Why Yamato is your best choice to buy noodle making machines from

1. Safety of noodle machines

commercial noodle maker
  • Excellent performance, safety, durability and hygienic qualities of Yamato noodle making machines.
  • To ensure high level of protection, Yamato noodle machines are equipped with multiple safety features. You or your employees can use them without worrying of getting injured (machines can easily be operated by anyone, and with consistent noodle quality).
  • With high safety and usability of Yamato machines they can be used in welfare facilities.
  • Yamato machines are designed with safety and ease of operation in mind, so you can allow your staff to use them without a fear of injury.

2. Quality of noodle machines (usability, ergonomics, cleanability)

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  • Using its own noodle laboratory, Yamato has been conducting science-based noodle research since its foundation. Results of this extensive research have been incorporated into Yamato noodle machines.
  • Yamato is the only company in the industry that has succeeded in designing equipment capable of producing 100% buckwheat noodles from a flour-water dough mix.
  • Since its foundation, it has been Yamato’s policy to be 100% original – not to emulate designs developed by other companies, and aim to make noodle machines that are versatile, easy to use, and compact.
  • With low vertical dimensions (e.g. for LMA, LSB and M25B) Yamato machines do not require much physical strength and labor to operate.
  • Yamato noodle machines have high usability, intuitive operation, and can be easily used by anyone.
  • Better labor conditions for staff as operators can use machines while keeping a natural posture – this positively impacts working environment.
  • Yamato machines are easy to clean, so they can be put on open display in a restaurant.

3. Stellar track record with best-selling noodle makers

commercial ramen machine
udon machine
  • Throughout the history of noodle making industry Yamato has produced a number of reliable and safe best-selling models: Shin’uchi, Richmen, Bandotaro, which have been selling for decades, and are still being continuously improved and advanced.
  • Yamato has a long company history, and high brand name value.
  • Many famous restaurants – both in Japan and other countries – are using Yamato-made machines.
  • Many customers choose Yamato machines because they are used in the restaurants they personally like.
  • Many customers choose Yamato machines because their friends are using them too.
  • Currently, more that 40 percent of Yamato’s sales is made to existing users replacing their old machines with newer models or buying additional ones to increase their production capacity.

4. Customer service and support

noodle machine service
  • Yamato is trusted for its absolute focus on customers and their concerns, emphasis on safety, as well as quick and professional response when customers need support.
  • It has already been 20 years since Yamato became the first company in the industry to begin operating its customer support Department both on the New Year’s eve and January 1st.
  • After-sales service is the most important thing for customers after purchasing a noodle making machine – and  Yamato is 100% focused on providing excellent customer service.
  • Yamato is unique in providing its customers with noodle making know-hows and a year-round service support.
  • In case of a technical malfunction, Yamato Service Department provides quick support ensuring the time you can’t make noodles is reduced to minimum.
  • Yamato machines are easily repaired, and Yamato’s customer support system ensures it is done quickly and efficiently.
  • Many people choose Yamato for its high quality customer support and noodle-making know-hows.
  • With Yamato customer support Department – which operates 365 days a year, and has a global coverage – you can be confident that if anything happens with your machine you always have someone to rely upon.
  • In case of machine trouble, Yamato puts its customers’ interests before everything: quick repair, replacement, temporary production of noodles on Yamato premises – anything a customer might want or need.
  • Yamato machines are durable – cases of technical malfunctions are rare, and if they happen, machines can be repaired easily and quickly (our customer service Department prides itself on responding promptly and with utmost attention).
  • Growing number of Yamato local branches across the world ensures even better after-sales service for customers.
  • Local overseas branches work in close cooperation with Yamato HQ in Kagawa prefecture (Japan) to provide customers with a continuous and flexible 24-hour a day support, including on noodle making recipes and other related issues.
  • Yamato offers free consultations and advice even after a customer purchases equipment.

5. R&D / Design

custom built noodle machine
  • Yamato maintains continuous effort to keep developing and improving the structure and design of its equipment which always remains on the leading edge of contemporary technology.
  • Yamato machines are developed and built to have appealing design so they can be put on open display (i.e. where they can be seen by diners in a restaurant).
  • Many customers in Japan and abroad choose Yamato machines for their attractive design.
  • Different models of Yamato machines are designed for production of specific types of noodles, so customers can make exactly the kind of noodles they want. Sensors and indicators of Yamato machines allow to control and adjust noodle size with high level of precision.
  • By using cutters of different sizes and shapes you can produce an infinite number of noodle varieties.
  • Yamato machines are compact, and can easily be used even in locations without much space.
  • Being certified by UL and CE standards, Yamato machines can be used in most markets of the world, including North America and Europe.
  • Outstanding durability. 1 year warranty.
  • Most small-scale models can be used with household electric supply, are easily installed, and have motors for each functional component so even if one breaks other parts can still be used.

5. Noodle-making and management know-hows

noodle making know-hows
  • Yamato has a deep expertise in noodle making as well as noodle business management.
  • Yamato does not simply sell machines – it also teaches how to open and run noodle restaurants.
  • You can learn the best noodle making techniques at any branch or local office in Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Netherlands or US.
  • Yamato regularly organizes noodle seminars and classes offering knowledge on noodle making. Noodle seminars also feature information on soups and sauces.
  • Based on broad experience, Yamato Noodle Schools and Food research laboratory offer high-level expertise on noodle business management, in-depth understanding of soup and noodles, and everything else that is necessary for profitable operation of a noodle business.
  • Buyers of Yamato noodle machines are offered free consultations, participation in Yamato noodle events, and discounts on tuition fee for full-course Noodle schools.
  • Noodles made on Yamato machines have outstanding quality. Moreover, Yamato can develop new original noodle recipes.
  • Yamato is fully focused to ensure that its customers are able to make superb noodles with consistency in quality. Yamato is committed to do everything in its capacity to ensure that buyers of its noodle machines achieve success.
  • Having a broad global outreach Yamato boasts deep and extensive knowledge in the field which it can share with its customers.
  • Yamato pays constant attention to global trends, and makes effort to keep up with the times  (e.g. by developing recipes for gluten free and low-carb noodles).

6. Yamato Noodle Schools

ramen restaurant school
  • Yamato does not only sell noodle machines, but also runs schools for Ramen, Udon and Soba noodles in Japan and Singapore where participants can learn noodle making and noodle business management skills. While the schools in Japan are in Japanese, the schools in Singapore are taught in English and Chinese (Noodle Schools in Netherlands and US are scheduled to open in 2020).
  • Through its Noodle Schools and business activities of its partner company Sansyo, which specializes in commercial production of noodles, Yamato has accumulated a broad expertise in the field, and possesses the most up-to-date information and know-hows in the world of noodle business. Yamato is best positioned to offer its clients various advice on how to develop their own original noodle recipes.
  • Yamato offers recipes for various types of noodles, and can be relied upon to provide advice on noodle making.
  • Clients from outside Japan can get their local varieties of flour tested, and receive assistance with development of new noodle recipes for their markets.
  • Based on its long history of working with foreign markets Yamato possesses great expertise in vegetarian, vegan and other health- and environment-conscious recipes and approaches, which it offers to students of its Noodle schools.
  • Yamato does not just unreservedly flatters its customers into buying machines: as Yamato’s goal is to ensure the success of its customers, at times our advice may be strict – but we always aim to find a common ground for the ultimate benefit of our customers.
  • Based on its extensive research of noodles and soup, as well as on the digital cooking method employed in its schools, Yamato is in the best position to offer an expert advice regarding any noodle-related topic – an advice that is precise and grounded in objective analysis.
  • Yamato staff is highly experienced and knowledgeable in related fields, and is able to offer valuable advice.
  • As part of its management lectures, Yamato can provide a commercial assessment for specific areas where students run or plan to open their restaurants.
  • Yamato can teach how to make certain types of noodles and soups suited for particular areas of the world.
  • In addition to Noodle schools, Yamato boasts advanced laboratory and testing equipment (e.g. digital taste analyzer, digital rheometer, and Amylograph) as well as highly trained personnel to operate it, and conduct high-level food research.
  • Having its own Noodle school, Yamato offers not only hardware, but can also provide noodle making software (know-hows, technologies and techniques) as well.
  • Yamato Noodle schools employ digital cooking methods ensuring that students can replicate recipes they learn anywhere in the world.
  • Because the same models of noodle machines are used in Yamato Noodle schools, students can practice on the same equipment they would be able to use in their own shops.
  • Yamato Noodle school curriculum does not use any artificial taste enhancers or preservatives. It also covers general cooking techniques, and may include additional options (e.g. vegan, halal, etc.) as well.

7. Network of local offices and branches

japanese noodles
  • Yamato has 8 local offices in Japan, and 4 more branches across the world (in Seoul, Singapore, Amsterdam and New York).
  • All branches and offices are equipped with real machines so that potential clients can see and try using them, as well as taste noodles made on them. Yamato wants to ensure our clients know and are confident in what they buy.
  • An extensive network of branches and offices gives Yamato an opportunity to collect large volumes of relevant information which it is ready to share with its customers to help them in their business.
  • Personnel stationed at each branch and office can give advice not only about machines but noodle making and other related fields (e.g. soup making) as well.
  • Various events conducted in local offices and branches as well as full course Noodle schools give Yamato clients confidence they can rely on Yamato in their business.
  • At local branches and offices, clients can use the same models of machines they can buy from Yamato for themselves, and through thorough instruction learn how to make the noodles they would like to produce.
  • Good natured staff and pleasant atmosphere at Yamato local branches and offices make clients feel at ease.
  • The function of Yamato offices is not only to sell machines: any noodle business related issues can be discussed and solved there too.
  • Clients can use local branches and offices to practice how to use their models of noodle machines, and get practical advice on operation and cleaning.

8. Policy

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  • As Yamato’s main focus is to ensure the success of its customers, the kind of relations it aims to build with them is not “seller-buyer” but “partner-partner”.
  • Yamato is committed to help its customers solve any noodle business-related issues they may face.
  • Yamato strives to ensure success of its customers by taking a comprehensive look at their business operations.
  • Yamato has developed strategies to convert its customers’ passion into business success.
  • Yamato is a multilingual company. We speak not only Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean but Vietnamese, Malay, Russian and Indonesian as well.
  • All Yamato staff shares Yamato philosophy and policy. There is no one working for Yamato who thinks that it does not matter how you make noodles. Customers choose Yamato not for its price – but because they want to do business with someone they can trust.
  • Having started simply as a manufacturer of noodle machines, Yamato has since extensively broadened the scope of its operations now offering customers additional services and opportunities.
  • Yamato is famous for not giving discounts, but that does not stop customers who seek value beyond price to do business with Yamato – the fact that about half of Yamato’s sales is made to existing customers is a proof of their satisfaction.
ramen master from Japan

Kaoru Fujii

YAMATO MFG Co. LTD, Representative Director
Sansyo, Co. LTD, Representative Director
Noodle Sommelier Association, Chairman
Yamato Noodle School, Principal

During his long career enthusiastically dedicated to noodle business, Kaoru Fujii has been offering lectures on principles of success in Noodle specialty shop business, and is still active in overseeing and producing a great number of successful Noodle restaurants.

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Master Kaoru Fujii

Over 3 decades of his passionate devotion to making of delicious noodles have made him a guru in this industry. He’s helped over 1,000 of clients, ramen chefs, udon restaurants, soba shops, etc. to serve better noodles. He travels all over the world to share his mastery of noodle making.