Secrets to building profitable noodle businesses in 2023 and beyond

Udon dish

Starting any business carries some amount of risks.
Noodle business, which may consist of production, wholesales, retails, and dining is no exception.
At Yamato, having seen a number of successful noodle businesses over the past 40 years, we understand a formula.
A formula with a high chance of success.
We would like to share the paths to profitable business with craft noodles for your business.
As we are all about our customers’ successes, we would share anything that will drive our customers’ businesses.

Create and serve noodles that are highest in quality and unique.

When we can offer products that are unique and high in quality, we can offer them at high prices. We can develop and serve noodles that are not available anywhere else. Using unique local ingredients, special production methods, and special tools, we can develop and serve noodle products that turn many into raving fans who are happy to pay premium prices to experience them. Or you can serve noodles that have been around in the market for a while but at the quality that is way higher than what is available. Rarity and quality generate high values. With our micro noodle factory concept, making and selling noodles that combine these qualities can be easy.

For example, in your market, are there any restaurants or businesses that sell authentic udon noodles that are as good as the udon noodles on the top-class udon specialty shop in Japan is serving? If not, you have a chance of dominating your market with such udon noodles. Or you can create something completely new and unique. And if you are the only one who can sell these noodles in the market, you have a big chance of winning your markets. So, you always want to create unique noodle products that are high in quality to keep your business profitable, stay out of competition, and thrive.

udon noodles

Starting something new always carries certain degrees of risks for failure though it seems promising on the surface. So, we always want to test the water first to see if it is feasible or not by starting small. The concept of micro noodle factory, similar to micro brewery concept allows you to start a business with a potential to be large and successful in your markets. Rather than building a large production capability from the beginning, starting small and serving unique demands in small quantities first and learn the markets to develop products that may appeal to larger audiences is a great way to start a new business in the markets you don’t have sufficient knowledge of. In this e-booklet, we share step-by-step guide on how to start your own micro noodle factory business with a good chance for success. By reading, studying, and following the steps described in this e-booklet, you will understand the essence of micro noodle factory business and be able to build a solid plan for your own business and start one with more confidence. It is completely free. Get your own copy today.


If you’re buying noodles that you serve at your restaurants How much do you pay for a serving of noodles? If your answer is about 50 cents/USD0.50, you’re right on the money. It may be the industry average if you’re a restaurant buying from a noodle factory. (about 4-5oz/110-150 grams/serving of fresh ramen noodles) Do you think this price is cheap or expensive or just right? If you think it is cheap, you should think again. Let us go through some numbers here.
Secrets of profitable noodle business
Let’s say you buy one serving of fresh ramen noodles at USD0.50. If you make noodles by yourself, how much it would cost you to make one serving of noodle? Let’s say, labor is USD0.15. (calculated as USD15.00 per hour/100 servings as 100 servings can be produced in about an hour on a particular noodle machine), raw material varies from USD0.07 to USD0.15/serving, depending on the ingredients you use. Utility and others may be around USD0.01-0.03 per serving. So, the profit is around USD0.18 to USD0.27 per serving of noodles you make.
various noodles

Let’s stick to the previous calculations. If you consume/sell 100 servings per day and operate your restaurant/business 24 days in a month, you make about (USD0.17-0.28 x 100 servings x 24 days) USD408 to USD672 monthly. In one year, you make or save around USD4,896 to USD8,064. And, of course, the more daily volume, the more money.
And, if you do production of noodles by yourself without hiring anyone to do it, you’d make/save more money. (USD0.15 less cost per serving)
Also, there’s more benefits in making your own noodles. The quality/taste of noodles is better than the noodles that are produced in mass volume. You can customize your noodles as you have total control over production. And, the list goes on. One drawback is that you have to take responsibility for your noodles, which could be a bad or good thing for your business. If you make your own noodles, you are now in control of the business part that would affect your customers’ experiences, which are critical in your restaurant’s success.

Of course, there are risks involved in starting anything, but as we have been doing this business over 4 decades, we know how to support and help you get started.
If you’re interested, you can start it by asking us questions. If you can let us know the following information, we can calculate how much money you could save by starting homemade noodles. Please feel free to consult with us.

Daily sales – No. of servings of noodles, serving size (120 grams, 4oz., etc.), hourly wage of your staff, etc.)

Other than making homemade noodles only for your restaurants, you can use extra capacity to make noodles for other restaurants, for takeaway products, local restaurants, etc. Homemade craft noodles will bring more benefits to your business.

Create big value with superior noodles

With what we can provide, you can create high values (highly priced products made from low-cost but high quality ingredients) Noodles you can freshly make are far more delicious than any of the noodles locally available in your markets

No special experiences or expertise required

(no complexity in operation like running a noodle restaurant) -Ease of use on our noodle machine, noodle recipes, training, and support make anyone a noodle master and fun work to make delicious noodles

Business that can be operated by yourself or with only a few people

If you make noodles and run this business by yourself without hiring anyone, you can keep the profit to yourself. Using the maximum production capacity of noodle machines, you can make more profits.

Produce any types of noodles you want

variety of ramen noodles, soba, udon, pasta, etc. The versatility of machine with which you can respond to a variety of requests

We make it easy for you

We are a group of experts who have been helping our customers succeed in their noodle businesses. We can provide everything you need to start this noodle business, including equipment, noodle recipes, training, and whatever you may need to succeed.

We provide you with everything you need to start the business.


We have hundreds of customers across the world, and we work with them on a long-term basis. Because we can’t succeed without successful customers, we do everything we can in our power to continuously support our customers for their successes in business.


We have been working in this industry for more than 4 decades and worked with hundreds of customers who operate certain types of noodle businesses. With our experiences and expertise, we help you be able to produce and offer the best noodles in your market.


We provide equipment designed to produce a variety of fresh noodles with superiority and consistency in quality. These machines are designed for durability and strength to make the best possible noodles of each type.