SPECIAL EVENT (October 25, 2021). Yamato MFG 46 year Anniversary

yamato mfg 46 year anniversary
Helping customers to succeed in noodle business since 1975

46 years ago on October 24, 1975 Yamato MFG was founded by Kaoru Fujii, and has since become a world leader in manufacturing commercial noodle making equipment for small scale production of artisan ramen, udon and soba noodles, professional culinary schools for existing and aspiring noodle masters and entrepreneurs, and noodle business counselling. 

In commemoration of this date, Yamato wanted to share with its customers and friends a number of events condensed into one day – October 25 – dedicated to a single, and most important, topic of Customer Success. 

Most of the original material will be in Japanese, but we will do our utmost effort to offer an English interpreting of the most important parts.

Yamato MFG - world leader in manufacturing commercial equipment for small scale production of ramen, udon and soba noodles
Features and content
  • Special address from Yamato MFG CEO, Kaoru Fujii
  • Presentation and demonstration of new products:

“GoldenEgg” (automatic shell peeling machine for soft and hard boiled eggs),

“BandoTaro Plus” (a new model of the time-tested “BandoTaro” buckwheat soba noodle machine),

“Maihime Plus” (a new model of the “Maihime” vertical buckwheat dough mixer)

“Kikujiro” (a revolutionary buckwheat dough kneader)

“Tamasaburo” (an automatic noodle portion wrapping machine – ideal packaging solution for mini-factories and noodle meal kit businesses)

  • Introduction of Yamato MFG facilities in Kagawa pref. (Japan) and Yamato MFG staff
  • A special quiz on noodles and noodle-business 
  • Making extra-thick Udon noodles on the “Shin’Uchi” machine
  • Special seminar from Kaoru Fujii for noodle food businesses on how to succeed in post-Covid environment
  • Demonstration on how to use a prepackaged  concentrated soup stock


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