Create your own world of Sanuki Udon in your place

kamaage udon

Sanuki udon noodles, soft, chewy, bouncy, delicate, and thick noodles that give unique sensations when biting into the noodles. These are very simple noodles, made from wheat flours, water, salt, and vinegar but through rigorous production methods that have been modified over the years and cultivated by a number of specialty shops and professionals over the past decades. Sanuki Udon may be he world’s most delicious and delicate noodle cuisine. It is very simple, almost primitive form of cuisine that seems to entertain and satisfy consumers purely with superb noodles that are freshly made and cooked. People seem to flock to a specialty shop that is dedicated to servings a handful of same noodle menus and side dishes that are repeatedly made every day. There is a strong magnet in Sanuki Udon cuisine that keeps its customers queue up for their bowl of fresh udon noodles. It is the noodles they freshly make and cook every day. It is a unique food culture that has been cultivated in Kagawa prefecture over the past decades. It is the special taste and experience this place offers.


And there’s no better place to experience Sanuki udon other than Kagawa (a prefecture that used to be called, “Sanuki”) as there are hundreds of specialty Sanuki udon restaurants, each of which offers unique noodles in this prefecture. The statistics shows how much this cuisine is ingrained the people in this prefecture. The amount of money one household spends on dining at udon shops in Takamatsu city, the biggest city in Kagawa prefecture is number one by a large margin (1.72 times more than the 2nd place and 2.6 times more than the national average). The number of udon specialty shops per 100,000 in Kagawa is 64 shops compared to 43 shops in Gunma prefecture, which is in the 2nd place. So, this place is most severely competitive for udon shops, especially Sanuki udon cuisines. The fiercer the competition, the better one needs to be to survive in the markets. So, many udon specialties shops in Kagawa offer Sanuki udon noodles that satisfy those probably with the pickiest tastes for Sanuki udon.


Having this exact experience of enjoying authentic Sanuki udon in your region, no matter where you may be is a challenge, but we many now have a way to bring the experiences of tasting authentic Sanuki udon noodles that are probably the best in the world to your neighborhood. Working with our sister company, Sansyo that has been making authentic Sanuki udon noodles with its special production method over the past 3 decades, we can now offer a few ways that enable you to bring the experience that would be possible only by visiting Kagawa prefecture of Japan. Thanks to the production technologies that have been cultivated and polished over the past decades, it is now possible to recreate the sensations and experiences of having authentic Sanuki Udon anywhere in the world.
If you are interested in bringing it to your place to share the experience with others you care about, indulge yourself, or start offering on your business, please feel free to contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

Creating your own Sanuki Udon experience

How we may help you create Sanuki Udon experiences at your place.

kama-age udon
  1. Direct shipment of half-dry authentic Sanuki Udon noodles products from Sansyo
  2. Getting the Sanuki udon noodles products by Sansyo through a nearby local distributor – please contact us to see if there’s a supplier available in your region
  3. Getting training and consultation on how to make authentic Sanuki udon noodles from Yamato – please let us know if you’d like to start a business with Sanuki udon noodles of superb quality

Please let us know as much of your information (your interests, ideas, needs and wants, etc.).
The more information we have, the better we can respond to your requests. Thank you.