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The Starting Point for Your Success in Noodle Business

Are you thinking of starting up a noodle business

(noodle restaurant, noodle factory, noodle food truck) with Ramen, Udon, Soba, or some other type(s) of noodles (wok, pasta, hakka, lo mein, etc.)?
BUT, don’t know where to start?

Then joining Yamato Noodle School would be the best option to achieve your goals.

Yamato Noodle School is a perfect place to gain professional-level expertise and a hands-on experience on Japanese noodles, including theoretical, practical knowledge on noodle-making (noodle-making equipment, types of flour, ash/protein content, other ingredients, etc.), and preparation of different types of soup stock, motodare, flavored oils, toppings from scratch. In short, you will learn all “HOWs” and “WHYs” of noodle cuisine.
Yamato Noodle School is also a place where you can evaluate and perfect your aptitude for noodle business. All courses are short, intensive, and based on a broad curriculum taught by the best masters in the field. Come and experience yourself the enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism of teachers and students at Yamato Noodle School. Yamato Noodle School is held in Tokyo Japan, and Kagawa Japan.

Enhance your culinary expertise and deepen your understanding of Japanese cuisine with our premium ebook. Discover the art of perfecting Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen as you delve into its essence and master its fundamental techniques. Elevate your skills and knowledge to create an authentic and delicious rendition of this beloved Japanese dish.

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Learn everything you need to run a successful ramen restaurant in just 6 days

Learn how to make authentic udon dishes, noodles, soups, and toppings from scratch in 3 days

Yamato supports Your Success in Noodle Business

The goal of Yamato Noodle School is that you build a noodle business that succeeds for a long time.

Through more than four decades of experience, Yamato has accumulated an extensive amount of knowledge about how to create and run a successful Japanese noodles specialty shop. Yamato Noodle School focuses on teaching the ins and outs, hows and whys of a prosperous business to would-be noodle shop owners.
Moreover, being one of the most established noodle-making equipment manufacturers, Yamato gives its students a unique opportunity to experience automatic noodle-making, and an exhaustive expertise on homemade noodles in general.

Yamato Noodle School offers a comprehensive curriculum including both theoretical and practical aspects empowering its graduates to become Top noodle masters who have enough knowledge not only to make and cook noodle cuisine staples but to create their own original recipes and menus always staying ahead of their competitors.

Start Your Business Preparation at Yamato Noodle School

Many startups decide on their business locations first, but there are so many more things they should do before that.

The first is to learn the basics of noodle business management. Yamato Noodle School offers short but intensive courses where you can learn what it takes to become a successful noodle shop owner. By taking these courses, you can also judge for yourself whether you possess what it takes to become successful in the noodle food service industry. As a result, you might change your business plans – or even decide you are not suited to run a noodle business. For those who jump into the business without undergoing any preliminary preparation, these could be costly lessons to learn on their own experience.

Yamato wants YOU to be successful. That is why Yamato Noodle School offers the most optimal curriculum to teach you key elements of a successful noodle business.

Making a Difference with Homemade Noodles...

In the recent economic stagnation, many noodle shop owners are facing a decrease in sales while they are hit by other problems such as rising costs for materials and labor. Yet on the other hand, some shop owners have been enjoying increased profits in the same economic environment.

What is the difference between these groups? The answer lies in their noodles. Most successful noodle shops make their own noodles in house. Switching from purchasing ready-made noodles to home-made noodles can save shop owners a remarkable amount of money while also securing new customers who appreciate fine authentic noodles.

Digital Cooking

Yamato Noodle Making Method is based on precise numbers. Without having to rely exclusively on your experience, hunch or feelings, the methods we offer are based on what we call “Digital Cooking”. Because recipes and processes are all based on exact measurements and proportions, anyone can recreate the same quality over and over with precise consistency. This concept underlies the whole process and methods of our teaching curriculum, training and recipes.

5 Good Reasons for Serving Homemade Noodles

Making homemade noodles at your shop comes with its costs such as the initial investment, maintenance and time.
However, it confers even greater benefits in the long run.

Taste Far Better

1. You can always use freshly made noodles for the dishes you serve.
2. Also, your homemade noodles do not contain any preservatives.
3. In addition, you can make noodles that go well with your soup flavors for example shio(salt), shoyu(soy sauce) , miso, tonkotsu.
These are three major reasons why noodle dishes made with homemade noodles taste better than factory-made.

Safe and Healthy

In some cases, not all ingredient information about ready-made noodles is disclosed by manufacturers. The noodles you purchase can contain preservatives and other additives that are considered bad for people’s health. Making noodles in house can eliminate this concern and earn your customers’ trust in what you serve at your shop.

Better Cost Performance

In Japan, the current average purchase cost of noodles per serving is approximately 50 yen (0.45 U.S. dollars). It is probably even more expensive overseas. In case of homemade noodles, the average cost per serving, including such factors as labor, machine depreciation, utilities, is about 20 to 30 yen. Depending on your sales, you may be able to recover the initial investment within a year after the opening of your shop.

Show Your Enthusiasm

By making noodles in house, you can show your enthusiasm for serving high quality noodles – not only to your customers but to your employees as well. Yamato offers courses and seminars in Japanese noodle making, to which you can send your staff for training.

Effective Demonstration

It is a current trend that noodle shops let people see their noodle making process at the shop front. The demonstration is interesting to watch and works effectively in attracting foot traffic to the shop. It is also a good way to show that your preparation methods are safe and hygienic, which is among top priorities for customers.

Serve Healthy and Tasty fresh homemade Noodles to Your Customers

Most noodle manufacturers sell their products not only to noodle specialty shops but also to supermarkets and large restaurant chains.

To keep them fresh, mass-produced noodles contain preservatives. Furthermore, noodles that are made in automated factories often lack maturation, which is an important factor for good taste and texture. Serving healthy and delicious noodles must be the first priority for any noodle specialty shop. NONE of Yamato’s recipes use any artificial taste-enhancers. Come to Yamato Noodle School and learn all you need to know to serve your customers only the best noodles.

Your Success is our Goal

Our mission is to help our customers be successful in their business.
Our customers’ success is our success – this is the basic premise of our approach.
We have done and will do all we can do for our customers to achieve their goals.
We work closely with each of our customers to solve their problems, and teach them how to make improvements if and when necessary.

Kaoru Fujii

Kaoru Fujii

President-Yamato Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Kaoru Fujii is the founder of Yamato MFG and also the Head of Yamato Noodle school. He has worked with a great number of restaurant owners and professionals to develop a definitive formula for building thriving businesses in the noodle-making food-service industry.

Kaoru Fujii is:

  • a pioneering innovator and a leading expert in designing and building noodle-making machines
  • an expert in noodle production, noodle quality control, texture, taste and plating techniques and methods
  • preeminent noodle cuisine sommelier, a foremost authority on soup stock, sauces, flavored oils and toppings
  • renowned specialist in noodle restaurant business management

Yamato Ramen School graduates interviewed

Success Stories

U:DON – Seattle/WA

The owner took a Udon course at Yamato Noodle School. He puts what he learned into practice and serves authentic Japanese udon.

"The ramen class was taught by noncooks, but they knew how a bowl of ramen was constructed. They taught me the fundamentals of making a ramen-style soup. I learned a bit about dashi, and the function of fat - why and how it's added - in ramen broth. I listened and asked a lot of questions, and silently thought about the changes I'd make. All my ramen eating had given me a clear idea of the flavor profile I wanted in my soup. A lot of ramen is strongly flavored from the first bite and can be overpowering by the end of the bowl. I think the inverse is smarter, building flavor to a climax at the end. I wanted to layer flavors, deploying the same tastes in several different guises - chicken broth plus chicken fat, for example. The idea would be to keep recognizable flavors hitting you in waves from different directions. The class provided me with a rudimentary roadmap to creating that effect.
Ivan Orkin
(from "Ivan Ramen", TEN SPEED PRESS, BERKLEY, 2013)
NOTE from Yamato: in addition to purchasing a "Richmen" series ramen machine for "Ivan Ramen" - the restaurant he would later open in Tokyo, Mr. Orkin studied at Yamato Ramen School in the mid 2000s - in the early days of our School's history. Since then, Yamato has further improved, enriched and refined its curriculum to fit the needs of aspiring noodle entrepreneurs like Ivan offering them a full array of ready-to-use knowledge and skills necessary to open and run their own noodle restaurants. Our instructors are both career cooks and full-fledged noodle professionals who have dedicated years to acquire experience and expertise in the field they are ready to share with students and graduates.


If I was asked to do it again, I would do it in a heartbeat! Every member of the Yamato Group that I met was special, I will never forget. My dream of opening a Ramen shop can finally come true!
Working as a bank clerk - Canada
A great place to learn the basic and know-how of noodle. And also, great 'teacher'. Cheers.
Operating a trade business - Singapore
It's really amazing for me. I'll never forget this time & Udon! I always think about Udon that we cook together. Many thanks.
Working for a major food company - Korea
To my teachers, Thank you! To my classmates, Good luck! To my new friends, Godspeed...
Operating a trading business - USA

Learn everything you need to run a successful ramen restaurant in just 6 days

Learn how to make authentic udon dishes, noodles, soups, and toppings from scratch in 3 days

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