"Silky" Mixer - Most advanced noodle mixer for high-quality fresh noodles


Commercial noodle dough maker that revolutionizes noodle dough production

Dough mixer is vital part of high-quality noodle production because it helps build a strong foundation of noodles, which is dough.
How a mixer processes flour powders, water, and other ingredients into dough matters significantly when it comes to creating great noodles. We can say that the mixer is responsible for much of the noodle quality. We need to get the mixing right to produce superb noodles.
With this in mid, we have built this silky mixer.

Superb Dough Quality

mixer structure

The quality of noodle dough is determined by the quality of hydration. Adding liquid to dry powders and mixing the powder with liquid, gradually distributing into all particles of flours. This equal distribution of liquid into flour is hydration, and how equally we can do that determines the quality of hydration, which is the quality of dough.
The unique mixer body shapes and the optimized number of mixing blades work together to render agitation granulation, which is an ideal state for optimal hydration. These allow better agitation of dough from the bottom of the mixer body. More dough gets mixed and agitated better and faster. The design of this mixer body renders optimal hydration of dough.

mixer lid

Optimized water addition: mixer lid holes and shapes
Distributing liquid into flours as equally as we can is critical to optimal dough hydration. So, we redesigned the mixer lid to have better-positioned water-dripping holes that are smaller and more. 
And, with unique shape of lid, we delay distribution of liquid, which helps equal distribution of liquid into flours. 

mixer bumps

edge-to-edge mixer body design that renders optimal hydration
Inside the mixer body, the side edges tend to get some dough stuck, not getting hydrated well. We placed some special bumps to scrape off dough getting stuck there to get them mixed up with the rest of dough quickly.

All these contribute to minimizing lumpy dough with insufficient hydration. Inequal distribution of liquid that makes poor noodle texture.

dough conditions

Minimizing physical labor

mixer lid open

Low and large ingredients entrance
As we would need lift heavy ingredients to put into the mixer every day, the ingredients entrance is designed to be low and large. We minimize the amount of lifting we would need to do. And ingredient entrance is large so that we would less likely to spill some flours.

container cart

Dough container cart
Taking out finished dough is another physical labor that we may find tough every day. So, we designed the mixer to release dough from the bottom onto a container cart that we can move around on the floor with ease.
Smaller containers for smaller batches
Then, we can divide the dough into four batched at maximum. If you think about it, if we make dough in this mixer at the maximum capacity, the weight of dough can be up to 35kg. Lifting the dough all at once would be some workout. Dividing it into four batches, we would need to lift about 9kg at a time.


mixer safety

Proximity sensors
Safety is most important aspect of any equipment we use. We have installed 2 proximity sensors that ensure the machine is operating safely. The mixer lid. When open, the machine wouldn’t operate as it is dangerous that the mixer is running with the lid open. The bottom lid. When open, it can be dangerous to rotate the mixer blades. When taking dough out, we can run the mixer blades with the bottom lid open, but we’d need use both hands to push 2 buttons to activate the rotation.

Silky Mixer (25kg) product specification
M25B drawing
*The max. capacity is 25kg in flour weight. On top, liquid can be added up to 50% of the flour weight. At maximum, the mixer can make about 37.5kg of dough.


Silky Mixer (25kg)



Outer Dimensions

W: 1,000 (39.3) x 560 (22) x 1,045 (41.2), mm/in

H: ingredient entrance

866 (34.1), mm/in


3P200V 1.5kw


Approx. 140kg

Max. Capacity:

25kg (in flour weight)*

For your micro craft noodle factory

combination of richmen gold 2 and silky mixer

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