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The mission of Yamato is to help our clients succeed in their business. We want to make sure your machines are always running smoothly and efficiently producing the best noodles for your markets. We offer support to all our customers, no matter how long they’ve had their machines or wherever in the world they are using them.


If you have any questions about your Yamato noodle machines, experience any technical issues, or need assistance on how to make noodles or other related products on your equipment, please contact us using the form below (please have your machine’s serial and model numbers ready when contacting us).

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Yamato noodle machines are designed by the best Japanese engineers, manufactured only in Japan, only from Japanese parts, and only by the most skillful and experienced technicians. Each bolt, screw, shaft, every part and component are assembled and fitted with utmost precision and the strongest commitment to quality; checked, and then proof-checked once more before shipment to end users.

Yamato offers standard 12 month warranty starting from the day of delivery (global-coverage). Each machine is supplied with a service kit covering the majority of maintenance related cases. Operation methods, noodle making techniques and servicing procedures can be found in User Manuals in English, Chinese and other languages, or inquired through a contact form on our website.

Our multilingual maintenance department based in 5 branches across the world operates 365 days a year offering remote technical assistance and advice.

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Yamato noodle machines are used in more than 50 countries around the world

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