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Feb 25, 2020Feb 27, 2020
1 DAY Class
Korin (New Jersey location)

74 Henry Street, Secaucus, NJ 07094 (near Giants Stadium)

USD80 / person
  • Feb.25

  • Feb 26

  • Feb. 27

Japanese Ramen and Udon Master Class in New Jersey (Feb. 25-27, 2020)

you can expect to...
  • Try the exquisite quality of freshly made authentic Ramen and Udon noodles, and learn how to make them yourself from scratch!
  • Taste a wide variety of Ramen soups (tonkotsu, fish stock, shio, miso, shoyu, etc.) and Udon dashi stock
  • Learn about the delicious world of traditional Japanese Udon noodles from Sanuki region – the Udon heartland of Japan
  • Get a hands-on experience of the most advanced professional noodle making equipment for Ramen and Udon from Japan!
  • Get professional advice on how to start your own successful noodle business!!!
  • And, much more…!


Megumi Nishimoto

A leading Noodle cuisine Master from Japan

Ms. Megumi Nishimoto Still in her young age, Japan-born Megumi Nishimoto has already firmly established her indisputable and well deserved reputation as one the most learned and experienced female noodle masters in the world. Being among the most talented graduates of Yamato Noodle School in its entire history, and having traveled extensively across the world for learning and culinary inspiration Megumi has accumulated a vast amount of valuable knowledge, skills as well as noodle making and cooking techniques to share with participants of our class. Her remarkable educational background and stellar coaching track-record in both Japanese and other noodle cuisines rank her among the most accomplished noodle professionals. Megumi Nishimoto - Japanese spirit -- Yamato expertise -- Global perspective -- Female touch! Come and join her for a day of exceptional Japanese noodle experience in Singapore.

Also featuring a renowned chef and noodle master Kotani Shuichi

japanese noodle master

Chef Kotani is a true noodle master who has been making buckwheat Soba noodles by hand for over 15 years. He also has years of experience in making a great variety of Ramen, Udon and other types of noodles. He has has been running World-Wide Soba Inc. in New York, which helps businesses start up ramen, soba, and other types of noodle restaurants in the United States and Europe. Throughout his career he has helped in creation of many successful noodle restaurants across the world. He will share his deep expertise in noodle making and restaurant business operation.

Japanese Ramen and Udon Master Class
  • Learn how to make a variety of great quality fresh Ramen and Udon noodles from scratch.
  • Get an opportunity to try the most delicious Ramen and Udon noodles you’ve ever tasted.
  • Create you own variety of Ramen noodles (prior notification required)
  • Explore the most advanced noodle making equipment in the world
Time Contents
AMPart AGreeting/Orientation
Part BRamen Noodle Theory
explaining all ingredients of ramen noodles and ramen making process
Part CRamen noodle making 
Making ramen noodles from scratch on a noodle machine
 Part DRamen noodle tasting and sampling
PMPart AUdon noodle Theory
explaining all ingredients of udon
 Udon noodle making 
Making udon noodles from scratch on a noodle machine
Part CUdon noodle tasting and sampling
Part DQ&A Session

*Please choose a date of attendance. (We stop accepting applications once the vacancies run out)
*Schedules may be subject to change
*All classes are conducted in English

Explore and experience the most cutting-edge noodle making machines for Ramen and Udon from Japan

Ramen Noodle Making Machine - RICHMEN GOLD
Automatic Ramen noodle making machine "RICHMEN GOLD"
machine for udon production
Udon making machine
you can experience

The most advanced & versatile ramen noodle making machine

An all-in-one noodle making machine capable of making 100 servings per hour (with a recommended max. daily production volume of 500 servings).  It can also produce a variety of other noodles, skins (gyoza, wanton, etc.), and other dough products you can only imagine!

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