Yamato Noodle Production Line

CE certifited. High producitivity. (2,000 servings/hour)
high and consistent quality.
only 3 people to operate (no skill necessary) small space required (confortably fit into 36m2/388sqf)

Mass production without compromising the quality

Are you looking for high volume production of craft-quality fresh noodles to cover the needs of all your restaurants, or sell noodles to other businesses in your area?

Yamato is proud to announce a noodle production line designed for large-scale production of noodles of the same quality and freshness as can be achieved using our smaller noodle-making machines. Although a full-cycle noodle production line is available, individual components can be ordered and used separately according to your conditions and needs.


This production line is designed for food businesses that want to achieve high productivity, consistency, and quality that are comparable to fresh craft noodles made on smaller machines.


Safety is the single most important factor when choosing equipment that your staff will use – and the bigger in size of the equipment, the more important safety becomes. At Yamato, safety is given the highest priority when designing our products.


Very often quality tends to decline as the production volume increases because to boost efficiency and speed, noodle producers may omit some processes necessary to ensure high quality of noodles. Yamato noodle production line allows to achieve outstanding noodle quality by default.


Large production capacity of each component, and high speed at which they process ingredients to turn them into fresh noodles allow to ensure a production capacity of up to 2,000 servings/hour (one serving weighs around 110-120 grams). The system includes automatic portioning function for better efficiency and speed.


Automation is one of the key factors for higher productivity as it reduces the amount of work and the number of workers engaged in production. Yamato noodle production line ensures seamless automation, eliminating as many manual operations as possible.

Yamato offers a variety of specialized noodle making equipment, including but not limited to full-cycle systems for mass scale production of craft quality noodle products. Turnkey solutions with high production capacity can be used at noodle factories or central kitchens to supply noodles both for in-house consumption or retail to other businesses. All systems are made-to-order according to the production specifications, conditions of use, quality standards, and other requirements specified by customers. 

Large-scale production


Yamato can help you make a blueprint for your production facility to install and operate the required set of equipment in the available space.

Simply send us dimensions of the location where you plan to use the equipment, and we will develop a blueprint for the most suitable layout.

While Yamato Noodle Production Line minimizes the time needed to turn raw ingredients into fresh noodles, it is designed to ensure a truly craft quality comparable to noodles made on standalone noodle machines for small production.

rough dough sheet forming, combination

1. Two-side sheeting system for simultaneous production of a double-layered dough sheet.
2. Seamless automatic dough sheet transfer into a rolling mechanism for continuous dough sheet combination

Function Rough dough sheet production
Models FM923+FR923
Power 3Φ200V/3Φ415V 5.5kw
Voltage specs may differ depending on the region of use
Weight 1,700kg

DOUGH SHEET forming machine + sheeter

triple-roller machine + Cutter

dough sheet
thinning, cutting

1. 3-stage continuous rolling system with automatic sheet tension control
2. Noodle cutter (with replaceable cutters of different sizes and shapes)

Function Continuous rolling + cutting
Model CR975+CC052
Power 3-phase 200V/3Φ415V 3.4kw
Weight 1,510kg

silky mixer

For production of dough mix with uniform quality and homogenous hydration (50 kg / flour weight per batch).

function Dough mixing
Model M50B
Power 3 phase 200V/3Φ415V 50/60Hz
Weight Approx. 180kg

Standalone mixer

customization options

Yamato offers personalized customization plans depending on customers’ specific conditions such as available space, investment capacity or production needs which may make a different configuration of equipment more suitable compared to the standard set-up. Please consult Yamato for a personalized proposal that will take into account all relevant circumstances to maximize ergonomics, usability and production volume.


This configuration uses a multi-rolling machine and a unit of the Richmen type II noodle maker. Such set-up allows to reduce operation time, and produce larger batches in bigger quantities.

Triple-roller CR975

Richmen type II


A configuration consisting of 4-rollers and dedicated cutter for a streamlined production process optimized for speed and high volume.

Multi-roller machine CR9775

Cut-Machine LC032



Getting in touch with our salesteam to let us know you are interested in purchasing the equipment.


FIrst contact. Receiving a basic quotation for a standard configuration.


Customizing your order to best meet your current and future production needs and circumstances.


Finalizing the order by signing a contract, and making a payment.


Shipping out the equipment to your location.


The cost of getting this production line would really depend on your production needs and how complete you want it to be. We need certain information from you to see what the costs may be for you to acquire and start using this production line. Please take the short survey (in the contact form) to let us know your production needs so that we can make a specific proposal, and a rough cost for you.

Expect a lead time of least 6-7 months from the purchase (it would also depend on where we need to deliver it, and conditions of global logistics as well). Because this production line is mostly customized for each customer, depending on their production needs, please consult with us in advance.

This also depends on your production needs, and how complete you want the production line to be. For example, whether you need an aging conveyor that slowly brings dough after mixing, etc. One full production line (2,000 servings/hour) may require 40 square meters. Please contact our sales team, and share your production needs to give us necessary information.

Yes. Absolutely. You can use your Richmen type II machine as a solo unit to make small batches of noodles, and use the production line to make high volume of the same type of noodles (e.g. Hakata noodles). You can also use it in combination with the production line. For example, you can put the Richmen II unit as the cutting and portioning unit at the end of the production line. Because both of them use the same roller width and slitter cutters, you can use them together.

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