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Hot Spring Eggs better than anyone

Increase the value of your eggs 10 times more!

Increase the value of your eggs 10 times more!


Onsen Tamago

Make your eggs and egg dishes 10 times more valuable!

Onsen tamago is a Japanese name for soft-cooked eggs which are very popular either as stand-alone entries or additions to a variety of other dishes served in different cuisines. The eggs are cooked at a certain temperature to a degree where yolks and whites still remain soft and silky. Because of their taste and texture, these eggs create more value than when they are served hard-boiled or raw.

But there is, however, one problem – it is difficult to make them with consistency in quality and in large quantities.

When we make onsen-tamago  eggs in bulk, it often results in inconsistent level of doneness. Some eggs are hard. Some eggs are not yet done. So, we would need to constantly check them to see if they are ready. Checking the doneness means cracking eggs open. It is a cumbersome, time-consuming and potentially wasteful task.

But now there is an efficient and low-cost solution to this problem. You can now make onsen tamago eggs in large quantities with ease and consistency.

Ontama Magic set lets you cook up to 80 onsen tamago eggs at a time with consistent doneness throughout whole volume in just 8 minutes (note: 8 minutes to boil 80 medium size eggs to the onsen tamago level of doneness; actual boiling time / number of eggs per batch will depend on the egg size).

With this tool you can start making and serving onsen tamago eggs at a professional-level quality and in commercially viable quantities.

Get it, and start serving the most delicious onsen tamago eggs to your customers NOW!

onsen tamago cooker

With this tool you can start making and serving soft eggs at a professional-level quality and in commercially viable quantities.

Get it, and start serving the most delicious onsen tamago eggs to your customers NOW!


cooking eggs

1. Soak eggs in hot water for 8-10 minutes

chilling boiled eggs

2. Quickly cool them in ice cold water


3. Onsen eggs are ready to serve and eat

Ontama Magic features


You can make ideal onsen tamago with consistent doneness with no skill or experience. The Ontama Magic is designed to maintain the same temperature throughout the whole volume of the stockpot to ensure the same level of doneness of all eggs.


You can make up to 80 delicious and professional onsen tamago only in 8 minutes (*M size). These eggs are as delicious and high quality as the ones made with traditional cooking methods. Simply insert the cooking basket with eggs into the stockpot, and that’s it.


By changing the temperature and time, it is easy to adjust the doneness of onsen tamago. By adjusting the temperature and time you can cook onsen tamago eggs with required texture that suits your dishes and offerings. No stirring of eggs during boiling is necessary to control the temperature of eggs.

ProductHot Spring Eggs Volcano cooking set
MeasureW291 x H421 x D298
WeightApprox. 1.3kg
Capacity~20 eggs (M) / basket
NotesEach basket is detachable
ProductHot Spring Eggs Volcano stockpot
MeasureW390 x H302 x D327
WeightApprox. 3kg
CapacityApprox. 20L
NotesInduction and gas-powered heater

Product name: 

Ontama Magic cooking basket


W291 x H421 x D298


Approx. 1.3kg


~20 eggs (M) / basket


Each basket is detachable

Product name: 

Ontama Magic stockpot


W390 x H302 x D327


Approx. 3kg


Approx. 20L


Suitable for induction and gas stoves

Capacity and required boiling time estimates are given for medium size eggs (58-64 g); simultaneously cooking eggs of different sizes at the same time may affect boiling quality and time

Get your own Ontama Magic set now!

Ontama Magic

Hot spring egg volcano set
¥ 71500
  • Cooking basket x1
  • Special stockpot x1

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