Most Advanced Ramen Noodle Machine for restaurants with multiple outlets and micro noodle factory

Make and serve delicious fresh noodles
without hiring an experienced noodle craftsman

No skill necessary to make great crafty noodles in high volume

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automatic noodle making machine

All new, powerful, high performance, noodle machine with greater ease of use

We’ve achieved greater ease of use, higher quality, and productivity with the Richmen Gold 1 noodle machine.
And, now we brought the same set of features and even higher performance in the new Richmen Gold 2. Although it is an industrial noodle making machine that is designed for high volume, it’s packed with features that make daily noodle production as easy as possible.

Minimizing physically demanding work

One goal we had with this is to achieve easier operation, meaning less physical or manual work.
As it is a daily work, it can be daunting to make a high volume of fresh noodles from scratch every day even with a noodle machine. We want to minimize physical labor as much as possible. So, the workers won’t hate the equipment. But they’d even love it and take care of it.

electric ramen noodle machine

1. Automatic dough feeder
One of the manual works, which can take some practice to get better at is feeding dough into a roller unit. The timing, the amount of dough fed at a time, etc. can be challenging for beginners.
This machine detects how much dough is being fed to adjust the speed of feeding to optimize dough feeding and automate it. Once you place the dough, you wouldn’t have to feed it manually. Dough is made into sheet shape automatically.

Richmen Gold 2 switch panel
Available in English and other languages

2. Touch & switch panel control and display
You can operate everything and know everything going on in the machine at this touch panel and display.

With the touch panel we can adjust roller gap by a millimeter. With touch on a volume, we can control the roller speed. We can also check and diagnose what’s wrong with the machine. The diagnostic mode tells us where we need to check when there’s a machine trouble.
This system dramatically reduces the necessary movements one would have to make in conventional noodle machines which require adjusting controls by hand. 

ramen noodle machine cutting

3. Ergonomic designs
(Low overall height, roller pin slider, noodle conveyor)
So, the higher the machine, the physically tougher the noodle production can be on a daily basis. More precisely, a high entrance of ingredients means that we’d have to lift dough to that point every time we make noodles. Richmen Gold 2 is actually shorter than Richmen Gold 1, which is 1 meter high. Richmen Gold 2 is just 87.5cm high. Richmen 2 is 30cm higher than Richmen Gold 2. We don’t know exactly how much more physical labor this difference translates into, but it is definitely easier. Other features like roller pin sliders that allow us to slide heavy dough along the rails instead of lifting them each we move them. And, the noodle conveyor where we sit and catch noodles coming out is set at a relatively high position, 60cm from the ground. So, we wouldn’t have to sit in an awkward position, bending our backs take noodles.

Overall, the design dramatically reduces the level of skills and physical strength needed to operate this type of machine and make beautiful noodles every day.

Advanced safety features


The safety is most important. The more powerful the equipment is, the more important the safety is. The most dangerous part in this type of noodle making machine is the roller unit because it is so powerful. We’d never want to see our hands fed into the roller unit. To prevent it, we installed light curtain sensors to ensure that the machine stops when objects pass through the area of entrance while operating.
This method is better than safety gate used in previous models, especially for high hydration dough, which tends to get stuck at small entrance of the gate. So, it achieves safety as well as ease of use.

High performance, productivity, and versatility


Being able to control most aspects of noodle making at the touch panel/display gives us higher productivity and flexibility. We need to have less physical movement and engagement. Adjusting thickness and width, we can make a variety of high-quality fresh noodles from scratch, including unique udon, soba, pasta, and Chinese-stlye noodles. We can even make such product as dumpling skins with ease.

Eye-catching designs


Industrial design that you want to show off your noodle production to customers.
We want our customers to have more values than the functionality of noodle production when using our noodle machines. So, we always design our products with a sense of aesthetic in mind. Though it is a piece of food equipment, we want people to get curious and keep watching how it works. I think this machine and other noodle machines have that characteristic. We hope our customers will use it where their customers can see it and become their raving fans partially because of these machines as well.
Lastly, when noodles are coming out as finished products, the noodle conveyor set at a height where noodles are visible and easily seen

Make a variety of great noodles from scratch

This noodle making machine as well as Yamato noodle recipes and expertise can enable anyone to produce any type(s) of noodles they want to make. Yamato provides all the recipes, noodle production techniques and expertise you need.

Of course, you can decide and control what ingredients you put into your noodles.

Set your restaurant apart from your competitors by serving your customers the most delicious and fresh noodles they have ever tasted!

A variety of fresh ramen noodles can be made easily from different ingredients
Optimal mixing operation for any type of noodles

New design of the mixer tank ensures even better dough mix quality, allowing to produce perfect ramen / wok / lo mein noodles that remain stable and keep their elasticity in boiling water and soup.

Powerful cutting of noodles

The “Richmen Gold” noodle machine is capable of making reverse-cut noodles (which have thickness larger than width) allowing you to expand your menu repertoire with different types of noodles and noodle dishes.

LSB drawing
*Richmen Gold 2 machine does not have a mixer, so the performance is based only on the operation of the Richmen Gold 2 machine and dependant on noodle specifications, such as noodle size, hydration, serving size, etc.

Machine name:

Richmen Gold 2



Outer Dimensions:

W:1,500 x D:675 x H:900 (mm)


1.36kw (3P200V)


Approx. 340kg

Roller width/diameter:

230mm / 210mm


250-350 servings/hour*

a model certified for the North American (US, Canada) market is available

What Richmen Gold 2 needs to bring out its best performance is “Silky Mixer”.
A revolutionary noodle dough mixer that helps you make the best noodle dough every time with the least physical labor.

Revolutionary noodle dough mixer -Silky mixer
Because Richmen Gold 2 machine does not have mixing function, the accompanying mixer we have is called, 25kg “Silky” mixer. Silky as in the condition of dough.
Because the quality of noodle dough is determined by how well dough is hydrated. It means equal distribution of liquid into dry flour powders. The more equal the liquid distribution, the better the dough is hydrated.
This silky mixer (also equipped in the Richmen Gold 1 machine) achieves this condition by unique mixer body design and constructions of the components.
Other features of this machine dramatically reduces physical labor of daily operation.

For your micro craft noodle factory

combination of richmen gold 2 and silky mixer

For noodle specialty shops - like Ramen restaurants / Wok shops - we consider it the most appropriate business decision to procure reliable equipment for in-house production of fresh noodles -- this would give a broad range of benefits including high noodle quality, reduction of costs, and ability to differentiate your business from competitors.

Infinite number of noodle types
made with different cutter sizes
different ingredients and hydration levels

With just one unit of Richmen machine,
a variety of noodles can be made for different types of soups and recipes

You can easily adjust the thickness or curling of noodles you make by changing the cutter unit. Depending on a combination of cutter size/shape and ingredients, it is easy to make any type of noodles from thin Hakata style noodles with grainy texture to thick and chewy Tsukemen noodles. It is also possible to make flat noodles like Tagliatelle or Pappardelle, and round-shaped noodle as well. And, with attachment parts that are mounted on the back of a cutter unit, it is easy to make wavy noodles automatically.
With the “Richmen Gold” noodle machine you can control the texture, color, flavor, size, ingredients, all by yourself.

The blade width determines your noodles' thickness
4 examples of different noodle types with one machine just by changing the ingredients and the cutter blade
BLADE No.5​ - Noodle Thickness: 6mm


Noodle Thickness: 5mm

Having blades with relatively wide grooves, Noodle Cutter  No.6, can make wide and flat noodles, including some types of Italian Pasta.

The photo shows from left to right:

  1. Noodles with red food coloring mixed into the dough
  2. Whole grain dough noodles
  3. Noodle made from dough containing spinach for green color
BLADE No.11 - Noodle Thickness: 2.7mm


Noodle Thickness: 2.7mm

Blade No.11 is a good example for producing thick, but still flat noodles.

Depicted are from left to right:

  1. Noodles made out of a dough containing black sesame
  2. Healthy whole grain Tsukemen style noodles
BLADE No.20 - Noodle Thickness: 1.5mm


Noodle Thickness: 1.5mm

Blade set No.20 produces standard Ramen noodles with the usual thickness at about 1.5mm.

Depicted are from left to right:

  1. Standard Ramen noodles using Kansui dough
  2. Red dough enhanced with chili powder. Both batches are made to “chijire-men”, i.e. they are cut with the curling adapter, which can be easily inserted into every blade set.
BLADE No.24 - Noodle Thickness: 1.25mm


Noodle Thickness: 1.25mm

With blade set Nr.24, you can make very thin noodles of the original “Hakata Ramen” class. These noodles are made out of a dough with very low water content, which enables them to be cooked in just a few seconds after being dumped into boiling water!

The picture shows, again from left to right:

  1. Noodles made out of whole grain wheat flour
  2. Standard Hakata noodles, using just wheat flour, Kansui and water
  3. Black noodle dough containing ground black sesame.

These are just a few examples of cutter sizes and combinations of ingredients.

“Is it possible to make this type of noodles?”
“I need an advice on blending of ingredients/noodle recipes” or
any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.
We conduct events where you can experience using the machine and try noodles freshly made on the machine.
Please feel free to contact us to see where you can see the demo or experience the machine.

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