Changing the status quo of noodles, sustaining local communities, and filling the societies with smiles.

Nothing goes well without putting one’s heart and emotions.
But who can teach us how to put our heart into what we create?

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I teach and help over 200 udon and ramen restaurants a year and traveling across the world, giving lectures with several books published.
I’ve been conducting noodle schools that have been popular over the past 20 years and known through a variety of media channels. As I know from my experiences seeing great many restaurants opening and closing over the past few decades, I understand what is crucial for long-term success, which I wish for every single student attending my noodle schools. So, what I strongly emphasize are management principles, philosophy, and views of life and death that are relevant to life prosperity in my teachings. Sometimes, I fight some students because I wouldn’t allow half-hearted students in my classes as I am serious about helping everyone gain what they need to create their long-term prosperities. I teach Yamato Spirit that is no longer taught or even forgotten in Japan and that I think if one gains it, no hardship can beat that person. Any kind of business hack wouldn’t work when there’s no heart in it.

The most important thing to achieve one’s prospering life is state of the heart

I wish anyone who’s come in contact with me, business owner, regular employees of a restaurant, or whoever to prosper in their glowing lives. For one’s life to prosper, the most important thing to have is stable state of the heart. We are probably the only school that preaches such things in noodle industries. But I think thanks to this way of thinking, Yamato noodle school has been spawning prospering noodle restaurants across the world and holding the top position in small noodle machinery industry in Japan.
The mission of successful noodle restaurants is how they can maximize the number of smiles in the local communities. The era of “all-I-care-about-is-my-profit” is long over. Making local farmers, producers of seafood ingredients, and local residents smile is an important mission for prosperous restaurants. Our noodle school studies and teaches students to that extent where they consider the missions of their businesses. And, we are aiming at developing networks of school graduates to form an organization that’s engaged in social actions that make many people smile.
Recently, I’ve seen traditional farmers starting udon or ramen restaurants, and we are happy to support them. The end of training is not a good bye. But we are determined to have life-time relationships with our students. So, I am serious about transforming the students into better and more capable of creating more smiles through what they offer. That is one of our schools’ missions.

We are a company of diversity with people with different cultural backgrounds, age, experiences, and other traits. We value our differences. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to begin to understand and appreciate what people in different countries want.

I believe cooking is a form of science, so I’ve been researching taste, flavor, and deliciousness of noodles, soups, and foods at our food labs since the company foundation. It is essential to know why this is tasty scientifically to be able to teach and spread wonderful Japanese noodle cuisines and cultures to the world. Unless we can explain the taste and deliciousness in scientific views, we cannot win.

Changing the status quo of noodles, sustaining local communities, and making the societies smile. Visualizing such futures, I’m full of energy today. Thank you. CEO, Kaoru Fujii

Profile: Kaoru Fujii

CEO of Yamato MFG Co., Ltd. And Sansyo Co., Ltd.

Having spent over the past four decades on studying noodle business consistently and lecturing prosperous formula of noodle restaurants across the world.
Having appeared in a variety of media coverages, he is currently engaged in numerous projects, helping noodle restaurants and businesses.
He’s written and published several books on management of noodle specialty shops. He still runs Yamato MFG and Sansyo.

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