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Dec 23, 2022Dec 23, 2022
Online class
Yamato HQ (Kagawa, Japan)


  • December 23, 4:30 P.M. (Japanese time)

Online class (December 23, 2022). 3 things to improve your ramen business

you can expect to...
  • Learn methods and special techniques to drastically improve the quality of your ramen dishes and productivity of your ramen business from today, and thrive in 2023
  • Get a practical advice on how you can optimize the operation, reduce loss and boost customer satisfaction of your ramen business
  • Watch a practical demonstration of making fresh craft ramen noodles from scratch
  • Learn about the latest developments in noodle business in Japan and worldwide
  • Get an opportunity to ask your questions to the best noodle cuisine masters!  


Akira Mii

Renowned Japanese noodle cuisine professional

Akira Mii has worked for Yamato for almost 20 years, supporting customers in many countries across the world. He can share his broad knowledge and deep expertise in noodle making and other aspects of noodle business.

3 things to improve your ramen business

Every line of business has its trade secrets – a set of expertise and knowledge that not only defines its essence but also helps to achieve success in it.

Ramen business – i.e. a commercial endeavor based on producing and / or serving of ramen noodles or dishes based on ramen noodles – is not an exception.

Having different backgrounds, experiences and motivation, different people start and run their ramen businesses for various reasons be it out of their personal passion for a perfectly balanced bowl of ramen soup, or simply because ramen is a hot and fashionable topic in food service industry promising a decent return on investment especially considering its novelty and a relatively lower level of competition (e.g. when compared to such well established culinary domains as sushi).

Whether through imitation or books, trial and error or employing established professionals, like other food service businesses, those based on ramen noodles try their best to be commercially viable and successful. 

But simply staying in business by itself may require constant improvement of operation and recipes, which in its turn requires learning from other sources or developing the know-hows yourself- and for this one needs time and a proper opportunity.

how to build a successful ramen business

On December 23, 2022 Yamato is pleased to offer such an opportunity – an opportunity to learn 3 simple but important things to make your ramen business better and more profitable.

Whether your ramen business would be profitable or not totally depends on your customers. And what your customers want are the most delicious bowls of ramen that are different from what they have had before.

But we are all busy with daily tasks without any time spared for development of new dishes, especially better and more delicious ones that we are offering now. How can we continue to offer new and delicious dishes?

At Yamato, we are all about helping our customers keep winning and staying strong in their business. We help our customers to thrive with ongoing support, learning, and development of new techniques and recipes.

During a free online class on December 23, 2022 we will share a fraction of the expertise we can provide.

The class will feature the 3 things that you can apply today to your business to make drastic improvements on what you serve based on our 40 years of noodle research and menu development.

In particular, we will cover

1. one of the basic ingredients you use to make your offerings – water
2. noodle hydration
3. noodle size


a link to the class’s livestream will be sent to your email address 30 minutes before the start

(NOTE: we are looking forward for, and would definitely welcome your watching the live broadcast, but should that be difficult, you would still be able to watch a recording of the class using the same link)

Time schedule

Time (Japanese time)Contents
4:30~4:35 (P.M.)Introduction
4:35 ~ 4:50A lecture on methods and techniques to optimize operation of your ramen business and improve its profitability 
4:50 ~ 5:20Practical demonstration of techniques to make fresh craft ramen noodles from scratch
 5:20 ~ 5:30Q&A

*December 23, 4:30 P.M. Japanese time will be:

December 22, 11:30 P.M. in Los Angeles;

December 23, 01:30 A.M. in Dallas;

December 23, 2:30 A.M. in New York;

December 23, 9:30 A.M. in Helsinki;

8:30 A.M. in Berlin;

7:30 A.M. in Lisbon

*Schedule and timetable may be subject to change
*The workshop will be conducted in English

How to register for the class

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You will receive an email with instructions for how to log in to the class’s livestream.


Please feel free to tell us about what kind of noodles you would want to see featured or any particular topic covered during the class.

Featured in the class

automatic noodle making machine
Richmen Gold 2 - automatic noodle making machine
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