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Aug 1, 2023Aug 1, 2023
Special Demo
Yamato HQ (Kagawa, Japan)


  • August 1 (15:10 - 16:10 Japanese time)

Special Presentation: Onsen Eggs / 100% coarsely ground buckwheat flour noodles (Aug. 1, 2023)

you can expect to...
  • Explore features, capabilities, productivity and advantages of the Onsen Kazan (Hot Spring Eggs Volcano) cooking set
  • Watch a hands-on demonstration of cooking a large number of onsen eggs at once
  • Learn about the best equipment to make 100% artisanal quality buckwheat noodles even from coarsely milled flour
  • Get insights and advice from the most prominent noodle master in Japan
  • Ask any questions about noodle making equipment and noodle business


Kaoru Fujii

Renowned Japanese noodle cuisine professional

CEO of YAMATO MFG, a prominent Japanese noodle making and noodle business master. A principal of the Yamato Noodle School.

Woo your customers with the most delicious onsen eggs and 100% buckwheat Soba noodles

Japanese food is by far one of the most famous and loved by consumers around the world.

But how can you set apart your Japanese cuisine menu selection from your competitors in the field ?

Think out of the proverbial ‘sushi box‘!

On August 1, 2023, Yamato offers you a unique opportunity to learn about the world of Japanese cuisine beyond sushi and teriyaki!

Join Kaoru Fujii, a CEO of Yamato MFG, and a Head of the Yamato Noodle School, to explore “onsen eggs” and authentic 100% buckwheat Soba noodles made using techniques similar to those employed by traditional soba noodle making masters.

Making "onsen tamago" ("hot spring eggs") has never been easier

Yamato is always focused on how to make our customers’ businesses more efficient and profitable.

This has been our basic philosophy since the foundation of our company, and allowed us to develop various solutions for production of fresh craft high quality noodles, as well as other types of equipment to help food businesses create high added-value products, such as the GoldenEgg – automatic egg peeling machine for hard and soft boiled eggs or the Onsen Kazan egg boiling set that allows you to boil large quantities of onsen tamago eggs at once. 

During the live broadcast Master Fujii will personally demonstrate how Onsen Kazan can be used, and explain its features and benefits.

Authentic 100% buckwheat Soba noodles

When we say “authentic” about buckwheat Soba noodles we mean not only the ingredients, but noodle making techniques as well.

Soba noodles are extremely difficult to make because they are made from buckwheat which lacks gluten that serves as a binding agent in wheat flour-based dough.

That is, they are quite easy to make… using an extrusion method when the dough is pushed through small holes to make longs strands – but that is not what connoisseurs would consider to be the real Soba.

While making Soba the way it has been originally done – by rolling, thinning and cutting – is indeed difficult it nevertheless possible using the Bandotaro machine specifically designed for that very purpose.

What makes producing authentic Soba even more difficult is also that the result depends heavily on the quality of buckwheat flour: in particular, dough from coarsely ground flour varieties is even less viscous and sticky making it more difficult to form into noodles.

But nothing is impossible for Yamato machines.

During the special presentation Master Fujii will demonstrate how Soba noodles from coarsely ground buckwheat flour can be made on a new generation of the Bandotaro model – “Bandotaro Plus”. 

bandotaro plus


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