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Nov 9, 2020Nov 16, 2020
Special Demo
Yamato MFG HQ

3-37-4 Hama, Utazu, Ayauta, Kagawa pref. Japan

  • Feb. 19 (9A.M.-6P.M. Japanese time)

  • Feb. 22 (9A.M.-6P.M. Japanese time)

  • Feb. 24 (9A.M.-6P.M. Japanese time)

  • Feb. 25 (9A.M.-6P.M. Japanese time)

On-demand online noodle machine demo

you can expect to...
  • Request an online video demonstration of any type of Yamato noodle machines
  • Specify your own noodle recipe/s (ingredients, flour type, hydration ratio, etc)
  • Get professional advice on noodle production, selection of noodle making equipment for particular types of noodles, and much more
  • Learn about production techniques for various types of noodles (Ramen / Wok / Pasta, Udon, buckwheat Soba noodles)
  • Ask any additional questions during the demo!
  • Interact with the best masters in the field of homemade noodle production!


Mr. Akira Mii

Renowned Japanese noodle cuisine professional and noodle equipment specialist

Akira Mii has worked for Yamato for over 15 years, supporting customers in many countries across the world. He can share his broad knowledge and deep expertise in noodle making and other aspects of noodle business.

Staying close. Staying together

Being a Japanese company with a global outreach, and having a multinational and a multilingual team, throughout its long history Yamato has always tried to be closer to its existing and potential customers across the world.

But these are hard times – hard for food businesses having to temporarily shut down or close, hard for people sometimes unable even to walk outside let alone enjoy their favorite restaurants, hard for those who have become directly affected by our common misfortune.

The times are difficult for Yamato too making us unable to operate as we used to, and leaving us with only few choices of how we can interact with our customers and friends. 

With above said, we would like to give YOU an opportunity to learn, explore, and in as much as it is only possible online, experience what Yamato has to offer in the field of equipment for production of the best homemade noodles in the world.

We are optimistic. We believe that in the end our common efforts will allow us – the humanity – to persevere and overcome this crisis no matter how severe it may be. 

Now are hard times. But so these are the times to prepare ourselves for when the hardships are over, and we can all breathe free, and start working again on making this world a better place. A better and a more happier place with better noodles that you can make on Yamato noodle machines.

equipment for fresh noodles
Tailored to your needs and circumstances

Schedule a one-to-one online noodle machine demo

Submit your information from [BOOK NOW] specifying the type of a noodle machine and a type of noodles you are interested in
Wait for a reply from Yamato

NOTE: we may ask additional questions about which machine you want us to use during the demonstration, what type of noodles you are interested in, as well as your current conditions and business plans.

Then, your registration is complete!


Demo options: including but not limited!

Making Ramen noodles on “Richmen” series noodle machines!

automatic ramen machine
ramen noodle machine
ramen noodle factory

Making authentic Udon noodles on a “Shin’chi” noodle machine

udon noodles
Yamato - everything you need for success in noodle business
noodle making equipment manufacturer
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