Yamato Noodle


Less time. More yield. Richer taste. 

How does RichSoup save time, improve soup yield and make its taste richer?

The thicker and more saturated the stock, the more of its volume is retained inside the ingredients (pork-bones, chicken carcasses, pieces of meats, etc.) after it is cooked – so we need to apply a lot of force to extract it.

When filtering is done by hand, such tools as spatulas are used to press and squeeze ingredients to extract the stock.

This is both time-consuming and labor intensive, and many people despite spending much time on straining end up throwing away ingredients with a certain amount of stock still remaining inside. In some cases, the discarded ingredients can still contain up to 10-20 % of unextracted stock. RichSoup will salvage what you would otherwise throw away, improving yield and making your business more profitable.

Aside from saving you time and allowing you to produce more stock using the same amount of ingredients, the stock strained with RichSoup has a more richer and finer taste without the off-flavor which is sometimes present in stock strained manually. This is possible because the machine allows to extract all essence in a quick and impact-less manner while filtering out most solid particles.

Testimonials from users of RichSoup

“Better stock yield and reduced straining time”
Our shop cooked 120 liters of stock, but the yield was 3 14-liter bottles (approx. 42 liters). But when straining the same amount with RichSoup, we now get a yield of 4 14-liter bottles (about 56 liters). That’s 33% more. We used to spend 3 hours just on straining the stock, but we now spend about 40 minutes (which is 4.5 times faster). Thinking about the labor cost, it helps us a lot.​
Tsukemen-Do, Yuan
Sakata-city, Yamagata-pref. – type of stock: pork-bone+seafood stock with a high density
“Now, I can let anyone do this straining job”
Using RichSoup reduced the time we spend on stock straining, and the job of straining has become much less labor-intensive, so now it can be done by anyone.
Chukasoba Naru
Nagoya-city, Aichi-pref. stock types: thick pork-bone stock and chicken + seafood stock)

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