10 reasons to make homemade noodles

1. Cost-reduction / Cost-control

Secrets of profitable noodle business
  • It is possible to reduce costs because flour is relatively cheap, and machines‘ service life can easily exceed 10 years. Your buisness will be much more profitable if you make noodles yourself.
  • Further cost reduction and cost control are possible if noodle making is done in otherwise idle time (you are not in control of costs if you buy noodles from a supplier).
  • It is cheaper to self-produce noodles than buy them from suppliers, moreover – such noodles are safer and have better quality (sometimes vastly better!).
  • Switching to homemade noodles makes your business more profitable (our data shows that it makes even more sense for already popular and profitable shops which can increase the number of clients by 130% percent).
  • With homemade noodles it is easier to control ingredient costs, as well as to make high quality product that will be popular among your clients (it is possible to recover investment on a machine within 1-3 years of use).
  • Homemade noodles will give your business an edge in price competition: as homemade noodles are cheaper, you can offer your customers bigger portions or free refills without damaging your revenues.
  • With homemade noodles being less expensive, you can offer your customers larger and more filling toppings, making your menu more appealing and rewarding.
  • With homemade noodles, it is easier to serve larger size portions for the price of standard ones.

2. Quality improvement. Quality consistency

high quality ramen noodles
  • It is possible to serve high quality and fresh product every day – this is a very reassuring thing for customers.
  • With homemade noodles, restaurant owners can offer their customers the kind of noodles they find tasty themselves, and can also be sure of their product’s safety.
  • Taste-wise, more often than not homemade noodles greatly surpass ones bought from suppliers. You can always serve your customers genuinely fresh noodles.
  • Once you start making your own noodles, you accumulate a lot of knowledge on noodle making, which allows you to ensure more consistent quality, and develop new recipes (producing homemade noodles gives you a unique experience of challenges and successes you won’t be able to acquire buying noodles from suppliers).
  • With homemade noodles you are independent of suppliers, as well as are able to control the quality of your product, and ensure its consistency.
  • It may be difficult to buy noodles with desired characteristics from suppliers, so you may need to compromise on what you serve your customers – not so if you make noodles yourself (you may not be able to buy a type of noodles that would perfectly suit your soup from third-party suppliers).
  • With homemade noodles you are able to make the noodles you want (Yamato’s experience of working with customers shows that noodle producers may be slow to react and improve even if you point at issues in their work).
  • Quality of noodles made by third-party producers tends to be inconsistent, and you are not in control of it no matter what. Producing noodles yourself gives you easy control over quality.
  • If you strive for perfection, perhaps aiming for a Michelin star, and want to raise the quality of noodles to perfection, you would need to find the exactly right balance between noodles and soup by fine-tuning noodle size up to 0.1 mm – something that is possible only if you produce noodles yourself.
  • With homemade noodles it is possible to make the noodles you want, e.g. noodles with short boiling time, or noodles that don’t get soggy too quickly.
  • Making noodles yourself will significantly boost your expertise in the field, and enable you to understand the fundamental aspects of taste (including factors important for noodle quality, and their relations to soup).
  • When making noodles yourself, it is possible to control their aging condition – which is important for noodle quality.
  • It is possible to produce noodles without additives. With homemade production you can be sure of the quality of your noodles.
  • Quality-wise, homemade noodles produced on noodle making machines are on par with handmade noodles.
  • You will notice that once you start making homemade noodles for your restaurant on a noodle machine people will begin noticing that the quality of the noodles served at your place has greatly improved! Homemade noodles will significantly boost the popularity of your restaurant among customers.
  • Even much greater quality control and consistency are possible if you produce homemade noodles for your restaurant(s) in a centralized facility instead of doing it directly in shops where they will be served at.
  • Since you would know when noodles were produced, you would be able to control aging time and quality.

3. Easy way to raise professionalism of your staff

ramen professionals
  • Improving skills, motivation and commitment of managers and other personnel (they will feel special pride that they serve the product they make themselves).
  • Each restaurant and each shop manager will be able to produce and serve their original products – this will make them more quality-conscious and dedicated.
  • Accumulation of expertise on noodles through homemade production will make personnel feel more empowered and confident, and enable individual restaurants to develop their own distinctive originalities.
  • The more your staff is engaged in noodle production – the more experience they accumulate, and more skilful they become. This allows to ensure even better and more consistent noodle quality.
  • When actively engaged in noodle making, your staff grow professionally through a process of trial and error.
  • Through noodle making, your staff can deepen their understanding of noodles, feel themselves true professionals, and constantly improve their professional level.

4. A way to make your shop unique, and set it apart from competitors

novelty ramen
  • Producing homemade noodles enables your shop to be original in terms of the product it serves (e.g. you will be able to produce noodles that would perfectly suit your soup), and sets your business apart from competitors.
  • With original noodle recipes you can turn your customers into fans!
  • Being able to control ingredients you can produce noodles with outstanding taste, and improve the brand value of your restaurant through better reputation among customers. With added value, you can market your products at a higher or more competitive price, and raise your profits.
  • With homemade noodles, you can have confidence in the quality of the product you serve to your customers.
  • With homemade noodles, you can differentiate your business from competitors through offering original and high-quality products.
  • Offering fresh homemade noodles can serve as a big selling point – boosting popularity and increasing the number of customers.
  • Homemade noodles is a proof of a restaurant’s originality, and a way for a restaurant to communicate that to its customers. Nowadays, serving homemade noodles has become a widespread and common practice.
  • In our times when you can buy anything from anywhere on the Internet unique things have higher value.
  • Willing-to-pay price is much higher for restaurants that can advertise themselves as serving homemade noodles.
  • You can make your restaurant unique with original noodles that no one else has (easy differentiation from competitors). This can serve as a powerful selling point for customers.

5. Healthiness and Safety

healthy udon noodles
  • By producing homemade noodles you can emphasize the safety and healthiness of your products (no preservatives needed).
  • Homemade noodles can be produced by using only natural ingredients like those used for home-cooking – there is no need to rely on artificial ingredients or taste enhancers.
  • Because homemade noodles do not have to contain any artificial ingredients their taste can be adjusted to be in harmony with soup.
  • Making noodles yourself gives you the ability to offer menu in line with the most modern food trends (gluten free / low carb).
  • Direct demonstration of noodle making process to customers would make them feel confident in safety, freshness and high quality of your noodles.
  • Homemade noodles make it possible to present your restaurant to customers as a place to feel happy and safe.
  • The very fact that noodles are homemade – and thus safe to eat and healthy – would serve as a powerful advertisement for your restaurant.
  • Putting a noodle machine on open display, and showcasing noodle making process to customers, would assure them that the noodles they eat are really fresh, and are made only from natural ingredients.

6. Labor-saving potential

make noodles effortlessly
  • Switching from manual to machine noodle production allows you to greatly reduce labor requirements for your Ramen, Udon or Soba business.
  • You make noodles by hand but there is no one to succeed you? You feel that with age you no longer have enough physical strength to keep making noodles manually? You do not have dedicated personnel capable of making noodles by hand? — Any of these problems can be solved by introducing a noodle making machine capable of producing noodles with quality on par with manual production.

7. Entertainment

fresh noodles for restaurant
  • Putting a noodle machine on open display, and demonstrating customers how noodles are made on it, has a powerful entertainment potential, and can be popular among customers as an interesting amusement (an example of this are Marugame Udon restaurants).
  • Restaurants do not necessarily need to be silent places where the only thing you can do there is to eat. It is possible to introduce other features that would entertain and amuse customers.

8. Noodle sales

equipment for homemade noodles
  • By having a production capacity to make noodles, you will no longer be limited to serving them only in your restaurant but will become able to sell them separately to ensure additional revenue for your business.
  • To increase your profits, you can sell noodles – including original varieties – to other restaurants.
  • Possessing your own means of production will empower you to develop new opportunities in wholesale noodle supply business.

9. Applications besides noodle production

make gyoza on a ramen machine
  • Noodle machines can be used to make skins for gyoza and wonton dumplings.
  • A single noodle machine can be used not only for making various types and varieties of noodles but for production of other dough-based products as well (for example, a ramen machine can also be used to produce udon noodles or dumpling skins).

10. Greater opportunities in noodle business

greater noodles business opportunities
  • With homemade noodles, you will no longer be bound by various limitations of supplier-bought noodles (minimum number of portions per batch / noodle shape, portion weight, thickness / delivery date / unforeseen issues on supplier side / unsatisfactory quality) but be able to make noodles to your liking with portions as big as you want them to be.
  • You will be able to produce special varieties of noodles for limited time offers.
  • Sometimes there are just no suppliers around at all.
  • You will be able to make noodles even from ingredients that your suppliers refuse to work with (for various reasons including cross-contamination).
  • Noodle suppliers may not necessarily be fast and flexible in their response to changing food trends, and not be able to provide you with novel varieties of noodles.
  • Opinions about ramen differ, with some insisting that noodles are more important than soup – if you are one of them, then producing your own noodles is your best option!
  • When developing new menus, you will be able to produce and sample trial batches of noodles without delay.
  • Being able to produce your own noodles will give you freedom to develop a great variety of noodles.
  • By making noodles yourself you will improve your expertise on the subject – which you may further use to develop new ideas and approaches.
  • You will become able to analyze noodles served in other restaurants, and use the insights to develop success strategies in restaurant business.
  • Some chefs prefer to make as many things from scratch as they can – including noodles.
  • To start making your own noodles you do not need a factory-size location or vast amounts of investment – this can be done on a relatively small scale and with a limited budget.
ramen master from Japan

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During his long career enthusiastically dedicated to noodle business, Kaoru Fujii has been offering lectures on principles of success in Noodle specialty shop business, and is still active in overseeing and producing a great number of successful Noodle restaurants.

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