May 10, 2023May 10, 2023
Online class
Yamato HQ (Kagawa, Japan)


  • May 10, 4:30 P.M. (Japanese time)

Online class (May 10, 2023). 250 noodle portions per hour on Richmen Gold 2

you can expect to...
  • Learn about the concept, practical operation, and concrete examples of the Micro Noodle Factory business model
  • Explore commercial equipment best suited for using in Micro Noodle Factory settings
  • Watch a hands-on demonstration of making 250 portions of fresh craft noodles from scratch on a RICHMEN GOLD II machine
  • Learn about the latest developments in noodle business in Japan and worldwide
  • Get an opportunity to ask your questions to the best noodle cuisine masters!  


Akira Mii

Renowned Japanese noodle cuisine professional

Akira Mii has worked for Yamato for almost 20 years, supporting customers in many countries across the world. He can share his broad knowledge and deep expertise in noodle making and other aspects of noodle business.

250 portions in an hour -

Richmen Gold II is the most unique and advanced piece of commercial-purpose noodle making equipment that currently exists in the world (as of May 2023).

Aside from an outstanding noodle quality, ease of operation, durability and safety, what distinguishes this machine is its unique ratio of productivity to size – that is unmatchable by any other noodle machine in the world.

While it requires only several square meters to instal and operate, its nominal output capacity starts from 250 portions per hour (on condition of using the M25B stand alone “Silky Mixer“).

If used non-stop for one 8-hour long shift each day, such capacity would be enough not only for a restaurant or a restaurant chain making noodles for in-house consumption, but even for a business exclusively engaged in production and sales of such noodles (i.e. a noodle factory).

On May 10, 2023 Yamato offers you an opportunity to watch firsthand an actual demonstration of RICHMEN GOLD II’s capabilities with a goal of producing 250 portions of noodles under an hour.


a link to the class’s livestream will be sent to your email address 30 minutes before the start

(NOTE: we are looking forward for, and would definitely welcome your watching the live broadcast, but should that be difficult, you would still be able to watch a recording of the class using the same link)

Time schedule

Time (Japanese time)Contents
4:30~4:35 (P.M.)Introduction
4:35 ~ 4:40An introduction of the Micro Noodle Factory concept, explanation of RICHMEN GOLD II’s features and capabilities 
4:40 ~ 5:40A hands-on demonstration of making 250 portions of fresh craft noodles from scratch using Richmen Gold II and Silky Mixer set of equipment
 5:40 ~ 5:45Q&A

*May 10, 4:30 P.M. Japanese time will be:

May 9, 11:30 P.M. in Los Angeles;

May 10, 01:30 A.M. in Dallas;

May 10, 2:30 A.M. in New York;

May 10, 9:30 A.M. in Helsinki;

8:30 A.M. in Berlin;

7:30 A.M. in Lisbon

*Schedule and timetable may be subject to change
*The workshop will be conducted in English

How to register for the class

Submit your information from [BOOK NOW]
Receive a registration email from Yamato MFG.

You will receive an email with instructions for how to log in to the class’s livestream.


Please feel free to tell us about what kind of noodles you would want to see featured or any particular topic covered during the class.

Featured in the class

automatic noodle making machine
Richmen Gold 2 - automatic noodle making machine
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