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What is a RICHMEN?

A RICHMEN is a commercial noodle machine that produces authentic Japanese noodles quickly and consistently. We chose its name because “MEN” is the Japanese translation for “noodles” and “RICH” reflects the machine’s ability to produce an abundance of fresh noodles with precision.

With a focus on delicious ramen noodles, RICHMEN machines will have customers raving about your high-quality dishes and coming back for more. Countless noodle restaurants across the globe have been relying on RICHMEN noodle-making machines for their user-friendly features and consistent output since 1990.

The success of our customers is everything. We are laser-focused on their ability to produce excellent noodles quickly with 100% consistency. The Yamato Manufacturing Company complements each machine it sells with its group of noodle experts. Our staff provides training, develops recipes, and consults with business owners to implement best practices. We want each of our customers to become Ramen Noodle Masters in as little time as possible.

Our staff will literally go the extra mile to make sure our customers serve the best noodles on the planet.

We provide the hardware and software

RICHMEN makes homemade noodles easy for anyone to make.

The first is to learn the basics of noodle business management. Yamato Noodle School offers short but intensive courses where you can learn what it takes to become a successful noodle shop owner. By taking these courses, you can also judge for yourself whether you possess what it takes to become successful in the noodle food service industry. As a result, you might change your business plans – or even decide you are not suited to run a noodle business. For those who jump into the business without undergoing any preliminary preparation, these could be costly lessons to learn on their own experience.

Yamato wants YOU to be successful. That is why Yamato Noodle School offers the most optimal curriculum to teach you key elements of a successful noodle business.

Ramen Noodle Making Machines



All-in-one noodle machine

NSF, UL, CSA, CE certified


Suitable for in-house production of ramen noodles at restaurants and other small production venues. With a built-in 10 kg mixer, the RICHMEN Type 1 has enough capacity to produce up to 100 servings of fresh noodles per hour.

Ramen machine RICHMEN type I is compact, durable, and versatile. It is a perfect solution for Ramen restaurants and small-scale noodle factories seeking to make different types of unique ramen noodles from scratch.

LM10062IUS – North America model (NSF/UL/CSA certified)
LM10062ICE – EU country model (CE certified)
LM10062I – Japanese model

  • External Dimensions: W 1,110 x D 643 x H 1,320 mm
  • Weight: approx. 270kg
  • Mixer Capacity: 10kg (of flour weight)
  • Press Roller Width: 210mm
  • Press Roller Diameter: 163mm
  • Portions of noodles per Hour: about 100
  • Main application: Production of Ramen, and other types of noodles
  • Maximum Power Consumption:
    LM10062IUS – Single Phase 115V/0.88kW
    LM10062ICE -Single Phase 230V/0.88kW
    LM10062I – Single phase 100V/0.84kW


Mid-Sized noodle machine for maximum productivity

CE, NSF/ANSI8, CSA, UL763 certified


Suitable for a central kitchen, small factory, or a business with multiple store outlets. The RICHMEN 2 is designed for a higher production volume than the RICHMEN.

This machine’s main focus is on high-production capacity. It does not include a dough-mixing machine. We recommend using the Yamato 25 kg single mixer (M25) to reach the maximum level of productivity and noodle quality. Using the same technique as hand-kneading, the Yamato 25 kg mixer offers a perfect balance between mixing time and rotation rate. The Yamato 25 kg single mixer will not damage gluten structures inside noodle dough (approx. 60 rotations/min).  These machines are compliant with various worldwide safety standards (CE, NSF/ANSI8, CSA, UL763 certified), which means they can be used in U.S.A., Canada, EU countries, and other parts of the world.

Ramen Noodle Making Machine - RICHMEN GOLD


Advanced all-in-one noodle machine


In preparing for a certification in Europe, United States and Canada

  • Portions of noodles per Hour: approx. 170 (*depending on noodle specs) – 150 – 250
  • Mixer Capacity: 10kg (of flour weight)
  • Power: Single Phase 100V (*use a proper transformer for different voltage standard)
  • Min. required space for operation: 2.8m2 (32sqft)
  • Operational measurements: 2m x 1.4m (6.6 x 1.32 ft)

Don’t take our word for it

Listen to what some of our satisfied customers have to say about their RICHMEN machines!

Motenashi Kuroki – Tokyo
I wanted to create more value and a bigger WOW! Factor for my customers.
Serving a finer quality of ramen has done exactly that. My restaurant customizes noodles for each ramen dish it serves. We own a RICHMEN 1 machine and it makes it easy for us to craft our noodles and serve customers quickly. I also appreciate the fact that I’ve met Yamato personally.
Motenashi Kuroki
Tokyo, Japan
Koie Ramen – Oslo
I saw no point to serving expensive, frozen, low-quality noodles made by someone else.
Yamato is a company unlike any I have dealt with in the past. I am delighted with my RICHMEN and added all of the extra features that came with it.
Koie Ramen
Oslo, Norway
Investing in a RICHMEN was a major turning point when I opened my own ramen shop
Now, seeing the machine in action absolutely blows my mind. I can’t believe how stable and consistent the dough is. Each noodle is cut perfectly and I continue to be astounded by high-quality noodles!
Shio Ramen Shop
Kansas City, MO
ramen noodle
We were anxious at first about relying on Yamato, a company halfway across the world
But, in hindsight, we are incredibly happy we chose Yamato products and services! Our multi-national staff is confident that RICHMENs are the easiest, most reliable noodle-making machines on the market. At almost 400 servings each day – no hitch, no glitch – just delicious noodles!
Ramen to Biiru
Copenhagen, Denmark

Japanese traditions. Cutting edge technologies. Worldwide delivery.

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