Report on Udon School in Kagawa, Japan in July 2023

Classes that are tailored to the needs of the students!

The Kagawa Udon School was held from Monday, July 24 to Friday, July 28, 2023.
Eight students gathered in Kagawa Prefecture for a week to work toward various goals, including those who are new to the business and will become professionals, and those who are already in the restaurant business. Thank you all for your hard work!

This time, we received a request to make a cold summery udon dish with lemon, so we created a recipe. We immediately incorporated it into the class.

A professional Japanese chef also participated in the udon school this time. The student’s creation is a very satisfying dish using healthy noodles made with plenty of whole wheat flour. Furthermore, the accompanying ingredients are colorfully and vividly arranged to satisfy the quality of the dish for female customers, the target group.

Initially, the dish was served on a large, flat plate, but we advised changing to a deep plate for easy mixing because of the style of eating udon mixed with curry. We have devised a product that is easy to eat, even with curry udon.

The taste was of course delicious, and the result was a wonderful work of serving that caught the attention of women.

At Yamato Men Gakko, we take each student’s request seriously, so we ask for detailed requests and what they want to achieve in advance and respond to them.

Curry udon noodles with whole wheat flour
Curry udon noodles with whole wheat flour
Principal's work (udon noodles with shredded shrimp and deep-fried tofu)
Principal's work (udon noodles with shredded shrimp and deep-fried tofu)

The challenge is to create the finest quality of udon noodles!

The student from Kyushu was looking for a gentle but firm noodle texture unique to the Kyushu region. After a thorough discussion with the instructors of the noodle school, we organized a special noodle recipe and the special recipe we wanted to make. We told them about the special manufacturing process and made the noodles together with the instructors at the noodle school. The students learned a solid foundation for understanding the detailed differences in noodle quality and balance, facing the ever-changing raw materials, and pursuing the ideal noodle making process on their own.

At Yamato Noodle School, the principal himself challenged the students to create their own creations for their reference. The purpose is to create a dish that will serve as a model of taste, coloring, and serving style for students to learn from.

This concludes this July 2023 Kagawa Udon School Report.

At Daiwa Noodle School, we follow up with our students after graduation. Some students have asked us to analyze the noodles of thriving restaurants, and we sometimes respond to their requests for analysis and other services after class. We have a long relationship with our students to help them with any problems they may have.

Udon noodle school is a noodle school for serious people who learn the power to create an ideal cup of udon correctly from the basics in 5 days by repeating theory and practice. You will learn not only how to make delicious udon noodles, but also how to arrange them according to the food culture of your country or region, how to develop healthy recipes, and how to arrange them in a gorgeous way to attract more customers.

We invite you to join us and learn how to make ideal udon noodles.

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