Let’s stop losing on our eggs (now CE-version available)

Have you peeled boiled chicken eggs by hand?
Do you remember how engaged you had to be in order to peel them without damaging the egg?
Do you remember how long it took you to peel one egg?
Now, imagine you’d need to peel over 100 eggs everyday?
From the research we conducted on ramen shops who have to peel more than 100 eggs on a daily basis, it takes them longer than 15 seconds on average to peel one egg and lose 15% of eggs they peel as unsellable eggs due to the damaged caused during peeling. So, it costs them 25 minutes and 15 eggs every business day, just on the egg-peeling job. Additionally, the eggs they serve are soft-boiled eggs with runny yolks. These eggs are soft and easy to break. So, we’d need to be focused and engaged when peeling eggs.
Imagine you’d need to keep peeling 100 eggs or more in a row. It is very consuming and labor intensive. And, you need to do it or have someone do it every day.

Peeling softly boiled eggs takes one's engagement time to peel them without damaging the eggs

We are engaged in a losing battle
The job of egg-peeling (cracking, breaking, and removing the eggshells without damaging egg whites) is a losing battle. We lose time on this job and money on the damaged eggs.

One of our customers spends 1.5 hours everyday just on hand-peeling 420 eggs, 15% of which they end up being unable to sell due to the damages to the eggs. They pay USD15 an hour to a worker to do this job. So, that’s USD22.5 to peel those eggs. They lose 15% of 420 eggs on average every time because of the damages done to the eggs during peeling. That’s 63 eggs that turn unsellable on average every time. The costs amount to USD28.8 lost only on the egg-peeling job every day. As this ramen shop is open for 25 days a month, they lose USD720 only on the egg-peeling job in a month. That amounts to USD8,640 in a year.

GoldenEgg image01
GoldenEgg image02

We need to stop losing on the egg-peeling job. We have a solution. That’s the GoldenEgg. 8 ways the GoldenEgg changes your business

1. Automating the job – freeing us to do more important jobs
With a GoldenEgg machine, we don’t have to be engaged. All we have to do is place boiled eggs on the hopper and turn on the machine. GoldenEgg does the rest, cracking, breaking, and removing the eggshells. Because the actual job of peeling eggs is automated, we can now do other jobs until it dispenses the last egg of 20 eggs we place on the hopper. So, the GoldenEgg frees us to do other more important things.

  1. 2. 90% less engagement labor time
    Because the engagement time is only 10 seconds per 20 eggs (the hopper holds up to 20 boiled eggs at a time), the time a worker needs to spend on the egg peeling job is less than a minute per 100 eggs. Even taking the cleaning time (dissembling the machine for sanitizing), which is less than 5 minutes, we can save a tremendous time. From the example of peeling 420 eggs, spending 1.5 hours every day, with a GoldenEgg machine, we would need to spend only 3.5 minutes (on setting boiled eggs on the hopper) and 5 minutes (on taking the machine apart for sanitizing the parts). That’s a saving of 81.5 minutes or more than 90% saving on the labor time (engagement time).
Goldenegg vs hands

3. Peeling 6-minute-boiled eggs with no damage
Eggs with runny yolks, typically boiled for 6-8 minutes are very hard to peel without damaging the whites because they are very soft and easy to break. This is the reason a worker has to be engaged and focused when peeling this type of eggs. GoldenEgg has a specially designed peeling mechanism that dispenses these soft eggs without any damage to the whites. It can of course, also peel hard-boiled eggs with no damage as well.


4. Average damage rate: ~5%
Because of the special spinning and cracking method implemented in the GoldenEgg machine, it minimizes the damage caused during peeling. The machine spins eggs in a certain way to make cracks on certain parts of their shells to reduce the breakage of whites significantly. So, depending on the egg quality and properties the average damage rate is around 5%*. That means, out of 100 eggs it peels, only less than 5 eggs end up being damaged. From the example of peeling 420 eggs every day, it saves more than 42 eggs every day. If we can buy a raw egg for USD0.10, it would save USD4.20 every day just on the job of egg-peeling.

NOTE: as eggs are natural products, their characteristics and properties depend on a variety of factors including chicken breed, chicken diet, storage conditions, freshness,  etc. While the GoldenEgg machine has been designed to efficiently peel most MS, M, and L-size eggs (refer to the table below), in certain instances it may not be able to remove shells with satisfactory quality and damage rate regardless of preparation procedures (boiling time, utensils, cooling time / temperature etc.), application of special additives (e.g. salt, vinegar, citric acid) to the boiling water, or a type of a peeling shaft used in the machine (several modifications are available). To utilize the GoldenEgg to its fullest potential customers are advised to use chicken eggs aged 6 to 10 days from laying. 


5. 600 eggs peeled in an hour
GoldenEgg machine does its job fast. The average speed of peeling a boiled egg is 6 seconds. That’s 600 eggs in an hour. Because the egg-peeling job is consuming, we may limit the number of eggs we sell in a day by ourselves. Now with the GoldenEgg, we can sell more of delicious and beautiful softly-boiled eggs.


6. It is entertaining
GoldenEgg entertains people watching it do the job. Because the certain parts move in such a fun way, it may be a good idea to let it do the job where your customers can watch it. It may be able to draw a few smiles from your customers. When the GoldenEgg is dispensing cleanly peeled eggs, it looks as if a chicken is laying eggs or spawning eggs.
7. Offer freshly peeled boiled eggs
GoldenEgg machines can automatically peel one boiled egg in 6 seconds. This allows us to offer boiled eggs that are freshly peeled to customers. We know that boiled eggs change their shapes over time after peeled. This may appeal to some customers who prefer eggs freshly peeled in front of their eyes.
Also make your offerings unique – because you are making your own homemade boiled egg products, you can develop your own unique egg product offerings, for example by using quality eggs that are produced from local chickens. This may help you stand out from others.

egg peeling machine

8. Only 0.32m2 of space and a water faucet are needed
Unlike an industrial egg-peeling machines, GoldenEgg takes a very small space and one water faucet for eggshell removal. It can work even in a small restaurant kitchen.

space needed for GoldenEgg

Tabletop, automatic, eggshell peeling and removing machine-GoldenEgg
We developed the GoldenEgg machine into a compact, tabletop machine that automates tedious job of peeling and removing eggshells off boiled chicken eggs with a low loss rate* (1/4) and at a speed that’s 3 times faster than human hands. The machine just needs a small space, electricity, and water supply for operation.
And, we developed the machine into an affordable one for many restaurants and businesses. (There are currently alternative products, but they are all costly and bulky.)

GoldenEgg measurements
GoldenEgg specifications

GoldenEgg automatic egg peeling machine

[Product specifications]
Power: AC100V / AC230V (comes with a transformer compatible with the power of a country where the machine is to be used)
Dimensions: Width-200mm x Length-500mm x Height – 400mm
Weight: 14kg

Required for operations: water supply and drainage

How GoldenEgg peels eggs

What eggs can GoldenEgg peel:

Egg sizeYES/NO
S (46-52 g)NO
MS (52-58 g)YES
M (58-64 g)YES
L (65 – 70 g)YES
LL (70 – 76 g)NO

(sizes per Japanese food standards)

The GoldenEgg is now shipping to Europe (with CE mark). You can place preorders from the contact form.

(except for North America where NSF is required.
We are working hard to get it certified for the safety standards. Please contact us for updates.)

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