YAMATO MFG – company tour (Dec. 2, 2020). Completed (playback link available)

manufacturer of noodle making equipment from japan

Tour Guide

noodle making specialist

Akira Mii, Head of Yamato MFG International Department 

Akira Mii has worked for Yamato for almost 20 years, supporting customers in many countries across the world. He can share his broad knowledge and deep expertise in noodle making and other aspects of noodle business.

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A video tour of Yamato MFG Headquarters

Yamato MFG – a leading Japanese manufacturer of commercial noodle making machines for Ramen, Udon and Soba, peripheral equipment for noodle restaurants and other food service and processing businesses, as well as an organizer of professional Ramen, Udon and Soba noodle schools.


On December 2, 2020 join Yamato for a video tour of its Headquarter premises in Japan (Kagawa prefecture), to learn about our company, our staff, our products and services.

The live broadcast will be accessible by the link that will be sent to your email address after signing up. 

(NOTE: we are looking forward for, and would definitely welcome your watching the live broadcast, but should that be difficult, you would still be able to watch a recording of the tour using the same link)

Time schedule

Starting time:  4:30 P.M. (December 2, 2020) Japanese time.

Time in other regions:

December 1, 11:30 P.M. in Los Angeles;

December 2, 1:30 A.M. in Dallas;

December 2, 2:30 A.M. in New York;

December 2, 9:30 A.M. in Helsinki;

8:30 A.M. in Berlin;

7:30 A.M. in Lisbon

*Schedule and timetable may be subject to change
*The tour will be conducted in English

How to register for the tour

Submit your information from [BOOK NOW]
Receive a registration email from Yamato MFG.

You will receive an email with instructions for how to log in to the tour broadcast.


If you are interested in watching a recording of the tour, please contact us to request a playback link.

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