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Ramen School to build a successful Ramen Restaurant

Intensive RAMEN Training Course
for startups and food business professionals 

Yamato has been offering intensive professional ramen courses for over 20 years having trained more than 1000 graduates many of whom started and run popular and successful ramen shops across the world. The courses are designed for those who want to create ramen restaurants and businesses that will survive and thrive in this competitive industry.

All classes are conducted in Japan by the best instructors (professional interpreting is available).

Yamato Ramen School is great for someone who wants to…
  • start a ramen shop with a high chance of success
  • study how to operate and manage a ramen restaurant in their country
  • master how to make a variety of ramen soups, noodles, and toppings from scratch
  • develop their own original and delicious ramen recipes
  • learn a systematic way to operate a ramen restaurant business
  • train their staff for existing restaurant or new restaurants
  • improve existing ramen recipes or create new menus for their restaurants
  • learn how to build a ramen restaurant that will beat the competition

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Ramen school Curriculum

The Curriculum is designed to help even those with no experience to start a restaurant of their own and design the menu for it. 
Each class is divided into 2 sections:

Lectures (on ramen business operation / theoretical information on ingredients and cooking methods)

Practical workshops (where students learn how to make ramen base stock, Motodare sauces, Flavor oils, toppings from scratch, as well as a variety of ramen dish plating techniques) 

DAY 1 - Noodle Making

Learning the fundamental knowledge on ramen noodle ingredients (flour, water, kansui, salt, eggs, and others). Hands-on workshop on noodle making processes and techniques where students learn and practice how to make a variety of fresh ramen noodles from scratch.

DAY 2 – Preparation of Motodare base sauces, Flavor oils and toppings

Students learn many kinds of Motodare base sauces (which are an indispensable part of ramen soups determining their taste, i.e. Shoyu, Shio, Miso etc.) and Flavor oils (which shape the flavor of the soup making it more complex). Students also learn how to make various types of toppings for ramen dishes.

DAY 3 – Preparation of base stock for ramen soup

Learn how to make a variety of high quality ramen base stock from scratch. Each student is assigned to work on one variety of base stock, while having an opportunity to observe how other ones are made by other participants as well. Our curriculum features all major varieties of ramen base stock: by ingredients used (i.e. from chicken, pork, vegetables, fish), by density (i.e. “chintan”, “paitan”). Digital cooking methods used for teaching and making the base stock allow anyone to use and recreate the recipes anywhere in the world.

DAY 4 – Management Lecture & Ramen soup blending

Yamato Ramen school offers students a unique opportunity to learn ramen business management and ramen soup blending techniques directly from master Kaoru Fujii – a pioneer designer of ramen noodle machines in Japan and the principal of the Yamato Ramen school. Imparting master Kaoru Fujii’s philosophy of Ramen, Udon Restaurant Management is part of the training students receive over the 6 days of training. Business lecture touches upon:

  1. Developing a concept for your ramen, udon restaurant.
  2. Financial projections and analysis
  3. Kitchen design and workflow
  4. Manpower and scheduling

This day also features instruction on ramen soup blending when different components (base stock, Motodare, Flavor oils) are mixed together to create a unique combination of taste and flavor to capture hearts and stomachs of your future customers.

DAY 5 – Soup blending (cont.) / Plating

Under supervision and guidance of our instructors and staff each student is encouraged to practice soup blending as much as they can to develop their own dish(es) / recipe(s). Students are also shown basic ramen plating styles and techniques, and have an opportunity to create their original dishes.

6. Operational Training

The training facility is designed to simulate real restaurant environment. On the 6th day of the school, students run a mock up ramen shop where they cook and serve ramen bowls from scratch. Also, on the last day each student prepares their final graduation work, and submits it for evaluation by the master Fujii. 

Course Content

Learn how to make a ramen bowl totally from scratch: from noodles to plating. By attending the course, you can expect to master the following:

1. Soup

Learn the structure of ramen soup (base stock + Motorade base sauce + Flavor oil). Learn how to make the most common varieties of ramen base stock (pork-based, chicken-based, vegetable-based, fish-based), Motodare base sauce, Flavor oils. Learn how to blend these components to create various types of ramen dishes.

2. Noodles

Learn the fundamentals of noodle making by studying the ingredients, production processes, equipment, everything what makes good noodles good. You will learn how to make various types of authentic ramen noodles from scratch through both theory and practice on the most-advanced noodle machines in the industry.

3. Toppings

Learn traditional and novel ways to prepare ramen toppings such as different varieties of Char siu meats (from pork, chicken, etc.), Ajitama eggs, etc. 

4. Menu Development

Ramen is not a complete product unless noodles, soup, toppings are put and matched together. Presentation and plating are also critical in creating an appealing image of ramen dishes that boost customers’ willingness to pay for them. Yamato Ramen School places high emphasis on menu development empowering students to become full-fledged Ramen creators.

5. Management

Through analyzing what makes successful restaurants successful, we teach students how create and run their own thriving ramen businesses. Yamato has a proven track record of working with existing ramen restaurateurs, and those who are only at the drawing board of their businesses.

Yamato Ramen School In Japan

Learn from World-Class Instructors & Ramen Masters

Kaoru Fujii

Kaoru Fujii

Principal of Yamato Noodle School and the President of Yamato Mfg. Co., Ltd.

With over 40 years having worked with restaurant owners, chefs, and those with no experiences and run his businesses for the same period, he has gained his expertise in management, operation, and culinary skills in his way. He shares Yamato methods / ways of how to build and develop successful restaurants. He’s one of the most prominent masters of this field in the world.

Tokyo, JAPAN

This course is taught in Japanese (interpreting service is available)

Ramen School

JPY 541,400


June 10 – 15

August 5-10

Yamato MFG. Tokyo office

Kagawa, JAPAN

This course is taught in Japanese (interpreting service is available)

Ramen School

JPY 491,400


June 24 – 29 (Chinese language only)

September 16 – 21 

Yamato MFG HQ

ONly YAMATO ramen school - Continuous support after Graduation: Ramen Noodle and Soup making techniques, Recipes, Ramen Business counselling

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