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This e-book contains effective ways you can start using today to effectively prepare boiled eggs and use them to add 21 Japanese-styled recipes to your product menus. The best of all, it is FREE! Download your copy Now.
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Making Great Boiled Eggs tips

Tip #1

How to prepare your eggs to cook and peel them efficiently.

Tip #2

How to prepare soft-boiled eggs with runny york with efficiency

Tip #3

How to get your eggs prepared and cooked to minimize the damage to your eggs during peeling

Tip #4

21 hand-picked, Japanese-styled recipes that your customers would love
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This ebook answers your biggest questions

What are the tips to making clean boiled eggs (with no damage)?

The book explains why it is sometimes difficult to peel eggs without damaging them and how we can remove eggshells with little damage.

What are some good Japanese recipes that use boiled eggs, which my customers would love?

The book contains some 21 recipes using boiled eggs that are popular among Japanese. You can try some of them to see how your customers like them.

How can I peel my boiled eggs fast and minimize the damage at the same time?

If you are selling hundreds of boiled eggs in one day, the chances are you are spending more than an hour just on peeling boiled eggs. What if you can automate the peeling? The book provides a hint as to how you can save your time and eggs.

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