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The Essence of Ramen soup
ramen restaurant owners don’t even know


For 17 years since 2002, Mr. Fujii has been running a ramen school and teaching professional ramen chefs and startups. There’s a vast knowledge and know-hows, learned and accumulated in his ramen courses over time. There are still many ramen shops who despite their years of experiences struggle with production of ramen soups. This is because they still don’t understand the essence of ramen soup and the principles of ramen soup production. In this e-book, he shares the essence of ramen, ramen soups, and surviving/thriving ramen restaurants with you.


Free e-booklet - The Essence of Ramen soup ramen restaurant owners don’t even know

Mr. Fujii who’s been working in the front lines of noodle business industry as Yamato Ramen School Principal.
In this e-booklet, he explains how to overcome challenges of ramen restaurant business and the essence of ramen soups.
You can’t find his insights on the reality of ramen restaurant and questions on ramen soups on any website.
He also goes on further to explain what it takes to build winning ramen restaurants. And, he gives away four strategies that anyone can take to build strong ramen restaurants in any country.

This e-booklet is great for people who
  • struggle with production of good ramen soups
  • want the strategy for a ramen restaurant to survive and thrive from now on
  • want the solution to challenging problems of ramen soup production
This booklet would be great for those who are thinking of starting up a ramen restaurant. By reading it, you can find…
  • What are the current environments and reality of ramen restaurant industry?
  • What are the essence of, components of, and challenges of ramen soup production?
  • What’s required for a ramen shop to survive and thrive?


Why are so many ramen restaurant owners struggling with production of their ramen soups?
Chapter 1: Why do so many of newly opened ramen restaurants close?
  1. Very short average life of ramen restaurants
  2. Unstoppable closures of ramen restaurants
  3. Business of ramen restaurants has become difficult to make profit
  4. A number of causes that drove the closure rate of newly opened ramen restaurants
  5. Understanding Blue Ocean Strategy – never imitate nor compete against rival restaurants
  6. Is this business what you can be truly passionate about?
Chapter 2: The essence and history of Ramen
  1. Why didn’t China’s Lanzou Ramen with history of 4,000 years
    become popular across the world but did Japanese Ramen with only history of 100 years?
  2. The essential differences between Chinese Ramen and Japanese Ramen
  3. What are the causes that only made Japanese Ramen a global success?
  4. History of Japanese Ramen Evolution
  5. How Ramen culture evolves from now on
Chapter 3: The essence of Ramen Soup
  1. Components of Ramen Soups
  2. Why do many existing ramen restaurants have many challenges in their soup production?
  3. Not understanding production methods of motodare (base sauces)
  4. Not understanding production methods of flavored oils
  5. Blending of Ramen soups
Chapter 4: The essence of winning Ramen restaurants
  1. Product Strategy – offering high value/product power
  2. Power of dish plating
  3. Seating capacity
  4. Parking capacity