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Richmen Ramen Noodle Making Machine Specifications

ramen noodle making machine Richmen specs

Performs all the functions needed to make a variety of fresh noodles from scratch

Automatic Flour Duster

Freely adjustable flour output volume

Automatically sprinkles flour / starch on a noodle sheet / noodle portions during different operation steps. The device is connected to the main engine so its work is automatically synchronized with the operation of the machine (e.g. if the press stops, the duster stops too). The flour output can be adjusted by a small turning knob on the side of the unit.

Press Rolling Unit

Easy-to-use press rolling unit

The gap between two heavy-duty stainless steel compression rollers can be adjusted to 1/10s of a millimeter (100μm steps). The Richmen series Ramen machines are all equipped with a convenient foot switch for the main motor, so you can control the machine while having your hands free to work. One of the most important features of the rolling unit is absolute SAFETY. The safety grid above the rollers is designed to protect even the most delicate female hands from getting jammed between the rollers, and injured during work (moving the safety grid triggers sensors that immediately stop the operation).

Dough Hopper

Rounded edges for easy cleaning

After the noodle dough has been mixed and kneaded in the mixing unit, it is transported from the mixer onto the rolling compartment on top of the machine. Our specially designed hygienic tray (dough hopper) is used for this step. Its shape is rounded, and has no straight angles, so wastage of dough is reduced to a minimum, and it’s very easy to clean off any residues afterwards.

ramen noodle making machine Richmen - Dough Tray

Mixing Unit

Safety first

The mixer is designed in a way that even beginners have no problems using it. The motor stops automatically if the glass lid is removed. It is possible to add water to the dough mixture without having to detach the lid, and with the included sponges the mixer autonomously cleans itself after use!

ramen noodle making machine Richmen - Mixing Unit

Rollers gap Adjustment Handle

Free and easy adjustment of noodle thickness

Adjustment of noodle thickness is done by rotating a single crank handle, which sets the gap between the two rollers. The exact thickness of a noodle sheet is shown on an indicator in the center of the handle.

Cutter Unit

Detachable cutters for various kinds of noodles

With easily detachable / replaceable cutting units you can make any type of Ramen / Wok / Pasta / Lo mein noodles by inserting them into the machine. You can make straight, curled (wavy), rectangular, round, thick and thin noodles, and even some variations of Udon and Soba!

Infinite Noodle making Options With Various Cutter Blades!

Unlimited possibilities to produce noodles of various types and kinds with a range of different slitter cutters (blade sets) from a variety of ingredients.

Want to limit your soup menu to only one type? No problem!
Just one Richmen noodle machine will enrich your menu repertoire with a great variety of ramen and other types of noodles.

You can easily adjust the thickness / size or degree of waviness of noodles by changing the cutter unit installed into the machine. Depending on the combination of an installed cutter and ingredients, you can make any type of ramen noodles, from thin Hakata style noodles with grainy texture to thick and chewy Tsukemen noodles. It is also possible to make flat noodles like Tagliatelle or Pappardelle, round / rectangular -shaped ramen noodles, and with the included device which is attached onto a cutter unit, you can make curly Ramen noodles of “instan ramen” variety – only they’re fresh and contain no chemical additives!

The blade width determines your noodles' thickness
4 examples of different noodle types with one machine just by changing the ingredients and the cutter blade
BLADE No.5​ - Noodle Thickness: 6mm


Noodle Thickness: 5mm

With a rather wide blade, Noodle Cutter  No.6, can make wide and flat noodles, including some types of Italian Pasta.

The photo shows from left to right:

  1. Noodles with red food coloring mixed into the dough
  2. Whole grain dough
  3. A dough mixture containing spinach for green color
BLADE No.11 - Noodle Thickness: 2.7mm


Noodle Thickness: 2.7mm

Blade No.11 is a good example for producing wide cross-section noodles (noodles themselves can be made thicker or thinner during rolling process).

Depicted are from left to right:

  1. Noodles made from of a dough containing black sesame
  2. Healthy whole grain Tsukemen style noodles
BLADE No.20 - Noodle Thickness: 1.5mm


Noodle Thickness: 1.5mm

Blade set No.20 produces standard Ramen noodles with a thickness of about 1.5mm.

Depicted are from left to right:

  1. Standard Ramen noodles using dough with Kansui (a combination of sodium carbonate and potassium carbonate)
  2. Red dough enhanced with chili powder. Both batches are made to “chijire-men” style, i.e. they are cut with curling adapter, which can be easily attached onto any blade set.
BLADE No.24 - Noodle Thickness: 1.25mm


Noodle Thickness: 1.25mm

With the blade set No.24, you can make a relatively thin variety of “Hakata Ramen” style noodles. These noodles are made from a dough with very low water content, which enables them to be cooked in just a few seconds after being put into boiling water!

The picture shows, from left to right:

  1. Noodles made from whole grain wheat flour
  2. Standard Hakata noodles, using just wheat flour, Kansui, water and salt
  3. Black colored noodles dough containing ground black sesame.

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