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Truly satisfying your customers only with noodles is challenging. By getting both hardware and software of what's needed to start your own noodle production, you can start turning your customers in raving fans with your craft noodles that beat your competition.

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What You'll Learn

Udon Business Secret #1

What is the most popular udon in the world? Find out what it is and what the difference is with other types of udon noodles

Udon Business Secret #2

Understanding udon dishes and their components

Udon Business Secret #3

Figure out what the best mode of your udon business is in your market

We are Yamato MFG, a manufacturer of noodle making machines and other food equipment as well as provider of udon school that's taught over 4,000 students over the past 20 years. Because we know what works and what does not in udon business, we have advised our school graduates and others  who are starting up udon restaurants or businesses across the world. Please feel free to contact us for any questions you may have.

Making superb and original craft noodles around the world

Yamato Noodle Machine Users / School Graduates

This ebook answers your biggest questions

How do I go about starting up my udon restaurant or business? Or, what would I need just to add udon noodles to my existing menus?

The biggest benefit your customers would get from having authentic udon noodles is the texture of noodles themselves. As long as you obtain the means to develop the texture, the rest will follow.

What is the cost of starting to offer the great udon noodles in my business?

There are many ways for you to start serving great udon noodles, and this book should help you figure out your own way of doing it.

How would I set up the operation? What are equipment I may need to start it?

The book will show a few examples of how udon restaurants operate and alternative ways for you to consider doing non-dining-in business with superb udon noodles.

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