A misunderstood assumption of many people who don’t know noodle-making machines who haven’t done it themselves – don’t start making your own noodles yet! It’s too late to know after you’ve started: chapter 7

This report analyses the Japanese market.

Chapter 6: Noodle machine selectors speak! Facts about the winners – the secrets of those who have succeeded in the selection process – continued.

・I have no knowledge of noodle-making, so even if I buy a noodle-making machine, I cannot make good noodles.
・Noodle-making machines are dangerous and I think I will get hurt.
・Noise of noodle-making machines is so loud that I am worried that neighbours will complain. I am worried that I might get complaints from my neighbours.
・Noodle-making machines take up a lot of space and are heavy, so they assume that it would be impossible to install a noodle-making machine on the second floor.
・They assume that a noodle-making machine cannot be installed without building a noodle-making room.
・All shop staff cannot easily handle the machine and think that noodle-making is a man’s job.
・It is difficult and dangerous to operate, so specialist staff need to be appointed.
・Noodle-making machines are used by shopkeepers or those who are familiar with noodle-making.
・If the machine breaks down, the business stops because the noodles cannot be made.
・Safety is fragile, it breaks easily, and if it breaks, you cannot fix it yourself, and repairs are expensive.
・Cleaning is difficult, time-consuming and difficult to maintain.
・Large size and high electricity bills.
・Cannot be handled by part-timers or amateurs and is dangerous, so only professionals of the machine can use it.
・There is a lack of trust in the machine and anxiety about leaving it to the machine.
・There is no immediate response in case of machine breakdowns or other problems.
・As for noodles, the noodle mills are professionals, so I think it is better to leave it to professionals than to make my own noodles.
・Because machines are expensive, they think that purchasing noodles is cheaper and more profitable (they do not think that the cost is lower if they make their own noodles).
・They believe that handmade noodles are absolutely tastier than noodles made by a noodle-making machine.
・They assume that customers will not come for noodles made by a noodle-making machine unless they are handmade.
・They believe that machines for udon noodles can only produce udon noodles, machines for soba noodles can only produce soba noodles and machines for ramen noodles can only produce ramen noodles.
・They believe that they cannot produce noodles of the same quality as the noodles they are using now if they make their own noodles.
・Even if they make their own noodles, they think that if the quality of the noodles is not the same as the noodles they are using now, customers will leave them. I am afraid of that, so I can’t make my own noodles.
・Recipe making is difficult and he thinks he cannot make his own recipes.
・A noodle-making machine cannot produce noodles as good as handmade udon or handmade soba.
・Pasta can only be made with an extruder.
・I believe that udon, soba and ramen can only be made on their own specialised machines.

All of the above are assumptions. If you have any of the above assumptions, please try to break through your preconceptions and stereotypes.

in the end

'Delicious' has the power to change customer satisfaction and repeat business

Have you learned more about noodle-making machines than ever before? Perhaps there is something you didn’t know about the reality of noodle-making machines.

Noodle makers, which until now have played a behind-the-scenes role in the back of the shop, are now gradually changing their position. As competition in the food and beverage industry becomes more sophisticated, noodle-making machines are gradually beginning to attract attention on the front stage as ‘show noodle-making machines’.

Noodle-making machines are also increasingly required to have the ability to appeal to customers with a sense of ‘freshness’ and to perform as a symbol of a restaurant that offers tasty noodles.

Noodle-making machines will continue to demand more and more functions, and will evolve with them. However, no matter how much the food and beverage industry and noodle-making machines evolve, one thing will always remain the same.

That is that ‘delicious’ is the power to change customer satisfaction and repeat business.

So far, I have described from various angles how to select a noodle-making machine that will not fail. But what I would like to conclude with is this universal fact.

There are many points to consider when choosing a good noodle-making machine. But above all, we must not forget the ultimate goal: “What am I buying the noodle-making machine for?” The ultimate purpose of the machine is to make noodles.

With a high-performance noodle-making machine, you can produce tasty noodles easily and in large quantities at low cost.

This, in turn, will lead to your restaurant’s prosperity. The reason why the ability to produce tasty noodles is the most important requirement for a noodle-making machine is that it is in fact the key to making your restaurant prosper.

Good taste is not just about satisfying the owner. In the food and beverage industry, good taste is the most powerful weapon to attract customers. That is why the pursuit of good taste is essential in the food and beverage industry. Please do not forget this.

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