodles from scratch with consistency for the rest of your career. You will be consistent with your noodle quality because you have learned the fundamentals and principles of noodle making. You can catch and correct the mistakes you make when the quality does not turn right because you know the why.
You’ll be able to apply these knowledges to your business right away to dramatically improve your noodle quality, wihch translates into many raving fans for your business.

master class on Ramen, Udon and Gyoza
Soup making crash course

We have been teaching how to make a variety of ramen soups and udon soups from scratch for over 18 years at our noodle schools. Using a variety of ingredients and our Digital Cooking Methods, we teach how you can produce and operate soup production for your business.
Even in this short, crash course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of soup making, which may drastically improve not only the quality but also the productivity of your soup production.
Our instructor provide you with detailed techniques, tips, and the logics behind each process so that you’ll be able to catch and correct mistakes in your soup production and train your employees to be effective in operation in your  ramen or udon business.

2 day tour soup
Dining experience at authentic noodle shops and unique restaurants

Kagawa prefecture is the smallest prefecture (like a state or provice) in Japan but one of the biggest noodle eating prefectures in Japan. There are over 400 udon specialty shops in Kagawa. That is 5.6 shops for 10,000 people of this prefecture. To survive as an udon specialty shop, you’d have be very good. The competition is fierce. So, if you eat at a popular udon shop in Kagawa, you’re experiencing one of the best that’s been surviving in fierce competition for years. There’s so much to learn by just eating at one of the popular ones.
We’ll also take you to some local cuisines that may be pretty unique to you. You may get inspired by and want to apply their concepts to your business back home.
The best thing is that all the foods during this tour are on us!

2 day tour udon shop
Consulting with noodle experts and touring Yamato HQ

Talk with our noodle making experts who have been helping hundreds of noodle restaurants and businesses over years.
What are some challenges you’ve been facing in your business?
What are some tough problems that you want to solve?
What is your business goal for this year?
We are here to help.
New recipes that you’ve been developing and introducing in your restaurants.
A new restaurant you’re going open this year.
Or a new business you’ve been thinking about for a few years but haven’t taken any action for. Please feel free to consult with us.
As we have a sister company that manufactures a variety of noodles in the same building, you can see how quality noodles can be made in mass production. We’ll welcome you at our HQ office. 

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