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For more than 40 years Kaoru Fujii has been on the leading edge of noodle machine development in Japan.  Having begun his career as an aircraft designer he soon turned his engineering passion and ingenuity to creation of technologies without which the modern world of noodle making both in Japan and abroad would not have existed. In this free e-book he shares his insights on how to choose the right noodle-making machine best suited for your business. 


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“In general, for manufacturers of noodle machines, their job ends once they’ve sold their machines. However, for customers who are thinking of starting to make home-made noodles, purchasing a machine is just a beginning of their journey and relationship with the equipment.”

This e-booklet is great for people who
  • have little knowledge on noodle-machines but are planning to buy one
  • want to learn what are the differences between a noodle machine they can rely upon, and the one they would regret buying
  • want to learn about hidden pitfalls of buying a wrong noodle machine
This e-booklet would be great for those who are thinking of starting up a noodle restaurant. By reading it, you can learn…
  • The history of noodle making technology.
  • Essential components of noodle machines
  • What to look for to make an educated choice when buying a noodle machine.


Shifting a viewpoint: from Making noodle machines to Using noodle machines
Column 1. A shift to homemade noodles
Chapter 1. Pitfalls of lacking knowledge on noodle making machines
~ Tragedy of people who chose a wrong noodle machine~
  1. More often than not noodle machine manufacturers won’t tell you how to make noodles
  2. Cases where one selects a machine only because it is cheap
  3. Cases where one selects a machine without considering after-sale service
  4. Cases where personnel gets injured using unsafe noodle machines
  5. Cases when machine turned out to be not as durable as expected
Column 2. Noodle making machine industry: players and history
Chapter 2. Important Points on Choosing a Noodle Machine
  1. Importance of manufacturer’s design philosophy when choosing a noodle machine
  2. Can this noodle machine make the kind of noodles you would want to use in your restaurant?
  3. Does this model have enough capacity for your restaurant?
  4. Is it a machine that can be used reliably after purchase?
Column 3. Safety features and hazards
Chapter 3. Noodle machine buyers speaking out: how to make the right decision!
~ Secrets of people who succeeded in choosing the right model! ~
Column 4. Misconceptions of people who do not make homemade noodles, and know little about noodle machines
Conclusion — Deliciousness has a power to improve customer satisfaction and make customers come to your place again!