Feb 22, 2023Mar 16, 2023
2 DAY Class
Yamato HQ (Kagawa, Japan)

37-4 Hamasanbanchō, Utazu-chō, Ayauta-gun, Kagawa-ken 769-0203


50 usd
  • February 22-23

  • March 15-16

Professional Ramen/Udon training tour in Kagawa

you can expect to...
  • Learn in person various new skills in ramen and udon cuisines from the best experts in the field
  • Get new ideas to start or further develop your business
  • Get an opportunity to interact with Kaoru Fujii – a pioneer in developing noodle making equipment in Japan and a world-famous authority in noodle cuisine and noodle business
  • Experience exquisite udon and ramen shops to learn what they offer and how they operate
  • Get a list of great noodle restaurants you must try in Japan
  • + special bonus presents for all participants!


Akira Mii

Renowned Japanese noodle cuisine professional

Akira Mii has worked for Yamato for almost 20 years, supporting customers in many countries across the world. He can share his broad knowledge and deep expertise in noodle making and other aspects of noodle business.

Visit Yamato HQ in the noodle capital of Japan

If you are a food business entrepreneur it may be very difficult to find enough time to look around, and think of ways and means to broaden one’s horizon, learn new things, raise professional skills and level of expertise — all of which are necessary to bring your business and products to the next level.

To be able to do that you may need to get away from your place, and put yourself into a different environment to experience something beyond your everyday life.

professional equipment for ramen, udon, soba noodles

COMPANY: YAMATO is in a unique position to offer you such an opportunity for a few days!

To begin with, throughout our decades-long history we have trained thousands of future noodle cuisine and noodle business professionals who went on to achieve great success in the field of ramen, udon, and soba.

Second, we are located in Kagawa prefecture, which is a home of Sanuki udon, the world’s most famous and popular type of udon noodles. And this is where you can try hundreds of unique authentic udon restaurants that serve inspiring bowls of udon.

Third, we have a list of ramen and udon noodle restaurants, many of which are our customers, that we would definitely recommend you visiting to learn and get inspiration for your business.

In addition to training courses that have prepared thousands of ramen and udon professionals over the years, we have created a package of content and consulting services that can help you grow and keep winning in your businesses.

noodle capital of Japan

LOCATION: Though Kagawa is the smallest among all Japanese prefectures, and is located on the smallest of the 4 major islands making up the Japanese archipelago, it offers a unique and inspiring environment for those who seek to serve better noodle dishes.

noodle training tour in kagawa

ACTIVITY: In February and March 2023, Yamato offers a series of two-day educational courses that include training you on ramen/udon skills, and a tour of prominent udon/ramen shops in Kagawa.

Before and after the tour, you can visit and try other noodle shops of our recommendation to learn what they serve and how they operate their business.

The special training course will be conducted by our team of ramen and udon experts, and will include a variety of activities from noodle making theory and practice, to cooking and dish presentation, to noodle business counselling and advice. We will also ask you in advance about what particular aspects of ramen or udon you want to learn to help you fill what you are lacking.

… And, of course, now may be one of the best times to visit and experience Japan, since Japanese currency is almost at its lowest peak in more than 30 years. 


Individuals or companies who are either already engaged in noodle-related food service business or who seriously consider starting one. 

Number of participants

Up to 8 participants per a two-day long tour.

How to register for the tour

Submit your information from [BOOK NOW]
Receive a registration email from Yamato MFG.
Pay participation fee (paypal / bank transfer)


Please feel free to ask us in advance any questions related to the tour or tell us what topics you are particularly interested in. 

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