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Standalone pressing machine for high hydration dough

The best dough for the best noodles

Dough for high hydration noodles, such as Sanuki Udon or Sano Ramen, has traditionally been made by pressing it with feet — a hard, long and tedious job which made production of such noodle varieties a very tiresome and time-consuming process.

This specific method of dough making has also been an obstacle for producing authentic varieties of such noodles in modern commercial settings.

Now there is a perfect solution to this problem.

Authentic texture

Located in Kagawa prefecture – the heartland of Sanuki udon food culture – Yamato has spent many decades on researching traditional dough and noodle making techniques, as well as developing technical solutions allowing to achieve the same or even better quality but with higher productivity, ease of use and a short learning curve so that anyone could use them without having to spend many years on training.

Powered by an air compressor, the AFP6 automatic foot press machine is designed to apply the most appropriate amount of pressure gently and evenly to fully replicate the delicate dough forming process of foot pressing, but allowing to achieve even better quality and much higher productivity.

Authentic texture

On the left: foot pressed dough / On the right: dough pressed using AFP6

Bamboo pressing

In addition to foot pressing traditionally used for production of dough to make Sanuki udon noodles, the AFP6 can also be used to produce dough with the same texture and quality as the one made using the technique known as “green bamboo pressing” which has traditionally been used to make noodles for Sano ramen

The unique feature of bamboo pressing is that it allows to develop very robust gluten structures even in dough with very high proportion of water to flour. These structures are referred to in Japanese as “koshi“, and can be roughly translated as “backbone” / “fiber”.

The amount of physical labor involved in making Sano ramen noodles put more and more strain on the bodies of noodles masters the more noodles they made. 

AFP6 allows to make authentic Sano ramen noodles of superb quality and texture with very distinct “koshi” even surpassing hand-made noodles. 

Multi-convex structure of pressing surface to imitate bamboo shape

AFP6: Entertainment, Safety, Ergonomics

With a see-through design adorned with LED lights, AFP6 can be put on an open display at your restaurant to the delight and entertainment of your customers

Different lighting patterns for different modes of operation: blue for RUN / yellow for STANDBY

Motion safety sensors in the pressing compartment to protect operators from injuries 

Movable control panel for more freedom of use and streamlined operation

AFP6: barebone design for easy cleaning and easy servicing

A perfect machine for commercial production of noodles with strong “koshi” texture

AFP6: basic specifications

NameFoot press machine
Power supply3 phase 200V 50/60Hz
Weight~280 kg
Rated output115W
Notescompressor unit: 2.2kW (dryer type recommended)

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