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Ramen School for you to build a thriving ramen restaurant

Intensive RAMEN Training Course
For Startups and Food business Professionals Across The World

Build A Ramen Restaurant That Will Beat The Competition

Having conducted intensive courses over 20 years, we have more than 1,000 graduates, many of whom started and run popular ramen shops across the world. The courses are designed for those who want to create ramen restaurants and businesses that will survive and thrive in this competitive industry. We now conduct our ramen class at 3 locations. Tokyo/Japan, Kagawa/Japan, and Singapore

Yamato Ramen School is great for someone who wants to…
  • start a ramen shop with a high chance of success
  • study how to operate and manage a ramen restaurant in their country
  • master how to make ramen soups, noodles, and toppings from scratch
  • develop original and delicious ramen recipes from scratch
  • learn a systematic way to operate a ramen restaurant business
  • train their staff for existing restaurant or new restaurants
  • improve existing ramen or create new menu for their restaurants
  • learn how to build a ramen restaurant that will beat the competition
ramen school online course
Learn professional Ramen cuisine online

Ramen school Curriculum

The Curriculum is designed to help even those with no experience, to start a restaurant of their own and design the menu for it. 
Each class is divided into 2 sections: Theory/Lecture and practical training/workshops.

DAY 1 - Noodle Making

Learning the fundamental knowledge of ingredients (flour, water, kansui, salt, egg, and others), how to make a recipes, basic types of noodles, and noodle making processes provides students with the foundation to work on his or her own noodles in practical training using noodle making machines. Various types of fresh noodles are made by students and put together with soups to make complete ramen dishes.

DAY 2 – Preparation of base sauce, flavored oil and toppings

Students learn many kinds of base sauces, which determine the taste of the soup (shoyu(soy sauce), shio(salt), miso, tonkotsu, etc.) and flavored oils, which shape the flavor of soup and make it more complex than the raw materials. Students learn how the basic types of toppings are made.

DAY 3 – Preparation for base broths

Learn how to make great base broths from scratch. Students work on preparing several types of base broths (chicken-, pork, vegetable-, fish-based). With Yamato methods of fail-free broth preparation should make you an expert in broth making. Different types of base broths are cooked separately in different stockpots for students to blend them later.

DAY 4 – Management Lecture & blending of ramen soups

Imparting Mr. Kaoru Fujii’s philosophy of Ramen, Udon Restaurant Management is part of the training you will receive over the 5 days of training from our experienced instructors. Be equipped with the following:-

  1. Developing a concept for your ramen, udon restaurant.
  2. Financial projections and analysis
  3. Kitchen design and workflow
  4. Manpower and scheduling

Also, we start teaching blending of soups by combining different types of ramen broths, tare, and oils that have been prepared in the previous days.

DAY 5 – Plating techniques and final presentation

Because each student is encouraged to develop his or her dish(es) / recipe(s), on the last day of practical training, each student creates his or her original dish(es) by assembling everything to make a bowl of Ramen and presenting it in a beautiful way.

6. Operational Training

The training facility is designed to simulate real restaurant environment. On the 6th day of the school, participants will be cooking ramen as part of the operational training. This will give participants the opportunity to practice using proven workflow and processes that are efficient.

Course Contents

Learn to be able to make everything from scratch.By attending the course, you can expect to master the following:

1. Soup

Learn the structure of ramen soup (base broth + base sauce + flavored oil). Learn how to make the basic types of base broths (pork-based, chicken-based, vegetable-based, fish-based), base sauce, flavored oils in the Yamato methods. Finally, we teach how to blend these components to develop a complete and great ramen soups that sell.

2. Noodles

Learn the fundamentals of noodle making by studying the ingredients, processes, and what makes good noodles good. You will learn how to make various types of authentic noodles from scratch by practical training on the most-advanced noodle machines.

3. Toppings

Learn how typical toppings, charshiu (slices of meats – pork, chicken, etc.) eggs, etc. are made.

4. Menu Development

Ramen is not a complete product unless noodle, soup, toppings are put and matched together. Also, presentation is critical in enhancing the image of ramen dishes, making customers willing to pay more. As the last class of practical training, we teach menu development to complete your original dishes and recipes.

5. Management

Analyzing what makes successful restaurant successful, the secret formula for strong noodle restaurant that succeeds through time is revealed. You will have insights into how to build a restaurant concept, financing, human resources, and other issues that noodle restaurants managers must know and consider before starting their businesses will be addressed here.

Yamato Ramen School In Japan

Learn from World-Class Instructors & Ramen Masters

Having taught over 1,000 students and made many succeed in running their restaurants, our instructors are ready to help you learn and build successful ramen restaurant / business.
Kaoru Fujii

Kaoru Fujii

Principal of Yamato Noodle School in Singapore (President of Yamato Mfg. Co., Ltd.)

With over 40 years having worked with restaurant owners, chefs, and those with no experiences and run his businesses for the same period, he has gained his expertise in management, operation, and culinary skills in his way. He shares Yamato methods / ways of how to build and develop successful restaurants. He’s one of the most prominent masters of this field in the world.

Jason Lim

Jason Lim

Chief instructor of Yamato Noodle School in Singapore (Owner of "Ramen Lab")

Graduated from Yamato Noodle School more than 10 years ago, Chef Jason started his ramen restaurant and has been kept abreast in the latest techniques and know-how in the ramen kitchen. He has provided consulting services to numerous ramen and udon restaurants in many parts of the world and developed great knowledge and experiences in noodle making, soup preparation, menu development and restaurant operations. He will shares his expertise, based on actual experiences and learning in the course.


This course is taught in ENGLISH


SGD 5,250

[to be announced]

Yamato Dream Studio in Singapore (Yamato SG Pte. Ltd.)


This course is taught in Japanese


JPY 423,800

[to be announced]

[to be announced]

Yamato MFG. Tokyo office

Kagawa JAPAN

This course is taught in Japanese


JPY 423,800

[to be announced]

[to be announced]

Yamato MFG HQ

Continuous support after Graduation: Ramen Noodle and Soup making techniques, Recipes, Ramen Business counselling

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