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half boiled eggs

Born out of struggles with COVID-19 situations

We have been manufacturing noodle making machines for restaurants and small factory, so our main customers are restaurants, which have been hit severely by COVID-19. When we realized our customers would be in a deep trouble last March, we decided to start working on equipment that will save or at least contribute to our customers’ survivals because after all, it would be very challenging for us to stay in this business without our customers, restaurants or dining-in businesses. We thought hard about what the biggest headache many noodle restaurants are facing is. We found out that many of our customers spend hours on peeling boiled chicken eggs for their daily operation.

boiled eggs

What is lost in egg-peeling
Especially, ramen restaurants and udon restaurants offer half-boiled eggs that are cooked to about 6-8 minutes to have runny yolks. These soft eggs are especially hard to peel without damaging them. Workers need to focus their minds on this peeling job. We found that some restaurants daily spend hours on this peeling job and about 20 seconds on one egg on average. They lose* about 20% of the eggs peeled due to the damage made during peeling. (They cannot sell these eggs because the damages to the eggs are so bad) These boiled eggs are essential parts of their business operations, and they add a nice profit to their businesses.

damaged eggs
eggs damaged during peeling. Restaurants cannot sell boiled eggs damaged this badly
Eggs with runny yolk are popular especially in ramen and udon cuisines because they taste richer, but they are harder to peel without damaging the eggs

Resolving problems our customers are facing with machines
However, the problem with the egg peeling job is very cumbersome, time-consuming, and inefficient. So, our customers, restaurants, and these businesses are losing a lot in this daily job. Labor time that they would otherwise be able to use on other things. Eggs that they would otherwise be able to sell. We decided to develop something that would change it. And, we decided to go beyond noodle making with our machine-building-abilities to solve this kind of problem or challenges our customers are facing.


6 long months of difficult trials and errors

Over the past 6 long months, our team worked hard on this problem and developed the world’s 1st tabletop egg-peeling machine that automates the egg-peeling job and can work in a small space like restaurant kitchen. It was a very difficult and long road, but we did it through a series of tests and trials and errors in development. We now have this machine almost ready for shipment and delivery for restaurants around the world to use it to make money and stay strong.

tackling a problem

Benefits that GoldenEgg machines will bring about

We think use of GoldenEgg machine brings at least 5 benefits to those businesses that offer boiled eggs.

1. Save labor costs -because a GoldenEgg automates the egg peeling jobs, a business can utilize the resource elsewhere
From our research, we know that peeling a boiled egg by had takes about 20 seconds on average. GoldenEgg peels it in 6 seconds on average. So, it peels 3 times faster than the human hands. This reduces labor time.

2. Minimize lost sales on damaged eggs – A GoldenEgg has about 5% loss ratio* on average (*loss ratio: the number of damaged eggs (which cannot be sold) / the total number of eggs peeled) If peeled by hand or manually, many restaurants report that they lose about 20% of the eggs they peel on average. So, they cannot make sales from the 20%.

When comparing boiled eggs peeled by hand and by GoldenEgg machines, GoldenEgg can peel boiled eggs 3 times faster and save 25% more eggs on average

3. Make more sales from the eggs – GoldenEgg boosts the productivity of making boiled eggs, which are popular. We should be able to sell more if we can make more. For example, a unit of GoldenEgg can peel 600 boiled chicken eggs in an hour automatically.

The fast peeling speed also allows us to sell freshly peeled eggs. (peeled on demand – freshly peeled eggs are better than ones that were peeled hours ago)

4. Make your offerings unique – because you are making your own homemade boiled egg products, you can develop your own unique egg product offerings, for example by using quality eggs that are produced from local chickens. This may help you stand out from others.

GoldenEgg machine

5. Entertain your customers – the GoldenEgg machine peels boiled eggs using different moving parts that creates some motions that make it look as if a chicken is laying eggs or spawning eggs when it dispenses freshly and cleanly peeled eggs. It is fun to watch the machine peeling and removing eggshells. That’s why it may be worth using the machine where customers can see it. (thanks to its compact design, it can be placed and used almost anywhere)


There may be other benefits reaped by using the GoldenEgg machine, and we can definitely sell more of delicious boiled eggs that are excellent source of nutrition and promote health among our customers as well.

We are set to deliver many GoldenEgg machines to those businesses that can take advantage of it across the world. We are hoping that these businesses and our customers will be able to stay strong and even grow their businesses with this small but money-making machine. It is going to be available first for those who are NOT going to use it in EU countries or North America (because using this machine in those countries requires safety standard certificates, CE mark, NSF/UL/CSA, etc.)  However, we’ll work hard to make it available to EU countries, U.S.A., and Canada as soon as possible. Please sign up to our email list for updates on product availability, schedule, and other information.
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GoldenEgg specifications
GoldenEgg specifications
space needed for GoldenEgg
GoldenEgg machine requires 0.32m2 to operate and a water supply
How GoldenEgg peels eggs
ramen master from Japan
Mr. Fujii
Hashimoto Chief
Chief Engineer on this product - Chief Hashimoto

Kaoru Fujii

YAMATO MFG Co. LTD, Representative Director
Sansyo, Co. LTD, Representative Director
Noodle Sommelier Association, Chairman
Yamato Noodle School, Principal

During his long career enthusiastically dedicated to noodle business, Kaoru Fujii has been offering lectures on principles of success in Noodle specialty shop business, and is still active in overseeing and producing a great number of successful Noodle restaurants.

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