Production of Quality Craft Noodles Has Never Been Easier

Yamato Noodle Machines help you make the best noodles you’ve ever tasted

With Yamato Noodle Machine, the users can assume all the 9 benefits that come with their machines.


Cost Savings

Increase Profit Margin

(what’s paid for bought noodles minus cost of making your own noodle) – the cost to make one portion of noodle (usd 0.10-15 on average*) and sometimes this would lead to big savings.

*This number includes raw material costs, labor, utility fee, and other related costs – please consult to calculate the cost in your case as it may vary, depending on conditions


Fresh Noodles

Fresher, Better Noodles

The primary reasons that noodles made by yamato noodle machines are fresher and better are that they come not only with hardware but also software that are both combined to make great noodles.

There are basically 3 components to make production of great noodles possible:

  1. Noodle making mechanics that process raw materials into well- textured noodles.
  2. Proper Ingredients – Flour, water, salt, etc., each of which need to have proper quality for each type of noodle and textures.
  3. Recipes/training – Construction of solid recipe is critical in stable production of good noodles at consistent quality.

Versatile Machines


Although we manufacture different machines for different types of noodles, such as ramen, udon, and soba, each of these machine is capable of making all kinds of noodles.

For example, our ramen machine, Richmen can produce all types of ramen noodles and udon, soba, pasta, and other types of noodles with some limitations. Any products made of wheat flour can be made on our machine.

However, there may be certain limitations, such as size, texture, etc., depending on the type of machine and noodle to be produced.

Please consult with us for the type(s) of noodles you want to produce. We can make suggestion for the specifications of your noodles.


Easy To Use

Easy To Use

Because noodle making is daily, routine job, making machine operation as easy and efficient as possible is one of our priorities. Certain features of our machines reduce redundancy and time lost in inefficient process.

Our machines are built for anyone to use with ease to make the best noodles with consistent quality every day. Anyone with no experience should be able to start making noodles at the same quality with little training.



Compact / Show

Because yamato noodle machines are designed to fit and work in environment where space is scarce, they are compact to fit in a kitchen, taking up small space.

It is also designed with stainless steel covers and casings to show how it works and makes noodles to customers. There’s a growing trend restaurants show how they make their fresh noodles to customers.


Safety / Health

Safety, Health Standards

All our machines are built with safety precautions and devices to ensure that all our users are safe using our machines.

Also, some of our models have been certified for safety standards required in certain countries, such as US (NSF, UL), Canada (CSA), EU countries (CE), etc.

Without these certifications, our machines won’t even be able to work in these countries. So, we have all the basic models certified. Please contact us which models are compliant with these standards.




Yamato noodle machines are built to last. When operated under normal usage and maintenance, the machines should last for over 10 years without major repair.

We are proud that we still service some machines that have been manufactured over 20 years and they are still in good condition, making good noodles every day.

Also, our maintenance department operates 365 days a year to make sure that our machines do not stop because we know it is critical to our customers.



Quality Control

Consistency and quality of what restaurants offer matters in food business, and that’s what drives the customers to come back over and over.

Because a restaurant needs to rely on itself to keep the quality level, we also provide means of quality control.

Proper ingredients, recipes, training, and measuring tools are some of what we provide to make sure that quality control is place at our customers’ kitchen.



Long-term Support

Our mission is to expand delicious japanese noodles globally. So, it is important to have long-term relationship with our customers.
Our service dept. operates 365 days a year to make sure that our customers’ businesses are protected from breakdowns. Click here to check our service operation

Because whether our customers succeed in their businesses is also critical for our long-term success, we provide anything we can do to help our customers towards their success.

Feel free to contact us about homemade noodle production