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Yamato has been conducting intensive professional Udon courses for over 20 years with more than 1,000 graduates, many of whom started and run popular Udon shops in Japan and abroad. Yamato Udon School, originated from the birthplace of the most famous variety of Udon – “Sanuki”, offers you a unique opportunity to become a full-fledged Udon master in just 5 days. Our school is conducted at 2 locations: Tokyo and Kagawa (our HQ).

Sanuki udon noodle

A flexible and comprehensive approach adopted at Yamato Udon School makes it equally suitable both for novices and experienced professionals. 

In order for each student to learn, absorb and retain as much as they can from the course, we limit the maximum number of students to 8 per a course. Each student is given a full attention of the School staff, and can also interact with other participants to enrich their learning experience and further expand their culinary horizons.

Yamato Udon School is located in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan, which is also known as “Udon Prefecture”. It is the most famous Udon producing area in Japan. Despite its small size, Kagawa prefecture has more than 700 udon restaurants. Visiting local Udon restaurants is one of the biggest tourist attractions. Fierce competition makes every restaurant strive to improve the quality of its products.

Naturally, this makes Kagawa the best place in Japan to learn authentic Udon cuisine. Although originally introduced from China, now Udon noodles are as part of “WASHOKU” (Japanese food) as any other famous dish such as Sushi or Ramen. Udon cuisine has already achieved much popularity around the world with many famous Udon restaurants in different countries.

The knowledge, skills, expertise and experience one can gain at Yamato Udon school would allow them to fully capitalize on the great business potential of Udon cuisine anywhere in the world.

Course Contents

The ultimate goal of this course is to provide students with all the knowledge and skills necessary for them to succesfully create and run their own food service businesses based on Udon noodles. Our students are established or aspiring Udon cuisine chefs and entrepreneurs interested in working with Udon noodles. Our school adopts a digital cooking approach that allows to learn quickly, and be able to use that knowledge to create one’s own original recipes and menus.

1. Udon Noodles / Management

Udon noodle making / Management

Studying everything about Udon noodles: ingredients (water, flour, etc.), Udon making equipment, Udon making methods. Practical Udon noodle making from ingredients.

2. Plating styles / udon cooking methods. Soup stock (dashi)

Learning how to boil and prepare udon noodles depending on the plating style. Learning how to prepare various types of “Dashi” (Udon broth), “Kaeshi”, their combinations, and regional varieties.

3. Tempura and other side dishes

Tempura is the most commonly used Udon side dish: learn how to make batter, select, prepare and cook ingredients in different styles. Learn what is Kakiage, and how to prepare it.

5. Mockup Udon shop / Graduation dish

The value of a dish is determined not only how it tastes but how it looks as well – learn Udon plating techniques from the best professionals. On the final day our schools turns into an udon restaurant where students learn operation procedures, dish composition, cooking and plating techniques.

4. Original dashi composition. Side dish practice / Dish plating. Menu presentation

Side dishes are great revenue sources for Udon restaurants – learning how to make them is given great emphasis in Yamato Udon school curriculum. Students are provided with examples of standard udon dishes, as well as demonstrated how to cook and plate them.

Make yourself a true Udon master in 5 days

Yamato Udon School – everything from udon noodles making, to udon broth, side dishes, plating techniques and restaurant management

Professional intensive Udon course in Japan: learn how to make complete Udon dishes from scratch - noodles, dashi broth, toppings, plating

Tokyo, JAPAN



JPY 281,300


April 22 – 26

at Tokyo office

Kagawa, JAPAN



JPY 231,300


March 18 – 22

at Yamato MFG HQ office

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