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Mar 11, 2019Mar 13, 2019
1 DAY Class
Singapore Yamato D Studio

No.8 Jalan Kuras, Singapore 577725

USD50 / person
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  • Mar. 13

Special Noodles Class in Singapore

you can expect to...
  • Conducted at Yamato Noodle School (ramen, udon, and more). So, you can get to see all the equipment used at the school
  • Learn the basic mechanism of how authentic noodles are made from scratch
  • Try the quality of noodles freshly made in-house, and learn how to make them yourself!
  • Experience the most advanced noodle machine in the world!
  • Study and experience how a great variety of authentic ramen noodles is made from scratch
  • And, much more…!


MR. Akira Mii

Akira has worked for Yamato for over 15 years, supporting customers in different countries. He visits customers in different countries, understanding unique needs and palates of local markets. He can share his knowledge and expertise in noodle making and other aspects of noodle businesses.

Japanese Ramen, udon, and other noodles, and more!
  • Learn how to make a variety of great quality fresh noodles from scratch.
  • Get an opportunity to try the most delicious noodles you’ve ever tasted.
  • Create you own variety of noodles (prior notification required)
various ramen noodles
Time Contents
10:00 Greeting/Orientation
10:15 Noodle/Soup Making Theory What is ramen? What makes a great bowl of ramen? Critical components of a good bowl of ramen and how to make each of them from scratch. What ingredients are used to make ramen noodles? What roles each ingredient plays in making great ramen noodles? What are the processes of making ramen noodles, and effects of each process.
11:30 Noodle making session Making ramen noodles from scratch on a noodle machine
13:00 Sampling We provide samples of ramen dishes with freshly made ramen noodles for you to taste.
14:30 FAQ session/End
*Schedules may be subject to change *All classes are conducted in English
you can experience

The most advanced & versatile ramen noodle making machine

An all-in-one noodle making machine capable of making 150 servings per hour (with a recommended max. daily production volume of 800 servings).  It can also produce a variety of other noodles, skins (gyoza, wanton, etc.), and other dough products you can only imagine!

Books available for purchase at this event

Ultimate Ramen – Science-Based, Innovative Noodle Making Technologies

We Give Out This Book as Special Gift To All Attendees To This Event!
SGD 53 worth

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