Safety equipment and hazards – don’t start making your own noodles yet! It’s too late to know when you’ve started: chapter 5

This report analyses the Japanese market.

Dangers of noodle-making machines

Chapter 4: Important points for selecting a noodle-making machine continued.

The presence or absence of safety devices must be absolutely certain. This is not well known to the general public, but roll-type noodle-making machines (both udon and ramen) have frequently caused serious injuries to the people using them.

Cases of lawsuits have recently been reported on the internet.

This is very tragic, as the hand is pulled into the moving rolls and the hand is “crushed” by the rolling. Fingers of the hand have also been caught in the cutter and blown off (amputated).

Despite the number of tragic accidents across the country, this matter is not reported in the press and many people are unaware of the dangers. The reality is that even professionals with 10-20 years’ experience always pay close attention to the dangers of the roll type.

Yamato Safety Devices

Our Yamato roll-type noodle-making machines are equipped with a safety guard that prevents hands from getting into the rolls. If the safety guard is lifted, a special safety device is installed on all of them that stops the rolls instantly (* This is a patented technology of ours).

All models are also fitted with a foot switch, so that in the event of an abnormal situation, the machine can be stopped instantaneously by kicking it with the foot. Yamato’s twofold safety device provides peace of mind.

1.Safety guard that prevents hands from getting into the machine
2.A device that ‘automatically stops’ the machine the moment the safety guard is lifted.
3.Foot switch to stop the machine with your foot, in case of an emergency

Buying a noodle-making machine from another company

When considering the purchase of a roll-type noodle machine (especially a ramen noodle machine), be sure to check whether the above-mentioned safety devices are present or not.

This year, we have had several people who purchased a new noodle machine with a double safety device from us after they were seriously injured in the hand after purchasing a noodle machine from another company.When we showed them the hand of one such person, they were honestly speechless.

* Also, be aware that some extremely inexpensive noodle-making machines from other companies are still sold without any safety devices at all.

Chapter 6: Noodle-making machine selectors speak! Facts about the winners – the secrets of those who have succeeded in the selection process – continued.

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