Japanese Ramen celebrity in Bangkok: Yamato Noodle School graduate and machine user Shinji Inoue

The surest way to succeed in Ramen business...

The most important thing to me is to deliver on my promise of perfect ramen to the customer” (Shinji Inoue)

Recently, one of Yamato Noodle School graduates and a user of Yamato ramen noodle machine from Japan who is running a successful ramen restaurant in Bangkok got featured in the “Gastronomer“, one of the most prestigious food magazines in the world. 

What differentiates Shinji Inoue aside from his inexhaustible commitment to quality and inextinguishable passion to bringing his customers the best authentic Japanese ramen possible is that right from the beginning he knew how to accomplish his idea of building a successful ramen business.

Shinji Inoue has been working in Japanese entertainment industry, and when one time visiting Thai capital he tried to find a good Japanese-style ramen shop.

Unable to do that he got inspired by an idea of opening one himself, especially given his childhood experience of observing his mother operating traditional Japanese “yatai” food-stand business.

But as in any other human endeavor there is a long path from an idea to its implementation, and the success is not guaranteed especially when it comes to opening your own business in a foreign country.

Right from the start of his journey Shinji Inoue decided to follow the most sureproof way to become a successful ramen restaurateur.

And, leaving organizational and financial parts aside, generally speaking to become one there are two things necessary: knowledge and skills in ramen cuisine and means of noodle production.

For the knowledge on all things ramen from noodles and stock making to motodare, flavor oils and plating, Shinji Inoue went to Yamato Noodle School where he prepared himself both in terms of expertise on ramen cuisine as well as operation of ramen restaurant business in general.

With regards to noodles, there are obviously two possible options: making them yourself or buying them. And although in certain circumstances the outsourcing option can be great for optimizing your business when you can concentrate only on dish preparation and service without having to invest in noodle making equipment and incur labor costs associated with operating it, unless there are reliable suppliers who can provide you with exactly the kind of noodles you want, going full home-made is the best way for a restaurant to ensure appropriate quality and secure a desired selection of noodle products.

Because Shinji Inoue wanted to be fully in control of the whole operation of his ramen business he decided that the only way to achieve that would be by making noodles himself on a commercial noodle machine tailored for ramen production – Richmen.

During his recent visit to Yamato Noodle School (which all our graduates are entitled to) Shinji Inoue left this letter to Yamato and its president Kaoru Fujii.

The letter reads:


To all staff of Yamato MFG.

Thank you very much for welcoming me again. I really love your company and your School.

I love them because I feel “love”:

the love towards noodles, the love towards people.

I am going to bring this love to Thailand, and share it with people there.

Thank you for the love you gave me this time as well. I really appreciate it.

Mr. Fujii! Happy birthday. Please have a long life!

(Inoue from Thailand)

Example of a ramen dish served at the "No name Noodle" owned and run by Shinji Inoue
Shinji Inoue making craft ramen noodles for his restaurant on a ramen machine Richmen type 1
a letter from Shinji Inoue to Yamato and its CEO
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