Sep 4, 2024Sep 4, 2024
1 DAY Class
Yamato USA (Houston, Texas)

6699 Portwest Drive suite #120, Houston, TX, USA


USD100 (Payment in cash at the end of the class)
  • September 4th

HOUSTON SPECIAL WORKSHOP WITH Mr.Shono from “Mensho” (Sept 4th, 2024)

you can expect to...
  • Meet the head chef and owner of more than 12 shops around the world, the ramen restaurant “Mensho” group in our office in Houston – CEO Mr. Shono.
  • Learn about their experience of creating and running ramen shops in US (San Francisco and Oakland), and learn directly from their expertise in the field
  • Explore professional commercial equipment for production of high-quality Ramen and Udon noodles as well as Gyoza dumpling skins
  • Watch a practical demonstration of making fresh craft Ramen and other types of Japanese noodles
  • Learn about the latest developments in noodle business in Japan and worldwide
  • Get an opportunity to make Ramen and other types of noodles from scratch yourself
  • Enjoy the taste of fresh Ramen dishes made by Mr. Shono
  • Carry back samples of Ramen and Udon noodles along with recipes and other reading materials!



Owner of Menya Mensho

Special in-person workshop in Houston: How to make the best Ramen, and run a successful Ramen business with the head chef and CEO of the Ramen Restaurant group, MENSHO

Yamato Noodle is a company with a goal of helping food business entrepreneurs and chefs achieve success in the field of Japanese noodles, namely Ramen, Udon and Soba.

For that purpose, Yamato has designed the world’s best selling commercial equipment for production of craft quality Ramen and other types of noodles, and runs professional noodle schools where the best masters in the field teach secrets and skills in noodle cuisine  and noodle business management.

Join us on September 4th to learn more about how to start a new business journey thanks to the expertise and experience of our special guests.


Expand your network, exchange ideas, and build meaningful connections that could pave the way for future collaborations.

Reserve your spot now to make valuable connections and elevate your professional journey!

To ensure the quality of interactions and learning experience, the number of vacancies for the workshop is limited: so, make sure to reserve your participation before we run out of available spots.

Founded in 2005, ramen master Tomoharu Shono now operates numerous ramen concept stores in Japan and overseas, including both the ‘MENSHO’ and ‘Menya Shono’ brands. Shono-san has won many awards such as 1st place in the TRY Ramen Awards category, 1st place in Ramen Walker nationwide, 1st place in Shinjuku JG Ramen GP, he has also been introduced in many gourmet magazines such as Michelin and ZAGAT. He continues to spread high-quality ramen culture both in Japan and overseas, and has participated in events such as acting as an Australian lamb ambassador and being a guest chef at Twitter HQ in California.


1. Morning session

  • Greetings; self-introduction by Tomoharu Shono (Owner and Head Chef)
    • A talk by Mr.Shono on his experience as owner of 12 successful Ramen shops in Japan, US, Thailand,  Australia and India
    • Making a batch of craft Ramen noodles from scratch on a Ramen machine for restaurants and small-mid scale production

2. Afternoon session

  •  Mr. Shono will present to the participants their experience making a Ramen and his tips in how to make the dish professional with a better presentation.
  • Cooking a Ramen dishes inspired on the menu of “Menso”: concept, ingredients, cooking and plating techniques
  • Exploring and experiencing other relevant equipment (udon noodle making machines, automatic ramen egg peeling machine, gyoza skin making attachments etc.)
  • • Q&A session. Ramen industry: challenges and opportunities


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