Sanuki Udon

Offering authentic Sanuki udon noodles has never been easier!

Offering something unique in your region to win more customers

Udon noodles are traditional Japanese cuisines with a long history and a level of popularity that is like ramen and soba noodle cuisines. Ramen became one of the most popular Japanese cuisines in the world after sushi. And Udon is said to be the next Japanese cuisine that may create the third wave of Japanese cuisine around the world. Sanuki Udon noodles are soft, chewy, bouncy, delicate, and thick noodles that give unique sensations. These are very simple noodles, made from wheat flour, water, salt, and vinegar but through rigorous production methods that have been modified over the years and cultivated by a number of specialty shops and professionals over the past decades. Sanuki Udon may be the world’s most delicious and delicate noodle cuisine. It is very simple, an almost primitive form of cuisine that seems to entertain and satisfy consumers purely with noodles that are freshly made and cooked.

Kagawa, the udon prefecture

Because we are headquartered in Kagawa, which it is the home of the most popular udon in the world, Sanuki Udon, we developed udon machines that have helped hundreds of udon specialty shops to thrive in Japan. We do not only offer udon noodle equipment but also everything that you may need to start a new udon business. Over the past 20 decades, we have been offering training courses on udon, teaching everything from noodles, soups, toppings, and side dishes.

We have helped hundreds of startups to start thriving businesses with authentic udon noodles.

At Yamato, we want to help every customer who is interested in offering the best noodle cuisine offering the best noodle-making machines in the market, and the best training possible. You can just check a few of our videos on our YouTube channel where we talk about different topics related to Udon cuisine.

Now, after COVID, we suggest to our customers not only the restaurant business but a hybrid form of restaurant, wholesale, and retail to get better benefits and help our customers to start a successful Udon business in every aspect possible.

We want to help you to get all you need to start your own Sanuki Udon noodles business.  So please contact us and let us know as much of your interests, ideas, needs, wants, etc. That information will help us to understand you and respond to your request better. 

Our machines will help you to make the best SANUKI UDON NOODLES at your place with no experience

If you are worried and don’t know what are Udon noodles, no need to worry. We will send you a sample of our Udon noodles, made by our sister company, so you can try them and understand the level of those udon noodles made it by our equipment and our noodle-making skills developed for more than 45 years. 

Just fill out the form you will find at the end of this page letting us know what is your idea and what you wanna do, and we will mail the sample to you free of charge.

Offering authentic Sanuki udon noodles with sansyo!

Sansyo is a sister company of Yamato mainly specializing in the production of high-quality authentic semi-dry Udon noodles primarily for distribution throughout Japan. Now, these delicious Sanuki Udon noodles are also available for international shipping, allowing restaurant owners all over the world to serve genuinely Japanese noodles to their customers.

  1. Direct shipment of half-dry authentic Sanuki Udon noodles products from Sansyo
  2. Getting the Sanuki Udon noodles products by Sansyo through a nearby local distributor – please contact us to see if there’s a supplier available in your region
  3. Getting training and consultation on how to make authentic Sanuki udon noodles from Yamato – please let us know if you’d like to start a business with Sanuki udon noodles of superb quality.

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