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State-of-the-Art Ramen Noodle Machine for Your Business

You know the importance of top-quality ingredients and consistent flavors as a restaurant owner. They have a direct impact on the success of your restaurant. Although there are many mass-produced ramen worldwide, they usually lack the uniqueness and consistency customers are consistently looking for. The impact of fresh, homemade noodles on your dishes can’t be overemphasized. That’s why we’re proud to introduce RICHMEN – a top-of-the-line noodle-making machine that’s a perfect addition to any restaurant kitchen. 

At Yamato, our focus is on taking your business to the next level, and you can do this by producing your noodles in-house. Our top-of-the-line noodles-making machine was designed with the need of restaurant owners in mind. It offers superior quality, convenience, and versatility that set you apart from other restaurants. With RICHMEN, you can always make fresh, unique, and flavorful noodles. No more settling for mass-produced, low-quality noodles; you can elevate your dishes with homemade noodles that offer the best quality and taste. 

RICHMEN – From Dough to Delicious

RICHMEN is a professional noodle machine created for use in a commercial setting. Our state-of-the-art machine was designed to produce authentic Japanese ramen noodles easily and consistently. Its name comes from a combination of ‘MEN,’ which means noodles in Japanese, and RICH, which reflects our product’s ability to create fresh noodles with excellent precision. 

This versatile noodle-making machine allows you to experiment with ingredients and other factors. This way, you can easily create a unique and diverse menu for your restaurant. Whether you’re looking to add a new noodle dish to your menu or looking to improve your offerings, RICHMEN gives you the flexibility to achieve just that. 

Our machine was also designed with efficiency in mind, so you can make authentic Japanese ramen noodles in less time. This means you get to offer your customers more value for the price they pay for your restaurant while keeping up with high demand. With RICHMEN, you’ll have customers raving about the excellent quality of your dishes, and they’ll be lining up for more. 

Many restaurants worldwide have relied on RICHMEN noodle-making machines since 1990 because of their user-friendly features, consistency, and durability. With this machine in your restaurant kitchen, you can serve your customers the best while maintaining the quality and flavor that sets your restaurant apart. 

Investing in RICHMEN noodle-making machine is an investment in the success of your restaurant. With the ability to make top-quality authentic Japanese ramen noodles in-house, you can provide customers with an unforgettable dining experience in your restaurant, which will set you apart from the competition. 

Discover the Benefits of Choosing RICHMEN

At Yamato, we don’t just sell a product; we’re providing an experience. From our user-friendly machine to our knowledgeable customer support team, we’re dedicated to providing customers with all they need to make unique and delicious noodles every time. Wondering why you should give us a try? Check out these three reasons.

1. A Culinary Companion to Elevate Your Cooking Game

RICHMEN noodle-making machines are not just basic noodle makers. Our machines are culinary companions that’ll take your creativity to the next level and elevate your cooking game. Our products allow you to experiment with ingredients and texture to create noodles unique to your preference and taste.

2. Long Lasting Investment for Your Restaurant
We know that buying a noodle-making machine is a significant investment. That’s why our RICHMEN noodle-making machines are designed to last. Our machines are built with quality, precision, and durability in mind. You can rely on them for many years with nothing to worry about. That means years of delicious, unique, and authentic ramen noodles to satisfy your customers’ cravings.

3. The success of our customers is everything.

Our focus lies in our customers’ ability to create excellent noodles easily and with 100% consistency. Therefore, our team has vast experience in noodle-making accumulated through our long history of manufacturing noodles machines and as a noodles-making company. Our staff is trained using industry best practices to ensure only the best result from every noodle-making machine we create.

We want our customers to become Ramen Noodle Masters in very little time and provide you with the equipment to achieve this. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or just starting your restaurant, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Our skilled staff goes the extra mile to ensure the best for you and your customers.

We Provide the Hardware and Software

RICHMEN makes it easy to make delicious homemade noodles. However, you need to learn the basics to use this machine successfully. We don’t want you confused, so we offer the hardware and software you need to thrive in noodle making.
Yamato Noodle School offers short, intensive courses that cover all you need to know about becoming a successful noodle shop owner. Our courses will give you the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in the noodle food service industry. We know the risks of jumping into business without the right knowledge or preparation. Therefore, our courses ensure you don’t make costly mistakes. Yamato wants you to be successful. Therefore, our optimal curriculum covers all you need to run a successful noodle business.
So why choose Yamato’s RICHMEN noodle-making machine?
Because we offer more than just a product. We offer a complete experience to enhance your skills while inspiring your creativity.

Ramen noodle machine - RICHMEN Series​

When it comes to making noodles, there’s no shortage of options from Yamato. We offer a selection of noodles-making machines designed to meet the needs of restaurants, regardless of your level of expertise or budget. Whether you’re just starting or an experienced noodles maker, we have a machine just for you.


All-in-one noodle machine

NSF, UL, CSA, CE certified


This noodle machine is suitable for the in-house production of ramen noodles at restaurants. It comes with an in-built 10kg mixer and can produce up to 100 servings of fresh noodles every hour. The RICHMEN Type 1 noodle machine is compact, versatile, and durable. It is the ideal solution for small-scale noodle factories and ramen restaurants looking to create various noodles from scratch.

LM10062IUS – North American model (NSF/UL/CSA certified)
LM10062ICE – European model (CE certified)
LM10062I – Japanese model

  • External Dimensions: W 1,110 x D 643 x H 1,320 mm
  • Weight: approx. 270kg
  • Mixer Capacity: 10kg (of flour weight)
  • Press Roller Width: 210mm
  • Press Roller Diameter: 163mm
  • Portions of noodles per Hour: about 100
  • Main application: Production of Ramen, and other types of noodles
  • Maximum Power Consumption:
    LM10062IUS – Single Phase 115V/0.88kW
    LM10062ICE -Single Phase 230V/0.88kW
    LM10062I – Single phase 100V/0.84kW


Mid-Sized noodle machine for maximum productivity

CE, NSF/ANSI8, CSA, UL763 certified


Ideal for a commissary or small kitchen, a small factory, or a business with many store outlets, the RICHMEN Type 2 offers a higher production volume than the RICHMEN 1.

Its focus is on high-production capacity but doesn’t feature a dough mixing unit. To compensate for this, we recommend using the Yamato 25kg standalone mixer to achieve the highest noodle quality and production level.

The Yamato 25KG mixer uses the same technique as hand kneading. However, it offers the perfect balance between rotation rate and mixing time to ensure only the best quality for our customers. It doesn’t damage the gluten structure inside the noodle dough. Additionally, these machines are compliant with various worldwide safety standards. This means you can use it in EU member states, the USA, Canada, and other countries.

Ramen Noodle Making Machine - RICHMEN GOLD


Advanced all-in-one noodle machine


Certified for North American (US / Canada) market (NSF / UL)

  • Portions of noodles per Hour: approx. 170 (*depending on noodle specs) – 150 – 250
  • Mixer Capacity: 10kg (of flour weight)
  • Power: Single Phase 100V (*use a proper transformer for different voltage standards)
  • Min. required space for operation: 2.8m2 (32sqft)
  • Operational measurements: 2m x 1.4m (6.6 x 1.32 ft)

Unleash Your Creativity with RICHMEN Noodle Maker Today

Ready to take your restaurant to the next level? Investing in a noodle-making machine from Yamato is the perfect way to do that. Our top-quality machine will help you produce delicious, fresh, authentic Japanese noodles in-house.

Don’t settle for mass-produced noodles that can’t offer the flavor, consistency, and deliciousness your customer deserves. Instead, invest in a machine that allows you to create unique noodles dishes and stand out from the competitors. Our machines are easy to use, versatile, and designed to last. Even better, it will keep your customers coming back for more.

So, why wait? Start creating the best noodles your customers have ever tasted today by ordering your own noodle-making machine from us. Trust me! Your customers will thank you for it.

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Don’t take our word for it

Listen to what some of our satisfied customers have to say about their RICHMEN machines!

Motenashi Kuroki – Tokyo
I wanted to create more value and a bigger WOW! Factor for my customers.
Serving a finer quality of ramen has done exactly that. My restaurant customizes noodles for each ramen dish it serves. We own a RICHMEN 1 machine and it makes it easy for us to craft our noodles and serve customers quickly. I also appreciate the fact that I’ve met Yamato personally.
Koie Ramen – Oslo
I saw no point in serving expensive, frozen, low-quality noodles made by someone else.
Yamato is a company unlike any I have dealt with in the past. I am delighted with my RICHMEN noodle maker, and added all of the extra features that came with it.
fresh ramen noodles made on Yamato noodle machine
Richmen Type 1 is the heart of my ramen shop
“In hindsight that my experience proved useful, and now I am able to make a variety of noodles using my own recipes. Besides, compared to sourcing noodles from suppliers it is so much cheaper to make them yourself, and you, of course, are able to control product quality. Moreover, in addition to ramen noodles, using “Richmen” machine I can also make other varieties of noodles too (like pasta, etc.).”
ramen noodle
We were anxious at first about relying on Yamato, a company halfway across the globe
But, in hindsight, we are incredibly happy we chose Yamato products and services! Our multi-national staff is confident that RICHMENs are the easiest, most reliable commercial noodle-making machines on the market. At almost 400 servings each day – no hitch, no glitch – just delicious noodles!

Japanese traditions. Cutting edge technologies. Worldwide delivery.

Are you READY to impress your customers with homemade craft noodles of the highest quality?

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