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You can become a ramen master without coming to Japan

Learn from ramen masters and make authentic and craft ramen from scratch


Typical ramen training available is inefficient and time-consuming

One of the biggest challenges you’d face in mastering ramen and starting a ramen shop is lack of good places to learn.
There are training courses and traditional apprenticeship training you may take. But these courses require you to go through long hours of training or working on the job. They are time-consuming, inefficient, and not designed for your long-term success.

At Yamato, we teach all the basics and principles of ramen. These serve as the foundations that you can apply to a variety of ramen dishes. Equipped with the essential knowledge and principles, you can create your own craft ramen dishes from scratch.
And that’s what you would need to stay strong and popular in these competitive markets in the coming future.

Yamato Ramen School ONLINE is designed to bring you the following

  • Maximize your precious time by engaging in the classes ONLINE
  • Actually start making your ideal ramen dishes by applying what you learn in the course
  • You can continue to gain deeper knowledge, skills, and recipes as the course expands over time
  • Become capable of developing and making your own craft ramen from scratch
  • Continue to learn and adjust your ramen by consulting with ramen masters ONLINE

At Yamato, we have taught over 6,000 students with varying amounts of experiences and backgrounds. There were many professionals and ramen shop owners with over 10 years in business. With our experiences teaching over 20 years, we can say our biggest mission is to help our students avoid losing the precious times of their lives.
Here is an example. One time we had a student who was trying to achieve a certain flavor and taste in his dry-sardine soup. He spent 10 years trying to achieve the certain sharpness and clearness in his soup, but he couldn’t. Then he attended Yamato Ramen School in a desperate hope to develop his soup. And it took a Yamato Ramen School teacher only 15 minutes to modify his soup to achieve those qualities.
Only 15 minutes after having tried alone for 10 years!

Ever since that student, we’ve taught hundreds of students who could save their precious times by learning from the masters. If you can shave 10 years of your precious time, do you think it’d be worth a shot at Yamato Ramen School Online?


We designed this course for you to be able to actually become able to make superb bowls of ramen from scratch. By providing everything you need to build a strong business online, we are equipping you with all the tools.
Unlike real courses where you need to attend and master everything during the limited time, you can continue to learn and practice over and over anywhere anytime. As we design the course with a strong intention of practicality and high quality, we will do everything we can to help you master the necessary skills.

One-on-one consultation you can have with the instructors help you further develop your recipes to a perfection. This is an ongoing engagement that makes sure you can start serving your ideal bowls of ramen as one of our missions is to help you achieve your goals.


Yamato Ramen School Online will be an evolving course with increasingly more advanced contents constantly added and updated over time. Because we have been and will be working hard to develop new techniques and skills constantly, we will constantly update the courses and curriculums. Just like Japanese Ramen, which has been evolving over the past 130 years, Yamato Ramen School Online will be expanding.
So, we are just starting up. We are will be working hard to bring you much more content that help you expand your knowledge and skill in ramen and ramen business. As our goal is the success of our customers, we will continue to improve, evolve and expand this Online School.

You may waste your precious time on apprenticeship training at ramen shops

Effective ways of learning is master the ramen principles and essences first

You would have to go through years of training and apprenticeships at an established ramen restaurant to gain sufficient experiences and skills. The training and apprenticeship you may get at a traditional ramen shop is very inefficient.
There is so much work you’d have to put up with on a daily basis. After five years of working at a ramen restaurant, you could learn to make one particular type of ramen served there. But because you don’t know the principles of ramen making, that is the only type of ramen you can make.
How long would you be able to continue to stay competitive with one type of ramen that may go out of style in a few years?
This is a common story. You may learn to make certain types of ramen, by exactly following how they are made at the shop or in some training courses. But because they do not teach you the basics and principles, if something goes wrong or different, it is hard to fix it.
You need to learn the principles and essence of ramen. With the basic knowledge, you can make a variety of your craft ramen dishes. And you know what needs to be fixed when your ramen turns out not as expected. 
In short, you can stand on your own, beating the competition with your own original ramen for years. That’s what this course is aimed at.

Ramen school ONLINE Curriculum (at initial Launch)

The Curriculum is designed to help anyone who want to master ramen from the fundamentals.
You can learn the backgrounds, knowledge, and principles of ramen from lectures.
Practical lessons teach you ramen making methods and techniques in details.
Courses consist mainly of videos (lectures and practical lessons), worksheets, and reading materials.
You can ask Yamato ramen masters online about any questions or for advices on your ramen development.

For example, here is the list of curriculum for a basic beginner’s complete course. We are going to launch soon. (As we said, there’s going to be more contents/curriculum coming online over time)

  • Introduction – what this course is designed to do and its missions
  • Orientation – introducing you to production method, “DIGITAL COOKING” (Lecture)
  • Essence Of Ramen (Lecture – 4 sessions)
  • What is Ramen Soup (Lecture – 4 sessions)
  • Ramen Soup Base Principles (Lecture – 6 sessions)
  • Making Ramen Soup Base (practical sessions – covering 10 different types)
  • Motodare / base sauce (lecture – 5 sessions)
  • Motodare / Base sauce (practical sessions – covering 8 types of motodare)
  • Flavored Oil (lecture – 5 sessions)
  • Flavored Oil (practical sessions – covering 14 types of flavored oils)
  • Soup Blending (Lecture)
  • Soup Blending (Practical sessions)
  • Making toppings (lecture)
  • Making toppings (practical sessions)
  • Noodle making (lecture)
  • Noodle making (Practical sessions)
  • Plating techniques (lecture)
  • Plating Techniques (practical sessions)

Please let us know what you are interested in learning. You can take a survey and let us know in there. Or, you can simply let us know by sending an email to contact@yamatomfg.com. We may reflect your interests in our Online curriculum.