Find and develop your ideal noodles for your business

various types of ramen, udon, soba, pasta, Chinese noodles, etc. are constantly developed

Of course, you want to test it before making the decision to invest.
Is this machine really capable of making the kinds of noodles I want to make? Using my local ingredients?
Is it easy to use? Can I actually use it myself to make my own noodles from scratch?
Can I have my employees use this machine to make superb noodles even better than ones we currently buy or make?
You want to try a Yamato noodle making machine first to answer all these questions and clear all your concerns.

Noodle recipe development

Noodle machine testing

Ingredient analysis

Yamato Noodle masters

various types of noodles

We are always happy to learn our customers are growing, and getting the most out of their Yamato noodle machines. To ensure our customers’ success, we have several locations around the world where they can test their own recipes on Yamato noodle machines.

Or, we can develop noodle recipes with your specific ingredients at our Noodle Master Labs. Yamato offers this service free of charge.

authentic japanese ramen
japanese noodles

Based on decades of experience and deep expertise in the field our noodle masters and technicians can provide insightful feedback on noodle making methods and processes, as well as offer advice on selecting noodle machines, accessories, and other peripheral equipment to meet your current and future production needs.

how to make fresh udon noodles

Is it difficult for you to visit our locations?

japanese noodles

We know that it might not be easy for people in some parts of the world to visit us directly. If you can’t make it to our locations, please select and measure your ingredients, and ship them to us. We will produce noodles at your request, and provide you with feedback and advice.

Ship your ingredients to: JAPAN 769-0203 Kagawa, Ayauta-gun, Utazu, Hamasanbancho 37-4

Custom-built noodle machines

custom built noodle machine
Design for better ergonomics and performance

Our noodle machines are built-to-order.

We thoroughly test each machine shipped out of our factory to ensure that our products are capable of producing particular type(s) of noodles that our customers want to make. The pre-shipment testing includes not only exhaustive mechanical check-up but also production of noodles based on customers’ recipes or recipes we have helped to develop.

Having been manufacturing and selling noodle making equipment for more than 4 decades Yamato understands that it is better to address all possible issues before shipment than out at a customer’s place.

commercial noodle maker
Thorough testing for quality and safety

Try our machines before you decide

noodle test kitchen

We want our customers to be 100% satisfied with their investment on Yamato machines. To support your investment decisions, we encourage you to test our noodle machines first with your recipes (if you already have one or two) before purchase. Try our machines, and try your freshly made noodles! The best of all, this service is free of charge.

Test and Taste

We encourage you to try making your craft noodles at our locations to get a hands-on experience with our machines. We want to make sure our customers are well informed with Yamato machines before trying to make noodles at their locations.

Our show-room – Your test kitchen: learn noodle making tips from our noodle masters to improve your ROI, and get familiar with our noodle machines.

fresh noodles for restaurant

Experience a Hands-on-Demo Available at the following locations:

Feel free to contact us for any additional information or book a demo.

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